The latest trailer to Marvel and Netflix’s Original Series “LUKE CAGE” dropped.. Uhm.. Late yesterday/early today? Whatever.. It dropped!
Lets take a look.. 

“SWEET CHRISTMAS!” Did you see the head band and and wrist bands!? Deep cuts awesomeness right there. He even had a small fro. 

Oh yea.. Im supposed to give review.. FUCKING AWESOME! Everything about this trailer makes me wanna watch this show right now! Cottonmouth looks like hes set up to be the Kingpin of Harlem.

Clare moved from Hell’s Kitchen to Harlem now. Dont know how long shes set to be in the show. But it looks like shes getting a lot of screen time. I hope we get at least one Jessica Jones cameo.. Or a Danny Rand cameo. Heck, i wanna see Foggy make an apperance! The end of the trailer has a reporter asking for his name. I want him to take off his hood and say, “My name is Luke Cage.. And im a Hero For Hire” (pure fanboy wishing.. But it would be so cool if he does)
“LUKE CAGE” Is looking to be yet another huge hit for Marvel and Netflix. 

“MARVEL’S: LUKE CAGE” Starts streaming September 30th.. And i cant wait!

Until next time folks.. Peace out!


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