(I dont own the rights to the characters.. But i do own the story..) 


A figure emerges out of the depths, lumbering for the shore.

“Dick! Dick!? What happened?! Can you hear me?! Dick!!” Oracles voice echoed in Nightwings ears. He dropped to his knees and fell faceforward in the sand.



Commissioner Gordon carefully walked through the fire damaged warehouse. C.S.I Teams darting here and there gathering all the evidence they could. He bumped into a rushing investagater, “Sorry Sir.” The man said quickly. Gordon raised his hand and slightly shook his head in saying ‘No worry’. Harvey Bullock, stood over a corpse, spotted Gordon and said to the M.E.’s “Wrap him up.” They zipped up the bag and lifted the bag away. 

“What do We got Harvey?” Gordon groaned rubbing his tired eyes. “Far as i can tell? A Cook out gone wrong.” Harvey quipped. Gordon half smiled. “Honestly Commish. These bastards were blasted to holy hell. Its gonna be awhile before we find out who’s Who.” “That Bad, huh?” said Gordon. “I aint never seen a bomb do damage like this.” Harvey Added, “But! There is a silver lining in this smoke cloud. Judging from what was left of the cars parked outside and the remaining plates.” He pulled out his note pad and presented it to Gordon. “All these bodies belonged to every single Mafia Head in the City.. I mean all of them.” Gordon gave Harvey a look and snatched the booklet. Flipping through the pages. “My god. Are you sure?” He asked. “Well, until we scrap off the burnt crust on these stiffs. I’m pretty sure.” 

“Commissioner Gordon, Detective Bullock! You need to come see this.” an M.E. called. They rushed over the debris to the M.E. “Holy Shit!” Harvey exclaimed at the sight. “The Fuck is this?!” The body before them had half his body burned and the other half, charred bone. “What happened? The blast did.. this!?” Gordon asked. “Yes and no sir.. Judging from the burn pattern. This man didnt have any proper skin protection on the left side of his body to protect his skeletal structure. While the right side had flesh to be burned severely.” The M.E explained. “Two-Face.” Gordon sighed. “Damn.” Harvey grimeced. “Get a bag for him will ya!” he told the M.E. “Yes, sir.” he said and rushed off. “Geez! Two-Face was here too? I thought the psycho was still locked up in Arkham?” said Harvey. Gordon stood silent. ‘They Never stay locked up in Arkham..’ he thought. Just then, a small sound came to his ears. “Can you go see whats takeing that M.E so long to get a Bag please?” Gordon asked. Harvey gave a confused look and slightly nodded in agreement. 

As soon as Harvey was gone, Gordon placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. “Give me one good reason why i shouldn’t arrest you right now?” he said after a long puff of smoke. “Even After all these years commissioner Gordon? Has it gotten this bad?” Said Nightwing as he stepped out of the shadows. “Your an accomplince of a wanted fugitive.” Gordon said flatley, “Besides.. I spoke more to Batman then to you.” “Good point.” Nightwing sighed. “Quite the mess we have here, huh? Files had Two-Face in his cell in Arkham Asylum..” “And, Yet.. Here He is.” Gordon said, with a hint of sarcasm. “Yeah..” Nightwing sighed, Kneeling in front of the body. He looked it over and spotted something in the bodies hand. “His Coin? Gonna need that for evidence son.” said Gordon. “Of Course.” Nightwing handed the coin to Gordon. “Look.. I just want to help. Try and go back to the way things were.” said Nightwing. “There is no going back. Things have changed. Maybe for the better.. Maybe for the worst. But right now. I dont need your help. Now please.. Get out of here before Harvey and the M.E. get back and i’ll be forced to take you in.” said Gordon. Nightwing hesitated. “Fine.. But if you Do need me.. You know how to reach me.” Nightwing turned to leave, “Before you go.” said Gordon. “Tell him i know hes still alive. No matter what people say. I know. You tell him. And you tell him he.. He let me down.. And i will not forgive him for that. If i so much as see, Cape or Cowl.. I will arrest him.” 

Nightwing sighed, turned back to Gordon and says, “I am sorry Commissioner. For everything. But lets face facts.. (He turns his back to Gordon) The Batman IS dead.” and he flips up in to the shadows and vanishes. Just then, Harvey came back with two M.E’s at his side. Gordon watched as they carefully placed Two-Face’s remains into the body bag. 


“It official.. You father hates me.” Said Nightwing as he looked around the warehouse. “Nonsense Dick. Dont be silly.. He hates Nightwing.” Oracle said in his ear. “Funny.” he retorted. “Changing the Subject. The Wedding planner says she’ll drop by around 11.” “Can we not discuss the wedding while i scour a crime scene, please?” he said. “Oh, right. Well.. It’s not like our wedding isn’t within a week and we have yet to discuss so much as seating arrangements, because of you ‘busy’ scheduale.” she stated. “Do we really need such a big.. ‘Thing’? All that matters is that you show up and I show up. Nothing fancy shmancy. Just a simple gathering of friends. And family.” He said as he danced around a hole in the ground. “And we can have Alfred marry us in a nice shake outside Wayne Manor. Or perhaps the Batcave.” she said “That dont sound so bad.” he said. “Dick.” Nightwing froze, “Did you just call me Dick.. Or ‘A’ D..” “The Latter.” she retorted. He laughed. “Its not funny. Its not like we always get a chance to be.. ‘Normal’ and this is very. Important to me.” “Barb… Your right. It is veey important. And i promise. First thing tomorrow. I will dedicate my morning to getting this wedding off and running without a hitch.” He could sense her smile. “Ok.” she said. 

