Cant say I’ve experianced a whole week of NYCC 2016.. But i can review the day i was there! 

Thursday! Opening day.. A glorious day. The day you get a lay of the land, if you had a longer time to stay over the four day weekend. 

(NYCC ’16 Program Magazine)

This year marked my 4th year going to NYCC. This year being a very.. Odd year, with the whole inclusion of “Fan Verification”. By far the dumbest idea.. EVER! 

Okay. Maybe I am being just tad bit harsh. It wasnt a dumb idea. But it could have been less stressful on those of us who really wanted to go to comic con. “Fan Verification” was established to prevent “Ticket Scalpers” and “Scam Artists” who sell bull shit tickets online. However.. This “Fan Verification” did not do what it set out to do. Upon our arrival to NYCC, we were greeted by Ticket Scalpers. “Tickets! Tickets! Tickets for sale!” Right in front of the Events workers and patroling police officers. Seriously.. Right. In. Front. Of. Them! These crooks are ruining everything. 

So thats that. But on the other hand, everything was hunky dorey. As always we started our day with some ‘Kevin Smith and The Comic Book Men!’

Got to see some exclusive scenes for the upcoming season. (which premiers today! I am writing this on Sunday, October 23) Got to see the crew. Walt, Bryan, Ming and Mike. Hung around for the Q&A part of the show. And then we moved on to the show floor. Where we got a look at DC’s Latest Animated Original Movie, “BATMAN: RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS” 

Got to see the living legend himself, Adam West! 

The Show Floor was great as well..

Thats right.. I saw Neal Adams himself. 

The Cosplays were fantastic as well, 

Got the Reverse Flash to stand still long enough for a picture.

Best Jessica Jones cosplay of the whole day!

Fantastic Green Arrow cosplay right here! 

Saved the best for last..

We also got a look at the “Wonder Woman” booth. Which featured the Costumes from the Movie..

They even had the original costume from the 70’s TV Show.. 

My Most favorite booth to go visit, is the “SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES” Booth. Showing off their upcoming LINEUP of Statues and Figures coming later this year and 2017..

“KOTOBUKIYA” Had an equally empresive display as well, 

All in all, this Years Comic Con was great from start to finish. Cant wait for 2017 to mark my 5th anniversary of attending. Seriously cant wait. 

I figure this isn’t much of a “Review” persay. But more of a look back at what i saw. 

Hope you enjoyed checking this out. So.. Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


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