IT’S HAPPENING, Ladies and Gentelnerds! It’s finally here.. Our first full official look at DC’s ‘DC ANIMATED ORIGINALS UNIVERSE’


YESS!!!! My god! Yes!!

Its clearly everything I’ve ever wanted from the Graphic Novel, and even more has been added to it. We are gonna get more Batgirl! The Art direction is straight out of the book! Hamil and Conroy are Back! And what I’m REALLY HAPPY about? It’s DC ANIMATION going back to its roots. Taking beloved Stories and bringing them to life through animation. Now.. I am not gonna shit on the current line of DCAU Movie Line.. But it has been struggling for my taste, besides the Two most recent, “BATMAN: BAD BLOOD” and “JUSTICE LEAGUE vs TEEN TITANS” Great stuff! (A review for the latter will coming soon)

This movie looks awesome! I can’t wait for its release.. I think it’s this June or July? Have they even said when? Is it this fall? I NEED THIS MOVIE NOW!

Thank you for reding folks! If you have any comments, please share them below. And PLEASE follow and subscribe to the blog!

So, Until Next Time Folks… Peace Out!


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