So.. According to sources close to “THE WRAP”and various other news sites. Zendaya’s mysterious role in “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMMING” has been revealed.

According to those close sources of “The Wrap” Zendaya is set to play, not Michelle as first officially reported, but in fact our favorite Red Head.. Mary Jane Watson! 

IF! In fact this IS true… I am so fucking HAPPY!!!  I love her on K.C Undercover on Disney Channel. She is a funny and phenomenal talent! She can sing. She can dance. She can act! She Has the look!

I am so stoked about this. Clearly, shes not gonna be the over sexed version of the character, because it all takes place in high school. But she is beautiful! And she can be that kind of M.J while still being very innocent at the same time. 

Again, if this is in fact true.. I am so stoked and excited for Spider-Man: Homecomming! (still not a fan of the name.. But whateves) I truly believe that Marvel (and sony) “Just Hit The Jackpot”

Let me know what you folks think. Comment below and hit that subscribe buttom.. (wherever the heck it is!) Peace Out!


2 thoughts on ““BREAKING NEWS!”- ZENDAYA’S Mystery Role Revealed!?(SPOILER ALERT)

  1. Listen ANYONE AND I MEAN ANYONE OTHER THAN KRISTEN DUNST PLAYING MARY JANE BRINGS COMPLETE JOY TO MY HEART. Why? Kirsten was, with all due respect, dull. I feel like Zendaya is going to breathe life into the character. Now she got overlooked when it came to playing famed R&B singer Aaliyah; lifetime definitely screwed that one up; she won’t be overlooked playing Mary J. Now humor me for a moment but wouldn’t it be cool to see her former co-star Bella Thorn from the Disney TV show “SHAKE IT UP,” play Gwen Stacy? DANCE BATTLE FOR SPIDER-MAN’s HEART GIRLS oh and step away Tobey Maguire. We don’t want those Saturday Night Fever Moves from Spiderman 3 in this battle.

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