Hey there Ladies and Gentelnerds. Before I start.. Allow me to make something clear. This blog is strictly me speculating (don’t tell speculating nerd I’m doing this..) on what I would like to see happen in the Black Panther film coming 2017, or at least what SHOULD happen in it. ALSO! I will be spoiling events concerning BP that happened in “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR” so be warned.. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

With the death of his father, King T’Chaka, in CIVIL WAR. T’Challa assumed the Mantle of not only King, but also the Black Panther. Displaying his fighting prowess and his abilities to a certain extent throughout the film. We also got several hints and nods to BP’s background. During an exchange with Cap and Falcon, He explains that the Black Panther has been a protector of Wakanda for Generations. A mantle passed down from warrior to warrior, and since “Bucky” was responsible for his Fathers death.. It is now his time to be The Panther.. (By the end we find that Bucky was framed by Zemo) [Like I said.. SPOILERS!]


Basically, Marvel gave us BP’s origin in a matter of minutes stretched out over the course of the film. So, for his standalone outing.. An origin story is out of the question. In fact, the movie can pick up right after the events of Civil War. Here’s how I think certain things should go..


Andy Serkis MUST return as Ulysses Klaw.. For those of you who may not recall. He’s Been Black Panthers main enemy through his early comic book run. He was also the guy that had that massive amount of Vibranium that he stole from Wakanda, and Ultron bought from him before chopping his arm off after the deal. But he could be one of Two villains! (Probably! More on that in a moment..)

In Civil War, We got our first taste of the ‘Dora Meljie’


A clan of elite woman warriors tasked to protect the royal family of Wakanda. I would LOVE to see Michonne herself, Danai Gurira


As either the Leader of the Dora Meljie, or a Love interest, or perhaps close friend/confidant to Chadwick’s T’Challa. (Preferably Both would be great in my book. She has the talent and the skill to carry such a role. Although I would hope she and or her character would not end up another Lady Sif.

SHURI! T’Challa’s little sister, (and one time Black Panther) has to be in this film,


And I would like to see, Lupita N’yongo take that role. She has the youth and sheer acting talent to pull off a pretty badass Shuri.


Sticking with the Family tree..


Sophie Okonedo as The Queen of Wakanda. Something about this actress just screams Royalty to me. She’s beautiful and damn talented. Granted, to play T’Challa’s mom, they would have to age her up abit with make-up or visual effects. But she can really pull it off.

The movie must also show how the (relatively) young T’Challa must coope with being a King of A Nation,

image image

To tie these aspects of Nation, Family and Villains together.. Allow me a moment to go a little radical..


Wesley Snipes can be a number of roles in the Black Panther film, in my humble opinion. 1) In a quick flashback, as a young T’Chaka, before T’Challa’s birth. 2) Rival Tribe Leader, Or.. Probably a Uncle.. Jealous of T’Challa’s sudden rise to the throne. (Bare with me on this theory) If you remember in AGE OF ULTRON, Ulysses Klaw  was captured and BRANDED as a thief on the back of his neck.. And yet “somehow” he still manages to get away with a whole payload of Vibranium?!?.. (Sounds fishy to me..) perhaps “Someone” on the inside assisted Klaw with his escape and subsequent payoff of the rare metal. Que Wesley’s character, maybe?!? Yes, the evil Uncle angle is cliche at best. But Wesley is the typenpf actor who could carry it and make it work. Then, once all is said and done, Panther can have the final battle with Klaw at the end.

Lastly.. Don’t change the costume.. It’s perfect as is. If its truly necessary.. Just add a cloak and some gold accents, and that’s enough..



WELL.. That’s all I got! Let me know what you folks think. Leave a comment below. Like, and subscribe/follow the blog. Thanks for reading folks.

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!

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