( I do not own the characters appearing in this story. But i do claim the story!) 


Batgirl carfully opens the roof window panels and slides in to the building, Landing skillfully on a near by beam. She masterfully scales the cieling. She hears voices. She spots a nearby vantage point and silently grapnels to it. 

“You heard the boss. Batgirl should be arriving any minute.” said a Thug from below. 6 heavily armed Thugs enter the room and begin to spread out. “Boss says this will be the only way in or out. So wes gotta make sure the place is tight. Nobody gets in or out.. And if the bitch shows her little red head anywhere.. We blast it clean off!” The thugs laugh. 

“Yea, Right.” she mutters. A thug decides to lay back against a wall directly below her and stops to have a smoke. “Bingo.” she says. She zips down from the roof and snatches him up before he even realizes it. He lets out a yelp. “The hell was that?” A Thug Yelled. 

They rushed over to find the man hanging upside down from the cieling. “She’s here! Spread out and find the bitch!” Just then, a thug at the back of the crew was snatched up in to the darkness. They wheeled around and he was gone. Suddenly, smoke enveloped them like a cloud. They fired thier weapons wildly and one by one, they fell. Finally, The group leader made a run for it. He rushed for a door and ran into it. It was locked. He wrestled with the door lock and a sudden silence came around him. He grasped his side arm and turned around. Nothing was there. “I aint scared of you! You cheap Bat knock off!” he called out. “You should be.” she whispered from behind. He gasped and wheeled around to a round house kick to the face. 

The door behind her opened behind her with force. Knocking her forward. A large shadow stood over her. 

“Bane!” she grumbled.

“Its time for you to die, Malyshka!” Bane grolwed. He charged at her like a rhino. She threw a series of batarangs at him. Several of them sailed through him like they didnt exist. He knocked her down with but a swipe of his arm. She struggled to get up, but she couldnt.. She fell back as air left her body.


“what the hell was that!?” Barbara exclaimed over her headset. “One hit and im dead?!” A text appeared on her screen, ‘RED_ROBIN_436: Still working on the bugs. Sorry’ “Some serious bugs.” she retorted. “RED_ROBIN_436: But what do you think of the game so far? Any critique would be accepted.” She smiled as she sipped her tea, “Where do i start? ” she laughed. “First of all.. Bane is South American.. Not Russian. Might wanna fix that. The Batarangs went right through him. You clearly made him waay to strong. Uhmm, the language can be toned down abit. And lastly.. Batgirls design.. You could make her just a tad bit more.. Realistic and less.. ‘Kardashian'” An alert came on her screen. “Virus detected!” “Aww. Red Robin..” she said sweetly as she pressed some quick comand buttons. “Still trying to hack my sytem little buddy?” she said mockingly. “Red_Robin_436: Cant blame a guy for trying! LOL!😂” She smirked, “It was a nice try pal… But not nice enough.” ‘Virus eliminated!’ the screen read. “Red_Robin_436: One of these days, Oricale_66! 😅😜” Barabra smiled again. Just then another alert came on screen. It was the shape of a Green Question mark. “Red_Robin_436:Hey! Whats that?” “Uh.. I gotta go Red Robin. Ill ttyl, keep working on that game. Oricale out.” she said shutting down the program and activating the Question Mark.


“Ok. As i sign this last document.” says Bruce Wayne, “As of this moment. All of Wayne Enterprises and it’s subsidiaries now belongs to my friend and former ward. Mr. Richard Grayson.” The Board Room began to applaude. “I know i am leaving it all in good hands.” He said, shaking Dick’s hand. A cameraman jolted forward and snapped several pictures. “Ok. Ok. Thank you.” Dick said, motioning for the clapping to stop, “I am.. Really humbled and proud to be given this. Opportunity. This honour. I am not much of a, ‘Buisness Man’ myself. But i will do my very best to, uhm, Uphold the Wayne name and what it stands for in this city, and around the world. And, look, lets be honest.. Im gonna have Mr. Foxx be in charge and take all the credit!” The room laughed. “But, in all seriousness.. I want to thank Bruce. For… Everything. Uhm.. I dont wanna get too mushy. But.. Uh. Thank You. Thats all i got. Thank you all!”

Lucious Foxx escorted everyone out of the room soon after. “Not much for speeches, i see.” Bruce teased. “Yea.. Im usually a shower then a talker.” said Dick, slightly limping in to a chair. “And i thought we agreed on dropping the whole ‘Young Ward’ part out of the speech” “Did we?” Bruce teased. “Hows the leg?” “Its good. Getting better.” Dick said rubbing his thigh. “So.. You ready for the PoliceMens Ball?” Dick changed the subject, “Yes.” “You have a date yet?” Bruce glanced at Dick sideways, “Selena? Its getting serious isnt it.” Dick teased. Just then, both thier phones began to vibrate. “Its Barb!” Dick said. They rushed into Bruce’s office and pressed a nearby panel. The window blinds shut and a portrait on the wall flipped into a screen. Barbara’s Image came on screen. “Whats up, Babe?”

