(NOTE: I know its not Tuesday. But FUCK IT! Keep reading anyway..)

I dont really post about Proffesional Wresteling. But the current status quo of the WWE has given me enough reason to take this moment to give My, “TWO CENTS TUESDAY”

WWE lost me the moment they,in my opinion, screwed over The Undertaker at Wrestelmania.. 30-something. They ended the Streak in the worst way, with the worst person imaginable. But i digress..

They have, however, reignited my interest once more since the whole ‘Brand Split’ between RAW and SMACKDOWN. Each brand has their own exclusive roster of Wrestlers. Including their former ‘Divas Division’. Which is now the ‘Woman’s Division’. 

This blog is strictly concerning the Women’s Division of Both Brands of The WWE. 

RAW and SMACKDOWN LIVE! Each have an incredible roster of Women Wrestlers. Putting on better matches then most of the men in the buisness. Not that there havent been amazing athletes before. IE: Trish, Lita, Jaqualine, Mickie James, Michelle McCool, and above all, CHYNA! But there was a long streatch of time between most of these women and its been full of Titts and Ass and lousy, boring matches. But NOW.. I am truly amazed by some of the things these women are doing. This current line up of women wrestlers are by far some top notch talent. 

Theres room for improvement, dont get me wrong. But they are doing some amazing work. 
My concern though.. “What is WWE gonna do with such talent?” All they have is the ‘Womens Championship’ for both brands.. Thats it. One title for each brand. 

My idea?

More Women’s Division Titles! While the two main competitors are fueding over the Womens title, what are the other women supposed to do? Just fued over nothing? Thats a waist of talent..

WWE should expand thier female roster and add new titles. Lets have a Womens U.S Title, a Womens Tag Division, Women’s  Intercontinental Title, and a Womens Lightweight or Bantemweight title! 

While all the ‘big boys’ have thier various titles to have viable storylines to fuel the shows. The Women can do the same. 
But at the moment.. WWE claims that this is the begining of the Womens Revolution… But that still remains to be seen. 

We may never see another like the late, great CHYNA, 

The first and ONLY Woman Intercontinental Champion. And we cant have the women compete against men in this kind of sport. Unless shes like Chyna.. Only she could convincingly appear to beat the shit out of any grown man and make you believe it! 

If the WWE is truly serious about making The Womens Division a viable and valuable entity. They need to give these women more to do. More titles, more diversity, and more compelling stories to back up the great talent they have in their camp. 

Well.. Thats it! There is my Two Cents. Let me know your thoughts on the subject. So, until next time folks.. Peace Out! 


  1. Not sure I agree as the roster depth is slim. Perhaps somewhere down the road we could have a women’s tag division. That might be cool. Still, it is a long way away with the split.

    PS. While I agree that Chyna was in impressive shape and had the physique worthy of a body builder, I never really saw her as that good of a wrestler. That being said, she was one of a kind and may she rest in peace.

    I also never saw Jacqueline as a good wrestler. I think Ivory was better. I also think you should probably give some kudos to Maryse and Victoria. I want to also say Candice Michelle but I’m thinking that might be due to the fact I used to fancy her. Molly was talented too.

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