(I may not own the rights to any of these characters.. But i DO OWN THIS STORY! Batman and all related characters are property of DC and WB copyright and blah blah blah!)

‘As much Tech that was in that car.. Its a wonder the whole block didnt go up’ Gordon thought to himself as he watched the firemen douse the flames from the batmobile. 

“Hey, Commish! Got here as soon as I could” Harvey Bullock rushed over as he snatched a cup of coffe from a nearby officer modway from his lips. “You ok Jimmy?” he asked. “Jim?” He placed his hand on his shoulder. “Jim?!” 

“Huh?” Gordon said, as if suddenly aware of where he was. “I was askin if you were ok, jimbo.” Bullock said as he gulped the coffee and immediately spat it back up. “Decaf?! Really?!” he shot the officer he took it from, a look. “Yeah.. Im okay Harvey. I’ll be even better once this is all over.” Gordon sighed, pulling out a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket. “So.. This is it, huh? The Clown’s cuput and the Bats gone up in smoke.. Crazy Night, eh! ” Bullock mused. Gordon placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. He stared in to the flames. “Batman’s not dead.” “Are you kidding me?! Aint no way he got out of that thing before it blew.” said Bullock. “They wont find a body Harvey.. Trust me. They wont.” 

‘And They Didn’t.. Not even a hair. But the news went out.. “BATMAN DECLARED DEAD AFTER ACCEDINT” But we never found a body. But i knew Batman survived somehow.. He always does.. I figured It would only be a matter of time, before all hell would break loose on the streets after the Jokers death. Something would hapeen that would push the city to its breaking point. And Batman would arrive to save the day.. Just like always.. But nothing happened. Nothing. 

They Never Found A Body..’


“Today, marks the one year anniversary since the Joker and Batman’s Final Fatal Confontation.” Vickie Vale started at the top of the news segment. Sitting behind the anchor desk, she turned to another camera and continued. “But did the Batman Truly perish that same night? For months, rumors have circulated, that due to the GCPD’s inability to procure a body from the wreckage of the Batmobile, Batman may still be alive today. But as crime rates show, we may not need the Batman after all. Since the Batman’s ‘seeming death’, Gotham’s Crime Rate has dropped to a staggering 65%. Which is an amazing low for Gotham City in its 200 plus year history. Many true Gothamites believe this may just be the calm before the storm. Speaking of.. This year also marks the citys 200th anniversary. A parade is to be held later this month and many are looking forward to the festivities. Gotham’s Favorite Son, Bruce Wayne is schedualed to appear as Grand Marshal. Our Very own Cindy Ling was present for the Ribbon cutting ceramony earlier today, for the newley reopened Gotham Museum of Modern Arts. At which Bruce Wayne was the guest of honor. But Was not available for any comment. In other news, Gotham is waiting with baited breath for the wedding of Police Commissioner Gordon’s Daughter,  Barbara Gordon and Former Circus Performer, newely minted Wayne Tech Executive, Richard Grayson..” 


A dark limo pulls up to an abandoned warehouse. The driver quickly exits out of the car and opens the passanger door. Carmine ‘The Roman’ Falcone steps out of the car and glances at the row of other cars parked nearby. Then he turns to look at the city skyline and a small smile creeps along his lips. Cane in hand he makes for the warehouse. 

Inside, a table full of Gothams mafia families gathered together. They turn to see him enter the room and many begin to applaud as he walked toward the table. He smiled at this. He greeted everyone with hugs and firm handshakes. “Welcome Back Roman!” a voice called. “Thank You” he said. “Thank you. Thank you all. I feel.. Deeply moved. Thank you. I am truly touched. It feels good to be among friends. Old. And new. Thank you for having me. It feels good to be home.” he said as he removed his coat. A big fat man motioned for him to sit next to him. “So. To what do i owe this pleasure, of being invited to sit with you all tonight.” he asked as he sat with a groan. “We dont know yet.” A slick voice said from the opposite end of the table. Salvatore Moroonie was a big beefy man, not like as he was long ago. Slim, broad, athletic. “Salvatore? Its been so long.” Carmine started, trying to hide his look of surprise and glee at the current state of his former rival. “Your looking well.” Salvatore gave him a look, “You aint looking to bad yourself old timer..” Offering his own backhanded compliment. Many shifted in their chairs at the clear tension. 

