NETFLIX AND CHILL: Binge Watching “DAREDEVIL” Season 2!

Yes.. I’m late.. Whatever! BUT.. Just be warned.. SPOILERS AHEAD! (Which shouldn’t be a problem since I’m sure all of you have watched the whole season already.. If your one of those, watch an episode a day kind of Netflixer.. Something’s wrong with you!)


From the very jump, DAREDEVIL Season 2 was a thrill and a half! The action and story pace was non stop and a full step above season 1 (Which is saying something)


THE STORY: Still juggling being a lawyer by day and vigilante by night, Matt Murdock’s life is taken for a whirl, when The Punisher emerges. Taking the law into his own hands and cutting a bloody path through the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. If that wasnt enough, his old flame, Elektra returns to his life dragging him into a deadly confrontation with THE HAND. Burning his candle at more then both ends, Matt finds his life with his friends and loved ones turned upside down.

The story.. Was a bit.. All over the place. Not in a bad way.. But with the Punisher storyline and the Elektra/Hand Storyline, it was a lot to take in. At times it felt like two separate shows.


We finally got the court room drama that I was really hoping to see in season 1 but never got. Episode 8: “Guilty As Sin” Was.. Outstanding. Thanks to Jon Bernthal’s beautiful portrayal of Frank Castle/ Punisher. His “I AM THE PUNISHER!” Speech was Badass and Epic! I loved every frame of it. The Arc of THE PUNISHER was probably my favorite arc of the whole season.



ELEKTRA and THE HAND was really cool.. But felt more like the set up for the upcoming “MARVEL’S: THE DEFENDERS” (not that I or anyone knows for sure if that’s what it will be when that comes around. But it does feel like it.) So it didn’t have a complete pay off for my liking. (More on that in a moment..) Elodie Yung’s ELEKTRA was equally beautifully delivered. She really brought to life the assassin I’ve been reading in the comics to life. (Although Jennifer Garner’s Elektra will always have a place in my heart!) I really want to see more of what she can do when given the appropriate time.



Was phenomenal! Everyone really felt more at home with their characters. Charlie Cox remains top notch in a really jam full season..


He was so on point, and really made The character even more his own.

Like I said before, Jon Bernthal IS The Punisher! I can’t wait for his solo series. Elodie Young was fantastic as Elektra.. (SPOILER ALERT: Entering Spoiler territory)

Elektra dies.. Not exactly the same way as the comics.. But she gets stabbed by her own Sia’s. Nobo stabs her.. (Yes.. Nobo is still alive!) And at the end of the Β finale.. We see that The Hand has her body in some kind of jar. Signaling that she WILL return, whether in Season 3 or The Defenders is not known yet. But I wonder if she will come back like this..


Or Like this…


Thats 1. 2- KINGPIN’S return was so freaking awesome! It was short.. But so sweet! Can’t wait to see him again. 3- Foggy joins the law firm from Jessica Jones. Oh boy, that’s gonna be so cool to see him in JJ Season 2! 4- Matt tells Karen he is Daredevil!

Which leads me to..

THE NEGATIVES: Not much to say in regards to the whole season.. It was a little here and there with each episode and I would have liked for it to have focused more on one then the other. But my main problem.. Was how it all ends! The Final Episode had everything! Ninjas! ELEKTRA and DD kicking ass! ELEKTRA dieing! Punisher earning his Skull! SO MUCH FUN AND ACTION!! And.. it ends on such an Anti-Climatic Note.. “I am Daredevil..” And nothing! If I remember correctly I think it’s after that we get the shot of Elektra in the Jar thing.. And that’s it!? I felt a little let down. Like.. That’s how you cap it off? An Epic season like this and.. THATS IT!? “See ya next year folks!” So that kinda sucked for me..

OVERALL: If not for the let down of an ending.. This Season of DAREDEVIL would have gotten a perfect score of 10/10.. But.. Instead.. I give NETFLIX/MARVEL’s DAREDEVIL Season2 a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟9/10! (Cause honestly.. It was an Awesome season!)

So that’s my Review.. Let me know what you folks think.. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE OR FOLLOW To This here blog.. Β I would greatly appreciate it!

So, until next time folks… Peace Out!


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