So.. Zack Snyder posted on his twitter account about nearing completion on filming for ‘Justic League’, and with that he added this picture of the newest Batsuit.. 

‘The Tactical Batsuit’ 

So.. My thoughts?.. It cool!

I dont like the ears and cowl shape though.. With the addition of the goggles it looks too much like Nite Owl from Snyder’s.. ‘WATCHMEN’ film.. 

But that would have to be my only complaint.. The Cowl looks fucking stupid.. But the suit itself is pretty damn cool. Granted, I am judging the suit just from a photo and it could look completly different in action. But for now.. Cowl Stupid, Suit Awesome. 

Its clear Batman will be going through suit changes through out the movie. (How many changes? We wont know until the movie drops next year) 

This was his suit in BVS, 

This one is from JUSTICE LEAGUE, 

Only major difference between the two is the cowl. And now we have the Tactical Suit.. 

Am I the only one who wants to see these two suits come to the big screen?..


And, The BATMAN INC. Suit..

I would really like to see that classic bat shield to make a comeback someday..

Anywhoo.. Those are my thoughts on the matter.. What do you think? Love the Suit , Hate the suit? Let me know.. Thx for reading!

So, until next time.. Peace Out!


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