I know im late.. But seriously.. Fuck It!
It was announced the other day, by DC film/comic executive Geoff Johns, that Deathstroke will be the Main Villain for the solo BatFleck Batman Film. And He will be played by.. Fuck! Uhm.. Mangonello? Manana-jello? Manjajalolo? Hold up… 

This fucker right here! 👆 

JOE MANGENIELO! thats it! Thats how it goes! 

So anyways.. Great choice! He has the look to pull it off..

He has the size. And i am very certain he has the talent. I am not completley familliar with his work as an actor except for his breif run as Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and his role in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “SABOTAGE. In which he was good. Never saw True Blood.. But it lasted a long time and that is where his fan base comes from. 

He does indeed have the look. Im certain he has the chops, and lastly.. He’s not such a big name that it would distract from the performance of the character. So thats a big plus in my book. 

Im Pleased with the casting and am excited for the future of the new solo Batman run.

What do you think? Good casting choice? Let me know in the comments below! PLEASE Subscribe / Follow! Thx for reading.

So, until bext time folks.. Peace Out! 



  1. meh… i’m not sure how i feel about the casting… but i do kinda , sorta agree… guess I’m not crazy about the guy on general… but i leave all proofs till the “puddins” … lol… see what i did there… teehee💋

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