Greetings Ladies and Gentelnerds, welcome back to “WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS!”

Today’s Movie.. “JACKIE” starring Natalie Portman. 

THE STORY: ‘Jackie’ is not your typical Biopic. The film follows the late former First Lady, with a retrospective type portrait of her reliving the events after President Kennedy’s assassination. Her struggles with what happened. How she dealt with her husbands reputation. How she found a way to carry on. And How she fought with the idea of how her husband was going to be remembered.

THE CAST: This is very well a one woman show. Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Jacquelyn Kennedy is a masterpiece. Im not gonna claim i know how Ms. Kennedy was or how she behaved. But Natalie did a beautiful job. 

She was clearly a very strong woman. Very elegant. And I think Portman brought that to the screen, beautifully. There were so many things i learned about this woman from this film. And its truly made me admire her more then i ever did. 

POSITIVES: Natalie Portman is a treat. A master at her craft and the main reason to watch this movie. The story is great. Very well written and the supporting cast is really good. The actor playing John Kennedy looks freakishly just like the former president. 

NEGATIVES: Did not like the editing format. Lots of.. ‘jump edits’ i think its called. One scene starts in one cornor of the room and jumps to another and then back. I hate that. I dont like those kinds of cuts. Jackie is having a conversation with someone and suddenly shes crying on that persons shoulder. And the next second shes smoking a ciggerette, and then the conversation starts back upb in the same scene. Thats Just an example. But i hate when independent films, which i believe this film is, have a stupid tendency to do those types of edits and scene sections.

OVERALL: History Buffs. True Story Fans and those who just enjoy learning something new about things, would enjoy this movie. As i did. Natalie Portman is.. FANTASTIC! Great story. Good movie. 

I give “JACKIE” a score of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 6/10. A Movie worth watching. A story worth knowing.

Thx for joining me on this Movie Review. Have You Seen JACKIE yet? What are your thoughts? Hit me up! 

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


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