Greetings, ladies and gentelnerds! Welcome back to yet another exciting trip into my demented psyche. 
The other day i posted, on my various social media outlets, my hopes on seeing COPPERHEAD (Arkham Origins version)

Appearing in the next solo “BATMAN” film. She was probably my most favorite boss fight in ‘Arkham Origins’. Then, I had a huge Brain Fart, and here we are..

Here is my, “Top 10 villains that should be in the next Batman Trilogy” (In no particular order and based solely on single interpretations of the character)

10.TWO FACE (The Long Halloween)

Yes, we had Two Face appear in Batman films twice before.. First time was like, “Uhhh.. What?!”

The second time around was like, “Looks awesome, but we lost intrest after the third act.” 

So, third time should be the charm right? I was thinking they could follow the “The Long Halloween” version of Two Face. 

His backstory and motivations are so much more indepth in that story. And hes a lot more darker and twisted. 

9. BLACK MASK (Under the Red Hood/Arkaham Origins)

We got a slight taste of Black Mask in Fox’s “Gotham” show. But.. That was, eh! To me, the version(s) of Black Mask that appear in “Under The Red Hood” 

And “Arkham Origins” (When He IS actualy in the mask and not the Joker (SPOILER))

Are much better translations of the Character. If The Batman films still wish to stay within the realm of down to earth story telling. A mob boss who wears a scary Black Skull Mask wouldnt be a bad idea.

8. SOLOMON GRUNDY (Arkham City) 

This version of Solomon Grundy is probably my most favorite. He’s huge. He’s scary. And he’s wicked fun to fight. This choice is going waayy out there in terms of believability, But what helps is that This Grundy doesnt have to be the main focus of the story. But in fact a really entertaining obsticle for batman to get over. IF!, in fact the next solo Batman film IS taking place in Arkham Asylum. It would be really cool if they threw this ‘Zombie’ Grundy in like.. A haunted swamp on the Grounds of the Asylum. Nobody goes over there cause of Grundy’s Legend. But Batman needs to cut threw those swamps in order to get to wherever the plot needs him to be. It would just be really cool to see Grundy get his chance on the big screen. 

7. MAN-BAT (The Batman)

I chose this version of This character over his original from Batman:The Animated Series. Is because i Love the look of Man-Bat from The Batman. He was ghostly white. Had huge ears and wings. Grotesque. And Huge! The characters back story for the series was pretty cool. With some tweeking for the big screen.. It would really work better.

6. COPPERHEAD (Arkham Origins)

The character Copperhead in the comics is actually a Man in a snake suit. Never gave a shit.. But then The people behind Arkham Origins decided to make the character a Hispanic Woman, who can twist and turn her body like a contortionist/snake. And can poison you with (was it a bite, or something on her nails?.. Shit! Cant remember..) either way.. She could poison you with a deadly snake venom. Make you hallucinate all kinds of shit like you were on a bad acid trip. She was cool, bad ass, and not to bad to look at. Copperhead is a very uniqe character, and would bring a whole lot more diversity to the live action Batman world. She doesn’t have to be the main focus of the story, much like in Origins. But with the right writers, who knows.. Maybe she could be the next Catwoman?! 

5.CLAYFACE (Batman: The Animated Series) 

Truly my favorite interpretation of the character, was in the Animated Series. Voiced by Ron Perlman, ClayFace’s story was really tragic and had probably two of the most unfogetable ends of a Batman villain fight.. Ever!.. (take a look) 

4. VICTOR ZSASZ (Arkham City)

Yes, I know there is a Zsasz on ‘Gotham’ but i think Zsasz from Arkham City would make for a better version of the character on the big screen. I hated his side mission, dont get me wrong, but character wise.. It was a good look into his motivations.

3. DEADSHOT! (Suicide Squad) 

Yes.. I know.. This choice is a bit of a cheat, because he’s already in the universe.. But holy shit! Will Smith’s portrayal of Deadshot was the biggest stand out from the movie. And honestly.. The whole interaction between Batman and Deadshot was done perfectly.. I want more of that! A lot more!

2. DEATHSTROKE (Various) 

I couldn’t peg it down to one version of Deathstroke, because honestly.. Every version of him is badass. Whether its in the comics, the cartoons, or the games.. Deathstroke is an awesome character. And one who deserves his time on the big screen! (Arrow’s version of Deathstroke.. Does not count!.. Sorry Arrow fans.. He was just great to look at in costume in all honesty.)
1. MR. FREEZE (Batman: The Animated Series) 

This version of Mr. Freeze, is the one true Freeze.. There is no other! We do not mention the other thing.. I repeat! We. Do not. Mention. The. Other. Thing! “Cold, Cold Heart” stands, to this day, as the Best Episode out of the entire series of Batman: TAS 

It established the origin of Freeze as we know it today.. (although changes have been made since) It stands as the definitive origin of Mr. Freeze, and to see it played out faithfully on the big screen, would be epic! And lets face it.. Freeze needs to be redeemed.. 

Those are my top 10 choices! What do you folks think? Are there any characters i missed? Let me know which characters would you like to see on the big screen. 

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


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