So.. I wanted to do this blog awhile back. But i could not really put my mind to casting these characters, but it wasn’t until the other day i had a stroke of Genious! 
Now.. Without further ado. Here is my FAN CASTING of My, “LEGEND OF ZELDA” Movie Trilogy! 

(If you’ve read a previous blog i did. I stated how a LOZ Trilogy would go.. For this fan casting, i decided to focus on ‘Major’ Characters instead of a whole full cast..)


EMMA WATSON! She would be the logical and yet perfect choice. She can be sweet and innocent in apperance. But underneath, she could whip out a magic bow and arrow and shoot you in the face without hesitation! She strikes the perfect balance between sweet and badass. And shes just perfect. 


As, Zelda’s right hand and bodyguard, I would cast.. CHARLEZE THERON. Theres just something about her, that strikes me as protective but deadly! She is an incredible acting talent. She would be a perfect Impa. She has the look, she has the talent. Nuff said.


The Zoras are a very important part of Hyrule Mythology. And they do play key parts in Ocorina Of Time. Mostly Princess Ruto, since in fact she is one of the seven sages. For me, I can see Chloe Grace Moretez as Princess Ruto. With the help of CGI of course. But she strikes me as someone who can be serious, but fun at the same time. Young Ruto was a pain in the ass in the game, but Adult Ruto was kind of fun. And I think Chloe would be a great Ruto. 


I could’t honestly think of anyone who could play Ganandorffs two moms as seperate entity’s. They could probably go full CGI for them.. But, if they can pull off a half CG half live action Combined form of Twinrova.. Then i would cast Rebbeca Romaijn as the Combined Twinrova. Just as a pure fan casting here. Shes beautiful. She can be kickass, and shes no stranger to body paint and CGI.


Another complete CGI character. Andy Serkis is my go to guy. This guy is the Mo Cap master and he can bring just about anything to life. Zants would be a scary character to see on screen and also fun to watch. Andy is a fantastic actor. Gollum, Ceasar, King Kong, Snoke.. He would make Zants come to life beautifully! 


Zoe Saldanna. I would have Zoe play both versions of Midna. She is no stranger to Motion Capture and CGI so she could have a lot of fun with this character. Again, Talent and Beauty wins the day with this casting. 


I had a hard time thinking of an actor that could convey the pure creepiness of The Happy Nask Salesman.. And i shit you not! I google “Creepy Actors” and THIS GUY! Micheal Emmerson was the first picture that poped up and i said, “Holy Shit, its the Salesman!!” I was laughing my fucking ass off as i put it together. This guy would be a perfect Happy Mask Salesman.. Just imagine him saying, “A terrible Fate has befallen you.” and then laughing creepily.


Lady Gaga would be the a fantastic Great Fariy! I dont know why.. But i could see Gaga jumping out of a fountain and blowing me a magic kiss filling up my health. It just fits perfectly for me, and she would do great as Different versions of The Great Fairy! She could really change it up with each one. It would be fun.



Idris Elba! Nuff. Fucking. Said. EPIC! He would be Perfect! His voice. His swag. His physique. His gravitas. Idris would be a phenomenal Ganandorff. Some Motion Capture or CGI could be used to hieghtened the menace that is Ganandorff. Probably in the eyes or something.. But.. YES! YES! YES! Idris Elba for Ganandorff. Start the hashtag now folks! 

FINALLY! My choice for The Hero Of Time!..


‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ and ‘Eddie The Eagle’ star Teron Edgerton is my choice for Link. 

(here comes the hate mail..)

I look at this guy.. And I see a very interesting version of Link. He could be badass and a cool guy at the same time. He could bring a level of, Gruffness to Link that most incarnations haven’t. And i wouldnt mind hearing him say, “Well, excuse me Princess.” Just once..

There you have it.. My Fan Cast for the Legend of Zelda Movie Trilogy. What do you think? Who would you cast? Is there a character you think i left out and who would you cast in that role? Let me know. Hit me up in the comments section, please Subscribe and/or follow the blog. Thank you! 

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


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