Earlier this morning, Ben Affleck decided to play a very strong hand at Viral Movie Marketing with a silent, yet cryptic Instagram post..

A post shared by Ben Affleck (@benaffleck) on

DEATHSTROKE in the house Bitches!!!

At first I thought that this was legit, him filming a scene with Deathstroke for the Batman stand alone movie. But Then, i thought maybe its just a slight tease. Its too early for him to be filming the Bat film so soon. Maybe Ben was on set for Suicide Squad and this was a scene that was being shot that day and it was left on the cutting room floor and he wanted to share it or some shit.
However, Most Websites are reporting that this is in fact, Ben on set of his stand-alone Bat Flick. This particular Shot is a screen test of the Deathstroke suit and such. Also, it is being reported that Deathstroke is in fact going to be the main villain of the film. 

This is a Genuis move on behalf of Affleck and DC/WB. Deathstroke is Batman’s physical equal and is a creditable threat. He is a new and refreshing villain to see on the big screen. 

I thought i couldnt get anymore excited for the next Batman Trilogy.. And this just took my excitment up to an eleven!

Thats what i got.. Until next time folks, Peace Out!


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