Hey there, Ladies and Gentelnerds! Welcome to another SPOILER FILLED MOVIE REVIEW! I’ve Finally got the oprotunity to watch “WARCRAFT!”


I have never played the game.. I know nothing about the world or the characters.. But I went in to this film with an open mind!

THE STORY: The World of the Orcs is dying and beyond saving. The various clans of Orcs gather together and follow the Dark Orc Mage, GUL’DAN


through a portal in to the Human world of AZEROTH. Once There, they set forth to take the land piece by piece, in hopes to build a new portal to bring the rest of their people through it. Among the Orc clans is, DUROTAN,


Chief of the ‘Frost Wolf Clan’ (hope I’m getting that right) who only hopes to build a new home for his family and his people. He doesn’t approve of Gul’dans dark magic ways and what his people are doing to claim this new land. On the other side, we have, ANDUIN LOTHAR,


a Knight and Brother in law to the king, KING LlANE WRYNN,


and KHADGAR a disgraced Mage and The Guardian MEDIVH a powerful Mage and great protector of Azeroth. They must band together to face this great threat to their land, with the help of a half breed Orc female named, GARONA HALFORCEN..


(Wow.. Half Orc is in her name?!)

I was a little lost throughout most of the film. Director, Duncan Jones and the screen writers did not waste anytime at all to help non fans to get used to this world. To be honest.. For myself at the least.. That fact, doesn’t hurt the film for me. I enjoyed it for what it was.. I was able to follow for the most of it. But certain things like, The Faile (the dark magic Gul’dan and Medivh used in the movie. Don’t know if I’m spelling it right) The Dark Magic and it’s source could have been explained at least. Including the Demon, that Medivh transformed into toward the end of the film before he died! Who or What was that?! Unless they plan on saving the explanations for the sequels. The action pieces were very fun and exciting. The battles were really cool. The Visuals.. Oh boy..


I Loved the Visuals! It is painfully CGI Heavy.. But beautiful to say the very least! A little More backstory for the main characters would have been nice, and would have helped made me actually care just a bit more about some of the characters..



The cast of actors.. Albeit a group of talented people.. Wasn’t very captivating to say the least. The CGI Orcs had more life to them then the real life actors. The Dialogue was very wooden at times.. The delivery belonged on a B scifi movie, from the SCYFY Channel! The Actors.. Kinda mailed it in a bit. The weakest link would have to be Ben Schnetzer’s Khadgar the Mage.. He didn’t really sell me too much on his performance! Everyone else did the best they could with what they were given. That much is clear.

However.. I did find myself caring a lot about Durotan, (played very well by Toby Kebbell) and his family. And then.. They fucking killed him! His wife died stupidly, and their baby went all Moses and went down a River in a basket.. For fucks sake just when I was giving a shit! Thanks a lot! They did it again with the King.. I didn’t give a fuck about him.. But I cared when he told Garona to kill him before one of the other Orcs does it! AND SHE DID!! I understood why, and the way it played out was very well done.. But what really sucked was the fact that she gets close to what’s his face?.. Gul’dan! And doesn’t even think of ramming a sword through his neck! I’m like, “Bitch! You right there KILL HIM!!” But, Noooo, it looks like they wanna save him for the sequel! Thanks for dragging me in people!

THE POSITIVES: The Story clearly found a way to get me interested.. Although it was in the worst way. By killing off the people I actually cared about! The Visuals were great. The Mythos makes me want to learn more and I’m hoping for an even better sequel. Hopefully Universal and Blizzard Entertainment don’t lose sight of things as they march forward.

THE NEGATIVES: They killed off the only character worth caring about. And set up a storyline that won’t come to fruition till the next film! The Story wasnt strong. They failed to really draw in the Non Fans of the Material at the very start. The Character Arcs and Structure of their individual stories wasnt handled well. The acting wasnt on point for the most part. There was more CGI then in the Hobbit trilogy combined! As a whole.. It was more of a set up for the next film.

OVERALL: The Movie is neither a pile of shit nor a Lord Of The Rings.. But it falls somewhere in the middle! As a Video Game Inspired film.. It’s the best adaptation since… Uhm, Ever!?! So a hardy round of applause for Universal and Blizzard.. They started the Genre off with a good.. Sprint!

(SIDE NOTE: The very story frame of Warcraft would have been better suited for a TV Series! Universal and Blizzard should have hopped on to the coattails of Game Of Thrones’s popularity. While not being a GOT style show, it could have been something unique while getting the same audience to tune in every week. Perhaps the U.S box office performance should be a wake up call for the studio. Not to put so many eggs in one basket.)

I give “WARCRAFT” a score of.. πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ’« 6 1/2 out of 10! A solid effort.. But needs more polishing to smooth out the rough edges!

If you’ve seen Warcraft already, let me know your thoughts!

So, until next time folks… Peace Out!

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