Greetings ladies and gentelnerds. Welcome to a new-ish segment I’d like to call, ‘WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS’

Todays movie.. “THE FOUNDER” starring Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc the “founder”,and i use the term loosely, of McDonald’s..

THE STORY: Ray Kroc is a struggeling traveling salesman. Who latches on to any and every get rich quick idea that sounds good. None really pay off at all.. Until he meets The McDonald’s Bros. 
Now, I am not gonna spoil anything from the film at all. But the story itself is just short of amazing. Plot paceing is great. Keaton is on point. Solid cast all around. It is Ray’s story, how he was able to form a partnership with Dick and Mac McDonald and  Start a single McDonald’s in small town Illinois to hundreds of thousands across the midwest and beyond. How he then butts heads with the McDonald’s Bros. And ultimately.. Well.. Just see for yourself. 

What i loved most about the story. There isn’t a clear good or bad guy. No hero or villain. These are.. People! Real, people. Making certain decisions. Wheather you agree with them or not, they are portrayed wonderfully.


Keaton carries the whole film on his own. He is spectacular. Nick Offerman and John Carrol Lynch as The McDonald’s Bros. Are fantastic and very heartfelt. They delivered great proformances. A great, solid supporting cast.

POSITIVES: Great and compelling story. They successfully told a story that i didnt know and honestly, didnt think i would give a shit about knowing. And yet im glad i learned it. Keaton is the fucking man!

NEGATIVES: Not many really. I guess we could have used more story from the McDonald Bros side. But its understandable for the subject they were trying to cover.
OVERALL: “The Founder” is a real eye opener. Telling an amazing unknown story about an american institution. A must see for any True Story film buff. 

I give “THE FOUNDER” a score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 7/10

Have you seen The Founder Yet? If so, let me know what you think. Share your thoughts. 

Until next time folks, peace out!


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