Greetings, Ladies and Gentelnerds! Welcome back. Today I wanted to delve into the major feelings of disappointment coming from fans all over, regarding “X-MEN: APOCALYPSE” and the future of the X-Men Franchise.

Let me be clear.. I really enjoyed X-Men: Apocalypse! There are a lot of things wrong with it.. But as pure entertainment, it was awesome! That being said, I understand all the backlash that is aimed at the film. Here are just a few problems according to me.. (SPOILER WARNING!!)

Bryan Singer has no clue how to properly use Characters.


PSYLOCKE: as cool as she was and how badass they made her look, that’s all she was.. Eye Candy! She added nothing to the story at all.


ARCHANGEL: Singer doesn’t give a shit about Angel! He was literally there for Fan Service, Apocalypse + Angel= Archangel.. That’s it! Singer even kills the bastard off in a Plane Crash for shits sake! A Plane Crash? The dude can Fly!! Seriously?!


STORM: Does Not get her White Hair from Apocalypse.. And doesn’t become All Powerful because of him.. The only thing they got right about Storm, is that she spent her young years in Cairo, Egypt. And that’s it!


CYCLOPS: If you’ve had suspicions regarding Singer’s disdain for Scott Summers, since the first film.. Then you were right. He fucking hates Cyclops for some damn reason. The actor was great, but Singers direction for him was like.. So, Off. HAVOK: IS. NOT. THE. OLDER. BROTHER!! (They fucked that up way back in ‘FIRST CLASS’)


NIGHTCRAWLER: Why cant they make Nightcrawler Mystique’s Son? WHY?!? He’s her son, She’s His Mother!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT?!?


APOCALYPSE: Not very, ‘Apocalypse- Like’ He was more like a Spoiled King who felt betrayed by his people and wanted to destroy everything.. Which was exactly the main plot of the whole film!.. Wow! Okay..

It may not be entierly Singer’s fault. Executive-Producer Simon Kimberg has been attached to this Franchise since ‘FIRST CLASS’ surely.. He should hold a good majority of the blame. He has to give the ok on most of what gets done in these films. Him and a handful of Exec’s can be to blame. Everything was going Great! ‘FIRST CLASS’ was a fantastic first step in the right direction. ‘DAYS OF FUTURE PAST’ was a great attempt to “Fix” the universe and the convoluted continuity.. ‘APOCALYPSE’ Was.. A little bit of a Backstep. Bryan Singer should NOT have been left on as Director.

Thats gonna do it for What was wrong with everything.. Now how can Fox, FIX this!?  Here’s a few ideas..

Get Simon Kimberg  Away from this franchise. He is by far, in my opinion, THE reason why FF was sooo FUCKED UP! He doesn’t really care about the source material. I’m sure he’s a very talented writer and producer.. But he has no Balls! He clearly can’t say No to his directors. He Trusts them a little too much! He knows how to set things up, but much like Singer, He shouldn’t stay with a project for too long.

NEVER Let Bryan Singer get near X-Men again.. He doesn’t care anymore.. He just wants to please the fans. He is becoming another Zack Snyder.. Style over Substance. Only difference between the two is that  Singer can actually Direct! But he clearly doesn’t really give a shit anymore about The Characters or the Story!

Get someone who pays attention to Continuity.. Seriously.. Most movies have someone that watches out for Continuity errors within the movie. They need someone to keep Continuity in the entire Franchise!





Are called COMIC BOOKS! They tell Stories about the characters that made you a shit ton of Money! Marvel Has been printing these books since 1963.. 19. 63! That means you have over 75 YEARS worth of material to dig through. Just an idea.

Many say there is no way to translate Comics to Screen Accurately.. I say to that.. Then how has Marvel Studios been able to do it so well for the part Decade?

Marvel Studios has somehow been able to stay true to the Source Material, while still telling an Original Story! Every film. DC is slowly getting there. They clearly Respect their Source Material.. But are  just still trying to find that balance of Originality. They’ll get it right.

BUT! Fox clearly couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Books! Or Continuity!

FOX, needs to step back. Before they continue with whatever they have planned for the franchise.. And go full Reboot! Yes.. I said Reboot. More on that in a later blog, so I’ll just leave that there.

Thats gonna do it for me.. Let me know your thoughts. Please follow and subscribe. THX FOR READING!

So, until next time folks… Peace Out!


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