As usual, I am very fashionably late to the rumor mill party.. But! Whateves..

So, it was discussed awhile back that Daryle himself, Norman Reedus, of “The Walking Dead” had expressed intrest in joing the MCU as a very particular character.. IE: The Spirit Of Vengence, GHOST RIDER!


Ill make this quick.. SURE! Why not. He’s a great character actor. He can look the part. This notion however does draw two ‘worries’ per say.. One: IF, Marvel was to go forward with a Ghost Rider project, which GR would they go with? Johnny Blaze is done, thanks to Nic Cage.


And there have been a couple of new Ghost Riders that were published in the books in recent years.. But the clear choice would be, Danny Ketch!


Probably the best Ghost Rider of the bunch, in my opinion. Concern TWO: What would such a project mean to Norman’s role on THE WALKING DEAD?! It’s not a strange occurrence for an actor to be on two shows or projects at the same time. Does Norman’s interest in jumping ship, mean that his time on TWD is nearing an end? (Is Daryel Neegans first victim?) Or perhaps he simply seeks a small dream project during an upcoming offseason of filming TWD. We will have to wait and see on that.

Norman would be a great choice either way. It’ll be fun to see Ghost Rider back on the big screen or small screen and done properly. To have someone as relatable as Norman in the role would be an added bonus.

So, if not Norman, who would you folks cast as Ghost Rider? Let me know in the comments below! Thx for reading.

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!

2 thoughts on ““NORMAN REEDUS as GHOST RIDER?!”

  1. It depends on how they approach this. Norman Reedus would make a good Johnny Blaze but if they’re going with Ketch; I think they might have to go a bit more young.
    His brother has been in the MCU for a while now so why not Liam Hemsworth as Ketch? Or Jensen Ackles?
    Whoever dawns the garb of the new flaming skull better be able to pull it off. They need to be rough around the edges and make it believable.
    Like I said before. Norman Reedus can play Ghost Rider but has his character on TWD become so iconic that fans will only see Daryle and not Blaze/Ketch?


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