Hey there Ladies and Gentelnerds. I’m gonna make this quick, cause this is just pure fantasy I’m about to write here…

I just Re-Read, “THOR” Vol 1, By J. Michael Straczynski. Which sees Thor return from the dead, along with all of Asgard after “Ragnarok” had come to pass and wiped them away. Thor returned shortly after the events of the ‘Super-Human Registration Act’ and the Heroes ‘Civil War’ (and Captain America’s Death? If I’m not mistaken)

In the Third issue, Iron Man visits Thor and informs him of the whole ‘New World Order’.. And how things have changed. Well.. Lets just say.. Thor wasnt too happy,

image image

In probably the best Exchange between two comic characters ever! THOR.. Fucked him up!

So, what does this have to do with “Avengers: Infinity War” You ask?!

Well.. With Thor dieing at the end of ‘Ragnarok’ (Fingers crossed) Infinity War HAS to be the film in which he returns! Which means The Sokovian Accords and the world ‘Civil War’ has created, would have to be a prominent environment for the films to come. Which would be a very strange world for a newly revived Thor!

We’ve seen Thor and Iron Man duke it out before, in “Avengers”


I just think it would be pretty Epic  to see Thor really cut loose and see this particular Battle come to life on screen.

So tell me.. What Single Comic Moment, Would YOU like to see come to life. That we Haven’t seen yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Thx for reading.. BYE!

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