NYCC 2016 and Lionsgate Studios( or is it pictures?) gave us our first full look at the new ‘POWER RANGERS’ Movie, with this first teaser trailer.. Lets take a look..

Okay.. First off. This being my second viewing of the trailer, i understand the talk of this looking like Power Rangers, meets Chronicle, The Breakfast Club and Fantastic Four. I get it now, and i do agree with that analysis. However! This Review is solely based on the Trailer and the Material provided within, and it is my own honest opinion. That being said..

I liked it. Its not out right shit! But it aint no masterpiece either! It was good. It did the job it was supposed to do (At least for me.) Which was Tease what the had, and generate interest in the product. And im a little interested.

Now, this could be Fantastic Four level horse shit once it hits theaters. Or it could be a nice surprise. We wont know until March 2017. 

I was a fan of Power Rangers since day one. Ive been with them for a long time. Ive seen Tommy go from Green to White to Red, to Black, then Green again (I think) When they changed The Red, Yellow and Black Rangers in season.. 3, was it? Then they had the movie with the legendary Ivan Ooze! (Remember him?!) They went Ninja, Then Turbo. I was getting older and there was new things to watch so i missed most of when they were lost in space and stuff.. I came back hard with Time Force. And then i fully grew up and out of it by the end of Dino Thunder. It was a fun ride while it lasted. And I know the Rangers are still going strong somewhere. 

This is clearly an atempt to take the original and age it up. Make it serious for a new generation. My only hope is that they dont lose a lot of the humor that made the original great. But for now.. Its a game of wait and see.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Let me know.

So, until next time folks.. Peace out!


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