Alright! I am gonna make this quick. NEW RULES to all who wish to participate..

1. Each Player chooses FOUR different types of Options from FOUR categories. Characters, Comics, Movie, Cartoon/Tv series! (Im bundeling cartoons and tv series because either Marvel and or DC has a higher number of properties then the other.)

IE: 1 Comic Character, 1 Comic Book, and 1 Comic Book Movie. Each represents a single company. Either Marvel or DC. 

IE: The other half, cartoon movies can and will be allowed as a separate catagory from movies. Those will be paired off against either a TV show or cartoon series, depending on the other opponents choices.

2. Your options will face off against someone elses options. 

IE: Comic against comic, character against character. Movie against movie. 

3. Votes are based on Faves and RTs. (This Is a Twitter Tournament)

4. NO REPEATS: lets try and keep things more original. 

5. Even if a player loses in a catagory, they are still in the tournament with the other options that they have.

IE: @Samisam96 has the film… Man of steel and @socialmogo has the Dr.strange movie.. Someone loses in that film catagory, but stays in the tournament with the other three catagories. 

6. Players are only eliminated if they lose all of their catagory battles.

7. Players, may or may not face the same opponents. (still working on how that will work)

8. WE WILL NEED (Maybe) 20 players!

Hope that clears things up! Hit me up with your choices and as soon as i have enough players..  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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