Wasabi ladies and gentelnerds, welcome back. Lets cut to the chase, Spoilers for “X-Men:APOCALYPSE” (Mainly the after credits scene)  Will be promanite in this article.

By this time next year, The Final WOLVERINE film will most likely already be in theaters (possibly). And it will most likely be the final film with Hugh Jackman as the Ol’ Canuklehead.


As sad as it is to imagine, Mr. Jackman has reached the age where he can no longer keep up with the regimen that is required for him to be.. Well..



As of right now, Wolverine 3 is shaping up to be an  “Old Man Logan” style story.


That being said, Who could possibly replace the man from down under, as our favorite clawed mutant badass?!.. NO ONE! That’s who! You can’t tell me a single actor that could possibly fill the shoes of Hugh. He’s been Wolverine for more then a decade. It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else.

So what’s the next logical choice?

Well, according to the End Credits Scene, (SPOILER ALERT!!) Men in business suits stroll through the bloody aftermath of Alkaline Lake aka The Weapon X facility. The results of Wolverines epic escape in “Apocalypse” The Men retrieve a vile of blood labeled Weapon X and place it in a case with other (oddly colorful) Blood Samples. Once the case is closed, The Words “ESSEX CORP” is on the case’s lock. For those not fully in the know, ESSEX CORP, is the from company for non other then Nathaniel Essex. Aka: MR. SINISTER!


A brilliant geneticist who specializes in, (get this) Cloning! Especially Mutant Clones! So that begs the question, would it be too far fetched to have Sinister be the man behind the Creation of both..

image image

X-23 and DAKEN! In the Comics, X-23 is the clone of Wolverine, and becomes his ‘adoptive’ daughter. Daken IS Wolverines Son from a relationship he had Decades ago in Japan. Mostly all of Dakens back story can’t be used in a film adaptation. So being a Clone wouldn’t necessarily hurt the character.. (Not that Fox is ever concerned about staying True to characters)

This next set of X-Men Films would serve as a great set up for Laura Kinney to be the next Wolverine! Without sacrificing too much of the future of the X-Films and making it all about the set up of a single character. If done right (and with Respect) Laura could be a awesome addition to the X-Universe..



How Would I do it, You Ask?! (I know you didn’t Ask.. But just play along and pretend you did)

First, Make Sinister your big Bad through the Trilogy. Bring Hugh Jackman Back.. (With a Tractor Trailer full of Millions) just for the first two. Introduce Daken and X-23 in the first One. Daken the Stone Cold Psycho Killer, Laura.. The opposite, yet still unstable Killer. Wolverine Helps her find a way to salvation. Just before Daken Kills Wolverine.. (Kylo Ren Style) early in the second film. Third climatic film She takes out Sinister and becomes the New Wolverine..


That’s pretty much it.. X-23 is the clear logical choice to take the mantle of Wolverine. Who should play Laura? Go the Hugh Jackman route.. Get a relatively unknown. A young and up and comer. She’s going to need acting experience, Perhaps a stint on broadway maybe. But.. I kinda like Mary Elizabeth Winstead..


Yes, I do realize she is a week known actress.. But something like X-23 would really suit her. She is a great talent.

Thats what I got.. What do you folks think? Let me know.

So, Until Next Time Folks… Peace Out!


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