Yet again, another Wrestling based blog..

For those of you who may not know the story of Former proffesional wrestler Chris Benoit.. Geez, this is gonna be difficult to explain.

Benoit was a former WCW and WWE champion wrestler. When, in 2007. He murdered his wife of 20+ years and thier 7 year old son. And then soon after commited suicide…

Since then, the WWE has completely obliterated any trace of Benoit from their archives. Understandably so. 

For years many have speculated on what may have made Benoit snap. Roid Rage from steroid abuse. A failing marrige. A degenerating brain from various concussions hes suffered from over the years. Autopsy reports suggested Benoit had the brain of an 80 year old suffering from Alzheimer’s. He was 40 years old.

A book was written about his life and the events leading up to and after the event. So naturally.. Hollywood came a calling. But such a story has been difficult to bring to the big screen. Directors and writers and producers and studios have pulled in and out of the project more times then a pornstars.. Uh.. I wont go there..
However, recently, things have been on the upswing for the project. Lexi Alexander, 

Director of such films as, Green Street Hooligans 


Punisher: War Zone 

 and various other T.V productions. She announced on her twitter that she was taking over as director and planned on starting production hopefully by the end of the year. 
Rumors place Leiv Schreiber to play Benoit. 

Although, Schreiber has denied any participation or any talks.

(I wanna know who they will get for Vince Mcmahon.. )

What do you folks think about a Chris Benoit movie? Do you want one? Let me know! Thx for reading. 

So, until next time.. Peace Out! 


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