If you don’t know about it yet, New York Comic Con is requiring any and all persons wishing to attend this years Comic Con to Pre-Register, AKA, Fan Verify themselves before purchasing Tickets later this year. All this is to slowly destroy the monster that is Ticket Scalping and Re-Selling!

image image

You know, those guys that stand a block or so away from the Javits Center trying to sell Comic Con Tickets.. And those who buy up a huge chunk of Tickets just to resell them online for double sometimes triple their actual worth!

For the past Two Years or so, NYCC had developed a way to combat this, in the form of an electronic ID for an individual Badge..


Each Badge had a unique Code you had to Pre-Register after purchase. GENIUS IDEA! Had no problem with it..

Now it seems Scumbags may have found away around this, and now we have, PRE-Pre-Registration. IE: “Fan Verification”

Here’s Some of my problems with it..

Although being Fan Verified allows you to get a 48hour heads up on when Tickets will be on sale.. It doesn’t Guarantee however, that you’ll get a ticket at all! Here’s where that gets kinda fucked up.. As always, most geeks are always glued to their computers 24/7, So! Every year, online tickets would be sold out in a matter of Hours. Namely the 4 Day Passes and so on.. But mostly all Tickets would be gone.

Leaving Normal folks like myself, to have to wait for RETAILERS to put them on sale in stores… And luckily get the day we want most..

HOWEVER!! With this new initiative that NYCC and REEDPOP are taking.. NO RETAILERS WILL HAVE NYCC TICKETS THIS YEAR!!!!!

*Deep Breath.. Sigh*

Meaning, Places like..

image image image

Wont be selling Tickets at ANY of their Fine Locations!

WHAT THE FUCK, NYCC?!? I love you, But, What The Fuck?!?

What NYCC should keep in mind is that.. Some of us Fans, don’t have that type of income to snatch up tickets the moment they drop online! And so we save our nickels and dimes until our LOCAL RETAILERS have them in stock.. WHY TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US!!? We are Very loyal Fans.. Who come in all shapes and sizes and backgrounds.. We can’t all be sitting at our laptops and phones at all times just to click on a link and pray we don’t get one of these..

image image


I hope your servers are ready for the Wave of Traffic You’ll be getting when the time comes..

There has to be some other way to combat those who do evil, without sacrificing the Fans enjoyment of Your Event! I’m verified. And I’m hoping things turn out great! I can’t wait For NYCC 2016!

I just hope this works out!



  1. This really sucks because I had no idea about the fan verification until I went online to see about the event and when tickets would start being sold. My son is crushed, and I mean physically sick over this new process. I’m not on facebook and I guess I don’t receive their newsletter because I haven’t heard anything. I’m going to really pray and hop they open the fan verification open to those who missed it unknowingly!! A 13 year old is completely heartbroken!!!

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    1. Unfortunately they had reopened the verifications online but for an short time. Tickets are now available as I text this to you. I am truly sorry to hear about your son. This whole thing really sucks and I hope you find a way to go to the con.


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