MY GOD! Marvel/Netflix does it again!

Luke Cage was amazing. From start to finish. The acting was top notch. Harlem felt like a character and was well represented. They did a lot of things right, and some things wrong.. But we’ll get to that later. 

(SPOILERS AHEAD.. youve been warned.)

THE STORY: “Given superstrength and durability by a sabotaged experiment, a wrongly accused man escapes prison to become a superhero for hire.”

  When a group of Young thugs look to get rich quick and rob Harlem Ganster Cottonmouth of his Hammertech weapons. Luke Cage is dragged in to center stage to stand up to the crime that is choking Harlem from the inside out. Forcing him to come to terms with Who He is. Who He was and Who He will be. 

The story is not the Strongest story ever. But for what it was representing, It served its purpose. The plot itself isnt what makes you want to come back for each and every episode.. Its the characters.

THE CAST: The cast of actors and the characters they portrayed was the absolute best thing about Luke Cage. 

Mike Colter first and foremost. Taking what he did in Jessica Jones and expanding on it ten-fold, Mike was phenomenal. He carried the character with such sincerity and pride. During filming of the show, The African American community was dealing with a lot of social issues. Which translated very well with the show, all thanks to Mike’s Luke Cage. It was perfect. 

Mahershala Ali’s Cottonmouth was brilliant to say the least. Many would shrug The character off because of the lack of physical threat he poses to Luke. But! I found the character to be very intriguing. He had depth, he had flaws. He had character. I put him at the same level as Wilson Fisk.. Or at least one step below. But he comes very close. 

Rosario Dawson returns as Claire (aka: Night Nurse) not only as a Thread for the Netflix Universe, But as a good supporting character. It was great seeing a familiar face. She served her purpose very well. I was however a tad bit disappointed with how she was utilized within the show. I’ll get to that later.

Theo Rossi as Shades. A great actor who portrayed the character very well. I enjoyed his presence on screen. I look forward to his future in season 2. 

Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dallard. Alfre is pure acting talent. She is a force of nature. She plays Mariah with full conviction. However.. The writing for the character wasnt the best.. But Alfre did the best with what she was given and took it to the end zone. (more on her later.) 

Simone Cook as Misty Knight was brilliant. I liked every minute of her on screen. Again, the script didnt help much. But Simone got the job done. And i got really hyped when they showed her at the end with Her full on Fro like in the comics. I hope she keeps it for season 2!

The Biggest surprise out of Luke Cage was this man right here.. Erik LaRay Harvey as Willis Stryker aka: Diamondback. Coming in toward the end of the series. He completely stole the show.. He took the role and devoured it with such vigor. They left a huge cliff hanger at the end of the season with Diamondback, so I hope they bring him back and use him even more and a little more better. He was great. 

THE POSITIVES: Again. The acting was the best thing about the show. Strong cast on all fronts. The great easter eggs and nods to the entire MCU was so much fun. The action was well done. 

THE NEGATIVES: The script. Its not very strong. The events within were the stories saving grace. (Entering Major Spoilers Territory) The Death of Cottonmouth was by far the worst thing they could do. He had become a great villain and a compelling character, and they had his cousin Mariah (Alfre Woodard) kill him during a huge mental breakdown. Therefore replacing him as the ‘villain’ of the show behind Diamondback. I felt they didnt properly give her enough character to be of importance. She felt very one dimensional. Her corrupt polotician was very one note throughout her story arc. So her transition to main villain was a little disappointing for me. Diamondback was a very good villain towards the end. But the show runners plan to hide him until the end was an ok idea.. But hidding him for so long kinda backfired, at least for me. They could have at least teased a little more of him besides his name every so often. A voice over a phone or a shadowed apperance here or there. Something to fully implant his presence more. But maybe thats just me. Lastly, why are they using Claire as a love interest in this show? She would have been just as fine as the friend. Luke and Misty Knight would have been a fine romance. Why force the Claire angle? Whatever.. Just didnt like that too much. 

OVERALL: With elements of Daredevil season 1 and Jessica Jones season 1 add some very soulful R&B tracks and a Badass hero with compelling characters and you got yourself a recipe of awesomeness! I loved Luke Cage, flaws and all. I give Marvel’s LUKE CAGE season 1 a score of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 a Must Binge! 

So, what did you folks think of Luke Cage? Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time folks.. Peace Out! 

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