‘Ting!’ ‘Ting!’ “So.. The gangs all here..” a voice said from the darkness. The men turned as the ‘ting’ sounds continued and the clap of shoes walking toward them echoed. ‘TING!’ A coin jumped out of the darkness and bounced on to the table. It rolled the length of the table and came to a stop in front of Moroonie. The face of the coin scrathed and burnt. 

“Its so nice to see such, familiar Faces!” Two Face appeared out of the darkness. “Son of a Bitch!” Moronnie jumped out of his seat pulling his gun. “Easy, Sally! No Harm, No Foul!” Two Face said raising his hands in the air. “All is just water under the bridge pal. In fact. Im the one who sent the word out for this little meeting… All of the folks I’ve spent my former lifes work to put away. All together, here tonight, to offer you gentelmen an olive branch, if you will.” 

Salvatore’s hand shook. His trigger finger twitching. “Im unarmed Sally.. I just want to talk.” said Two Face, as he slowly walked around the table toward him. “Honsetly.. Sally. Hand to god.” he slowly put his right hand over his left breast and stopped a few feet from Salvatore. “I just wanted to talk about the sweetest deal you could ever dream of, Sally. A deal that’ll make all of us very wealthy men again.” Salvatore stopped shaking and slowly lowered his weapon. Two Face grinned as he came closer. “See. We can let bygones be bygones, right?” he said as he drapped his arm around Salvatore’s shoulder. He glanced at the coin and saw the side it was on. “To be honest Sally. I wanted to take this time to thank you. You freed me my friend. Freed me from the shackles thats had held me down for so, so long. I can see youve been shackled too pal. I know the Bat didnt make things easy for you over these years. Its clear youve seen better days. So.. Allow me to free you!” and with that, A blade appeared out of Two Face’s right hand and he slashed Salvatore’s throght Twice. Juggular to Juggular. Blood sprayed everywhere. The men gasped and jumped from their seasts. Two Face let Salvatores body fall, “SIT DOWN!!” he screamed, and they all fell back. “Lets FACE it.. Sally was our weakest link. And i have it under good intel that ol’ Sally boy here turned rat a few years back!. So dont go crying for the fat fuck now.” Two Face grabbed a nearby chair, turned it and sat. “With The Bat and Clown as good as dead. Its time for a new regime here in Gotham! The Clown had everything running on chaos. Which is bad for buisness. Him and all the other Freaks! Didnt play by the rules. Rules that made you all very  wealthy men. Its time for things to go back to the way they were. Simpler times. Richer Times! But we do it.. MY way!” He said as he raised his coin. “With real Law and Order! MY Law. MY Order.  Follow me gentelmen.. And we can wipe out the rest of the freaks like Penguin and the like once and for all.. AND TAKE THIS CITY FOR OUR OWN! And there aint no Bat to stop us!” 

Just then a door opens and a beautiful woman struts into the room. “The Hell?!” said Two Face as he hopped to his feet. “Who the hell are you?” He demanded standing in front of her. She smiled as she gently ran her finger across his chin. She walked around him and placed a laptop on the table. The screen came on and a Black Skull appeared. “Black Mask?! The hell is this?” Two Face spat. “My esteemed colleagues. Two Face is not wrong, In his samation. It is indeed time for things to change around here in Gotham City. It is time for a New Era in ‘crime’ as they say. However.. This city does not need Freaks and.. Old time mobsters to be in control. Long story short my friends.. Its time to say good bye!” the screen went black. 

The entire Waterfront warehouse exploded in a massive blast. In the distance. Black Mask stood atop a hill side overlooking the pier. The same beautiful woman standing at his side. A breeze blew by with ember in the air. “Did you feel that? That wind. Its the Winds of Change my dear.. And so it begins..” 


Let me know your thoughts about the story so far. Until next time folks.. Peace out!



  1. I like how batman is still absent and there is no clear understanding what he’s up to or what his fate is. This keeps me in suspense and wonder. Love how his absence is a domino effect and everyone: the GCPD, Gordon, villains etc., have there own little side Story in relation to the main idea which is batman killing the joker. The villains quickly taking advantage of batman’s absence has me excited because each villain has his or her own idea of how to reign over Gotham will absolute power. It’s going to be interesting to read how villains and there plans will cross paths. Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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