Greetings! Ladies and Gentelnerds. And welcome to yet another exciting edition of.. SPOILER FILLED MOVIE REVIEWS!




Based off of the original Graphic Novel by ALAN MOORE and BRIAN BOLLAND, Of the same Name. “The Killing Joke” is DC’s very first R rated Animated Feature.

First off.. The reason this review is a spoiler filled version is because.. The movie is very heavily based off a book that was written nearly 30 years ago.. If you still haven’t read it yet..  The Fuck Is Wrong With You?! However! The added material that is not from the book, which centers on Batgirl. May constitute as a SPOILER for those of you who have not seen the Movie as of Yet. So be fore warned.. There Be Spoilers Ahead me mateys!

THE STORY: The story itself starts off at least a month before the events of ‘The Killing Joke’ proper.  Focusing mainly on Barbra Gordon and her relationship with Batman, prior her hanging up the cape as Batgirl.When an up and coming mafia hand proves the thorne in Her side. Batgirl’s relationship with Batman is pushed to the emotional brink. A relationship already made complicated when they have sex. (yes.. They really do have sex. Its not shown of course. Its not that kind of R rated movie.) When her new foe nearly pushes her over that sacred line, she decides to hang up the cowl. A month later, the events of The Killing Joke come into play.

With a few tweeks to dialogue and added scenes to deepen the story. The Killing Joke stays rather faithful to the source material. Probably the most faithful Comic to Animation adaptation ive seen in a while.

THE CAST: With legends such as Mark Hamil and Kevin Conroy returning to voice The Joker and Batman respectively, its hard to speak ill of any of the cast. However.. There is a weak point in my opinion. Ray Wise’s turn as Jim Gordon.. Wasn’t very strong. When such actors and voice talents like Bryan Cranston,  Bob Hastings, Gary Oldman and many others.. Ray’s voice talents fell flat for me.

THE NEGATIVES: Ray Wise as Jim Gordon was a bit of a let down. And I while im being completley honest.. The Batgirl prolouge to the story wasnt a shit fest like most say.. BUT! It would have worked a whole lot more as a seperate Batgirl centric Short or apart of a full length Batgirl piece. But as a direct tie in to the events of the Killing Joke was not the best idea. On the other hand.. After much deliberation on the matter.. The parallels that the segment was  SUPPOSED to portray is in fact necessary. (Allow me to exolain) The antagonist of Batgirls story was an annoying and dangerous prick! His obnoxus antics towards Batgirl began driving the wedge between herself and Batman. She felt he was the cause of all the her recent problems.. And she wanted to remove him from her life. She was nearly pushed to that edge. She nearly beat the man to death. She almost lost it. That sentiment was supposed to mirror Batman and Joker’s relationship. Joker contantly nearly pushes Batman to that breaking point. What If Batman broke? What if Batman crossed that line? What If Batman Killed the Joker? After everything The Joker has done.. (especially in this story) Could Batman allow this man to live any further?!

So the involvment of Batgirls story is relativly justifiable.. Unfortunately.. It didnt work in context. It would have served better in another format. Like a prequal animated short.

THE POSITIVES: I never ever want Mark Hamil and Kevin Conroy to stop voicing these two characters! Hearing them in these characters, brings a smile to my heart. And to have them bring to life such a classic story was magical! The art was great of course. The parts that did stay true to the Book was a delight to see. It really is the most spot on faithful retellings of a Graphic Novel I’ve seen in a long time.

OVERALL: Batman: The Killing Joke was Awesome! I think it is safe to say that this one would be in my top 10 of DC Animated Original Movies! I give “BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE” A ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6/10 It may not be perfect.. But damn, it was good!

BTW: The question of whether or not Batman Kills the Joker at the end is finally answered.. YES.. Yes he does! He straights up chokes or Breakes his neck! It may not be shown.. But common sense and simple math will tell you.. At the end of the Killing Joke.. Batman. KILLS. The Joker!

Let me know your thoughts! Did you see the movie? What did you like or didnt like? Do you think Batman kills Joker? Is it still up to interpretation? You tell me! Thanks for reading..

So, Until Next Time Folks… Peace Out!


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