“The Killing Joke: Aftermath” (A FAN FICTION STORY)

Marvel Comics is Known for a Comic Series known as “What If!?” which retells many famous stories and flips them around and changes key moments. DC had something similar known as “Elseworlds” basicly the same thing.. But i wanted my very first Batman Fan Fiction to be more like a What If/Elseworlds mash up.

I also based this idea around the recent Animated Film Version of Batman: The Killing Joke. So i will be using certain story elements from both the book and the film.. So sit tight.. And save the hate mail toward the very end please.. (P.S. I’ll try and do better with my grammar and shit.. 😜)

(I do not own any of the characters wiithin this story. Batman and all related characters are property of DC Comics and Warner Bros. TM and C and R)

“Hello. I wanted to talk..I’ve been thinking lately. About you and me. About whats going to happen to us, in the end..”
“I want him brought in.. And i want him brought in by the book!”

“We’re going to kill each other, arent we?”

“By the book, you hear?”

“Perhaps you kill me. Perhaps I’ll kill you..”

“We have to show him! We have to show him our way works!”

Batmans whole body shook as the rain poured down heavily. Jokers smile frozen in place, his eyes cold and lifeless. His limp body fell to the ground. The sound of the police sirens slowly crept in to Batman’s ears. 

“Batman?.. My god, what have you done?” said Gordon. Batman turned as if finally realizing where he was. “Jim? I.. I dont..”

The GCPD officers arrived on the scene. Jumping out of their cars they stopped in their tracks at the sudden sight. “Is this for real?”, “i dont believe it” they muttered as they approached. 

Commissioner James Gordon stood there in silence. His eyes showing his mind at work.. “Batman..” he sighed. Straightened up and said, “Batman.. You. Are under arrest. For the murder of The Joker.. You have the right to remain silent.” The Officers gasped and muttered to each other. Gordon continued, “Anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law.. Cuff him.”

The officers glanced around at each other. “Commissioner?” an officer said, “I know what i said. Arrest The Batman!”

The officer gingerly pulled out his cuffs and slowly approached Batman. “Uhm.. Im sorry Bats.” he motioned for Batmans hands. 

Batman glanced at his hands. They were shaking. He blinked and they were small. He looked up and his parents’ bodies layed before him. His father looked up at him and grasped his small hands gentley. “Its okay son.. Its going to be okay.” he says. Batman blinks and the officer grabs his wrist and places the first cuff on him. Suddenly Batman snatched the cuffs away and grabed the officer by the arm and pulled him close. 

The officers all drew their sidearms. “Dont make this any worse then it is, Batman.” said Gordon. “Its over.” 

With his free hand, Batman reached a button on his belt and The Batmobile growled alive. 

“Let the Officer go, Batman!” ordered an officer. They surrounded him. “Come on, Bats. Dont do this man!” the officer pleaded. Suddenly, the Batmobile raced over starteling everyone and Batman dropped a smoke bomb.”Im sorry.” he whispered to the coughing officer and he lefted him up and tossed him out of the smoke cloud into a couole of officers. 

With a leap he entered The Batmobile and drove off. Gordon grabed a nearby radio. “Attention all nearby squad cars! This is Gordon.. Batman is headed south out of the old Gotham Amusement Park. I want all units in pursuit! I repeat.. All Units, the Batman is a fugitive! I want him brought in!” 

“Alfred.” Batman called. “Alfred?” “Is it True sir?” Alfreds saddened voice said over the speakers. “…” “Master Bruce?.. Please..” 

“I’ve failed them Alfred.. I’ve failed..” Just then, Police cars appeared on his left. “Its all over the radio sir.” Alfred continued.

Alfred looked at the several moniters on the Bat-Computer. News channels and online sites blaring the words, ‘Breaking News: Batman Kills: Joker Found Dead by Commissioner and GCPD’ “The Reports are everywhere sir. News is indeed traveling fast. Miss Vale has already gotten ahold of Commissioner Gordon.” 

Batmans moniter activated and the newsfeed kicked in. “Commissioner Gordon, a quick word please!?” Vickie Vale rushed after Gordon. The Camera shaking with every stride. “Commissioner, what happend here tonight? Is it true GCPD has Batman as public enemy number 1? Is it true, that Batman Killed the Joker?!” She panted as she reached his squad car. “I have no comment at this time!” he barked as he slammed the car door and the vehicle sped off. “No Comment!? Are you Kidding me!?” she grumbled.

