In the immortal words of Queen, “Another One Bites The Dust!”
Yet another director for 20th Century Fox’s “Gambit” film, Starring Channing Tatum, has dropped out. This one jumping ship to DC/WB to helm the live action “Justice League:Dark” movie.(sweetness)

So, this makes like… 4 directors to drop out of this movie? (Anyone ever try mixing E and J Apple Whiskey with Cranberry Juice?… Its so good..) anyway.. What? Oh uhm.. Right! 4 directors have said “Fuck This” to Fox and this potentiol Gambit movie… Honestly.. This stand alone Gambit movie was a bad.. Bad Idea from the beggining! 

Dont get me wrong.. LOVE the character! Like the actor too.. But.. Seriously? Gambit?! What story could you possibly have us care enough about, to make a 2 hour film with?!? “Well Deadpool worked out for us” says a Fox exec.. Deadpool is a very popular character that has had his own ongoing title for a long time now.. Gambit tried a solo comic run.. Twice! It didnt work.. (or was it thrice!?) 

I firmly believe Gambit would serve better in an assamble film.. Either the next X-film, or New Mutants, or maybe.. More preferably.. Deadpool 2! Like a Collosus type cameo, but larger and more interval to the plot.. (seriously.. Cranberry Juice and Apple Whiskey.. Great combo!) 

A Deadpool and Gambit team up.. WITH Cable.. Would be AWESOME!! get on it Fox.

How am i gonna close this?. Im Finished.. I got nothing else to say about it… Uhm… “I wanna rock right now, Im Rob Bass and i came to get down, im not internationally known. But im known to rock the microphone because i get stupid, i mean outrageous….


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