Hey there Ladies and Gentelnerds, welcome to yet another “MOVIE TRAILER REVIEW!” And I’m very excited about this one.. Lets take a look at..


Now. I’m not gonna lie and say I’ve seen every single western ever and am a huge tremendous fan of the genre.. I am a Fan. I Do Like them. And I’ve seen my fair share of westerns.. BUT! “MAGNIFICENT SEVEN” Starring (Ramses himself) Yule Brynner, Steve Maqueen and James Coburn


The classic and original film.. Is My absolute FAVORITE Western! If its on TV.. I NEED to watch it! So the fact that there’s a remake with a handful of my favorite actors coming soon, and this trailer looks really awesome. All I can say is.. “FUCK YOU, TAKE MY MONEY!”

It looks like it’s staying very true to the original concept,


“Villagers seek help and protection from a hired gun against a cruel and ruthless outlaw”, but making it more..


BOOM! In your face! So it’s peeked my interest. Pratt and Washington are clearly this version’s Brynner and McQueen

image image

I can’t wait to really see how these two play together!

Overall: Great first Teaser Trailer! I can’t wait for this movie.. The trailer did its job.. IM EXCITED!

Would love to hear your thoughts, Whats your favorite Western? Did you like the trailer? Comment below! Please Follow and Subscribe to the Blog.. Thank You!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!

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