“I think i got something here.” he said, kneeling and brushing off some dirt. “Shrapnel? Probably a piece of the bomb.” “Lets have a look.” she said. Pressing a button on his mask, special lens’s popped down. “Scan complete. Searching.” she said. “Wow”, “Wow?” he repeated. “This is high grade tech here.” she stated. “Lay it on me Barb.” “Military grade high explosive. Its been modified. Original version would have done a lot more damage.” she explained.”Thats.. A plus? I guess. It did a number on this place thats for sure. I would hate to see a non modified version.” he said. “There’s something else on the shard. Can you zoom on the upper left. Can you Tell me what it is?” “Hmm. Let me see.. Oh!” “Oh? Whats the oh?” “Flesh.” “Flesh? How could there be flesh on this if it wasnt found inside anyone?” he questioned. He looked around for further clues. “Switching to Blue Light.” The area glowed befor his eyes a shade of blue. “Im reconfiguring the lens to pick up any further traces of the flesh.” she said. “Oh my god.” he mutered. “Theres traces everywhere! The only place there isnt.. Is right here. The epicenter. Suggesting.. Holy Shit.” “The Bomb was inside someone.” Barbara added. “Someone blew themselves to bits to kill the mafia heads of Gothem.” Nightwing stated. “Two-Face was here too.” “But Arkham files have him locked up there.” she said. “I’m pulling up records now.. They say they have him in isolation for attacking a guard. He’s been there for days they say. Wait!? Theres security footage.. He’s there now!?” “What?!” I saw his body here.. Me and your father saw his body.. Clayface!” said Nightwing as he rushed toward the exit. “Clayface? We havent seen him for months!” She said.

He jumped on to his cycle and slipped on his helmit at the same time as he raced off. “How else would you explain Two-Face bieng in two places at once?” he said “Good Point.. Please Be careful” she told him. 


Nightwing kicked the bike in to high gear. Speeding over the bridge toward Arkham Island. Home of Arkham Asylum. Parking his bike in a nearby brush. Nightwing used an old secret entrance he and Batman used to use. It was a quicker and faster way of getting in and out of Arkham. 

Once inside, he stealthily made his way through the corridors. Passing through several cells. Taking mental notes. ‘Penguin? Check. Calander man? Check. Croc? Check. Hatter? Check. Everyone seems to be here.’ he thought. He made his way to inmate isolation. Going inside, he readied his battons for a fight in case Clayface decided to put up a fight. 

He walked up to the glass case where Two-Face was. “Its kinda weird talking to a deadman.” said Nightwing. “Bird boy? You werent the one i was told would come.” “who WERE you expecting? Santa Clause? Sorry Clayface.. All you would get is a big ol lump of coal. Now give up the gag. Why did Two-Face ask you to pose as him? What was he planning with the other Mob bosses that got him blown to ash? Who did he piss off?” Nightwing asked impatiently. 

“There’s no time… It was all a fun ride. While it lasted.” said Clayface, as he turned to his true form. “What are you talking about?” Nightwing asked, his hand gripping his batons tighter. Clayface glared at Nightwing. “What are you now boy? 20 something? Nearing 30.. The Bat must have trained you good right?!” he turned to sit down in a near by chair. He sighed.. “Give it up kid. None of this is worth it.. In hindsight.. My life may have been a waist.. But you may still have a shot. Get out. This place is rigged to blow. In about less then 20 minutes.” “What?!” Nightwing exclaimed. “Did i stutter moron!? Get the hell out of here.. NOW!” 

Nightwing rushed for the door. “Oracle! I need you to scan the island for a bomb now!” he ordered. Pulling a fire alarm. “Way ahead of you.. I heard.. Dick.. 20 minutes is not enough time to find it!” Oracle said. “I HAVE to get these people out of here!” he said. “EVERYONE! THERE IS A BOMB ON THE PREMISES! GET OUT NOW! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!” He shouted over a nearby intercome. “Dick! Please! Get out of there!” Barabra cried in his ear. 

[20 minutes later]

KABLAAMM!! All of Arkham Island exploded with a mushroom cloud. Chunks of the island dropped from the sky into the river. Nightwings body crashed through the water as well. Waves pushing him around. He awakens with a gasp. Swallowing water, he struggles for the surface. It took all his strength to swim to shore. He finally emerged from the waves.

He lumbers for the shore. A muffled voice in his ear, along with a deep ringing. The world spun around him like a whirlwind. He fell to his knees and fell forward.. He glanced up and before the Darkness took him. There.. On top of the shore. A man.. In a Black Skull Mask stood. Watching. Black Mask looked down at him from the top of the shore. His red eyes glaring. 

The world faded away..




  1. The addition of nightwing and Oracle taking up the responsibilities to Gotham due to batman’s absence is pretty interesting; it works very well. I have to say my favorite part is the detective work of nightwing which is a mirroring of batman’s detective work. Clay face playing a small but very interesting and surprising role was a great addition to the story. Good work

    Liked by 1 person

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