(Barbra Gordons hospital room) 

“People of Gotham. Our Commissioner may not have much to say at the moment.. But news is travilng fast! The Batman has indeed Killed the Joker! And in my humble reporters opinion.. Good Ridence to the Evil Bastard! I send it back to the studio, This is Vickie Vale for Gotham News 7. John?”

“Well, thank you for that colorful report, Vickie.” The news man started. “It wont be for a long while now, But The Jokers autopsy report will state actual cause of death. Although, like my esteemed colleague, many Gothamites are breathing a sigh of relief. Nowing that that the, self proclaimed, Clown Prince Of Crime. Will no longer plauge this city”

“Ya damn right, good ridence to that piece a trash!” Harvey Bullock grunted as he took a large bight of his sandwich. “Ya hear that Barb! Bat’s finally did whats right for a change.. Damn shame whats goin’ on now.. But im sure ya Dad will figure things out.” he turns to give her a reassuring smile. But it fades once he sees the tears in her eyes. “Hey, why ya..” he starts. “Turn it off Harvey.. Please.” Harvey stares for a moment, “I belive our news coppter has just arrived on the scene of the high speed chase” the news man starts. And Harvey changes the channel. More news was on and he clicked again. And again. And again, more news. Frustrated, “Ehh the hell with it!” and he shuts the tv off.

“Detective?” a Nurse enters the room. “There’s a call for you at the front desk.. Its the station.” she adds, throeing a dlight glance at Barbra. “Dad wants to speak to you.” Barbra says, knowingly. “Yeah.. I’ll be right back kiddo.” he wiggles out of the chair and rushes lit of the room. “Is there anything i can get you miss Gordon?” Barbra attempts to shake her head, but says, “No.. I’ll be fine. Thank You.” The nurse smiles and quietly leaves. Barbra lays there silently and sighs.. “Oh Bruce.. Im so sorry..”The Batmobile speeds through the city streets. Squad cars and police copters in close pursuit. Batman fiddles with several buttons on his computer. “Alfred. Im not picking up anything over the scanners. Is there a problem with the signal on your end?” “No sir. Im picking up no radio signal on this end either. But all systems are functional.” said Alfred.

“Gordon knows i moniter all police channels. He must have ordered complete radio silence. I wont know what they are planning.” Batman enters a code on his dashboard computer, activating a complete road map of Gotham City. “I wont be able to hear them. But i will be able to see them.” he says. “Transferring full Cowl headsup display of Gotham Road ways.” Special Lenses drop from his eye slits of his cowl. A fully three dimensional Road Map appears before him. Red dots marked as the pursuing police cars. “They seem to be setting up a road block of armored cars on the other side of  The 75th street Bridge. They are going to goad me in to taking 80th street and lead me down the underpass.” He anylized. “You could head to Fogwell Avenue and cut across Miller Way, Master Bruce.” Alfred suggested. “No. The next Cave access point wont be for another thirty miles after that, and i dont need this chase to go on any further.. Im taking 80th..” “Master Bruce?” “I have a very small window Im going to take and that means im going to have to lose the Batmobile.” 

Batman makes a hard turn and speeds on to 80th street. ” I have to time this just right.. A fraction of a second off.. And its all over.” Batman steps on the gas and starts pressing a series of Buttons. More police cars appear from his left and right side. Just as he anticipated. Making him make the turns they want him to. A timer appears on his screen. “Sir, are you?” Alfred started, “I know what im doing Alfred.” Batman said quickly. He made another turn and the Bridge underpass was now in view. He increased speed as he entered the underpass. “They are going to deploy spikes. Which, if i time right, should help me..”he thought. And just then Spikes appeared along the street. The Batmobile tires exploded with loud bangs. The timer counted down. and The Batmobile spun out of control, and suddenly tipped over. Flipping in mid air and suddenly, Exploded on impact with the ground. The blast rupturing the Bridge overhead. 

“Master Bruce!.. Master Bruce!?.. BRUCE!?!” Alfred called.. Static..

(TO BE CONTINUED?!.. MAYBE?.. THAT, I LEAVE UP TO YOU! Do you want me to finish this crap fest? Would you like to read multiple parts to this story? Ill put it to a vote on my Twitter Page @SpeculatingNerd 


So, hopefully, Until Next Time Folks.. Peace Out! 


3 thoughts on ““The Killing Joke: Aftermath” (A FAN FICTION STORY)

  1. Love the dialogue. Very well thought out and detailed. Just have to fix a few spelling errors because it takes away from the flow of the story. Love the idea that your story specifically and clearly highlights batman actually killing the joker. The build up at the end makes me want to read more. Good work

    Liked by 1 person

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