Following the amazing success of WB/DC’s “Suicide Squad” This past weekend. WB is feeling more confident and has announced MAN OF STEEL 2 is in the pipeline. The follow up to the smash hit of.. 2013.. 2 thousand- fucking- 13!! 4 fucking years ago! Seriously!?
Dont get me wrong.. Im not overly angry.. But Stupid shit like this really grinds my gears! Like.. WTF? Man Of Steel was the start of your new Cinematic Universe. It was a huge blockbuster smash. Grossed over $668.05 Million domestically. Superman, is your flagship character. And you waited 4 years to announce a sequal, why? Because of the backlash from fans? Since when did that ever matter to you! BVS was a mess and you still went gung ho forward with Justice League!

I am a little upset that they are going so slow with Superman and the way they are treating him on the big screen. There are ways to tell Superman stories right and coherently. It cant be that darn hard as they make it seem!

But.. On the other hand.. Im really happy and excited that a Man Of Steel 2 is currently in the works and i honsestly cant wait. Henry Cavil has been a phenomenal Superman..(At least when they give him something to work with)

And a very damn good Clark Kent.. (At least in the Ultimate Edition he was pretty good)

All i ask for from WB/DC, is to give us a good time, a good story and above all else.. NO ZACK SNYDER!! Please Keep Him Away!

Theres my 2 cents… HEY! Thats not a bad idea for a blog segment.. “2 CENTS TUESDAYS!” what do you think folks?

So, Until next time.. Peace Out!


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