“You guys need to see this..” she said quickly.

A Green Question Mark appeared on screen and a ragged and disheveled Edward Nygma quickly followed.

“Dark Knight! I know you are seeing this message.. I.. I need your help!” Bruce and Dick exchanged looks. “My life is in grave danger. I am being hunted like a big game animal! I have come in to very intriguing information.. Information yourself may be interested in hearing. I didnt have enough time to safeguard this transmission from being seen by anyone else. ‘If You follow the Straight and Narrow.. You will find This?”

“And thats all the video.” Barbara came back on screen. “What do you guys think?” “Riddles! Why is it always riddles?!” Dick moaned. “He’s hiding in the Narrows.” Bruce said flatly. “Too easy. Even for Nygma. Follow the straight path to the Narrows and we find our answers. IF, hes telling the truth.. Either way it could be a trap.” “Is it something we can afford to over look, even if it is a trap?” Dick added. They exchanged looks, “Im on it.” Dick said finally. “I’ll start cross referencing known Riddler hideouts in the Narrows.” Said Barbara as she went off screen.


Nightwing scaled swiftly along the rooftops. “That leg brace holding up nicely?” Oracle said. “Very nicely.” said Dick. “Ok. This is the last of Riddlers hideouts. Lets hope this is not another dud.” He opened up the window paneled roof and slid inside.

The building was pitch black, but with a slam, the lights lit the room like the sun. “It took you long enough. Was actually expecting The Bat.” The Riddlers voice echoed around him. “Batman’s Dead, Nygma. Or havent you figured that out yet.” “Of course he is..” Riddler said knowingly. The lights dimmed and Riddler came out of the shadows. “Heres the deal, ‘Boy Wonder’. You get me out of this cursed city, Safely! And maybe i will tell you what i know.”

Nightwing folded his arms. “Clearly, your confusing me with someone who gives a damn about your safety. Nygma!”

“If you dont garuntee me safe passage out of this city.. I will never tell you. Who. Is. Black. Mask.” Riddler scowled. Thunder clapped outside. “What?!” Nightwing got closer to him. Rain began to pelt the roof and windows. “I know the riddle behind the mask. And if you want the answer.. You. Will. Protect me!” Nygma proclaimed, poking his finger in to Nightwings chest. Dick immediately grasped his arm and twisted it. “Ahhh!” Nygma screamed, “I am not Batman, Nygma! Im not in the mood for your games! Tell me, who is Black Mask?!” Nightwing twisted his arm. Riddler screamed.

Suddenly the doors banged open. “FREEZE! NOBODY MOVE!”GCPD officers rushed the room and surrounded them. Nightwing reluctantly let go of Riddlers arm. “Dont trust them.” Riddler whispered. “Officers. I have reason to believe that Edward Nygma may have information that may lead to the location and capture of Black Mask.” Nightwing said. The officers exchanged looks. “Is that right.” said one of the officers. He pulled out the gun and before he coukd pull the trigger, Nightwing knocked the gun out of his hand. “RUN NYGMA!” Nightwing yelled, as the officers began to open fire. Nightwing fought them off, one by one as Riddler scurried for cover. Soon more cops stormed the building.

Nightwing raced over and grabbed Riddler up and with the toss of some smoke bombs, they made their escape. “Riddler is on the move. Nightwing is helping him. Send in the asset.” an officer called over his Radio.

Once sure they were a good distance. Nightwing found a secluded rooftop. Dropping Riddler hard. “Why are the cops after you!?” “Isn’t it obvious simpleton!?” Riddler spat. “Black Mask has most of the GCPD in his pocket! Hes got politicans. Hes got criminals!” The rain grew heavier. “Who is he!?” Nightwing grabbed Nygma by his jacket and shook him. “No more games! No more Riddles! You tell me.. And i promise i will get you out of the city. I swear! Now tell me!”

Riddler shoved Nightwing off of him and paced. Muttering to himself.. “What Do you call..” “DAMN IT NYGMA!” Nightwing cursed, grabing ahold of him again, “I am not gonna ask again.. Fight that stupid urge of yours and tell me!”

Riddler looked in to Nightwings eyes. “Black Mask.. Is’nt just one man.. But he is One Man.” “I said. No. Riddles!”, “Its not a Riddle! Black Mask is.


Riddlers face exploded in a blast of gore and bone. His eye and grey matter splattered across Nightwings face. Nightwing stood there frozen as Riddlers headless body slipped through his fingers.

[10 miles away]

Nightwing stood in the crosshairs. His face frozen with shock.

“This is too good.” Floyd Lawton mused as he looked out through the scope. “Literally Two for the price of one.” Deadshot smiled, “Say good night Birdie…”



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