Next years most anticipated Disney live action reimagining of thier animated classic, BEAUTY and THE BEAST. Is generating a lot of buzz. Thanks in part to the past live action outings Disney has made. The cast of Actors is top notch. And just the other day ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, dropped (Is it next months issue?.. Ah whatever) They dropped their latest look in to the film.. Lets take a look..

(Ah-Ha! It says November on top.. So its this months issue.) The cover gives us our first real look at Beast and Belle together in the famous Ball Room scene. Yellow Gown and all. Beast looks pretty darn cool, and Emma Watson’s Belle is beautiful. 

Another closer look at Beast and Belle. A clearer shot of Beasts look.

Belle doing her chores, just like in the animated version.

Luke Evens and Josh Gad as Gaston and Lafue. 

A shot of Gaston, most likely during the song and dance scene, ‘No Guy Like Gaston’

Probably my favorite pic. Our first real look at Lumier, Cogsworth, The Teapot and the Feather Duster. Nicely done.

Im actually looking forward to this movie. What do you folks think? Let me know, leave a comment. Follow/Subscribe and all that good stuff. 

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


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