MY THOUGHTS ON.. “The Future Of Logan and X23!” (WARNING: Logan Movie Spoilers Ahead)

Logan is dead.. There.. I said it! 
Someone asked me (@anarchyanthon on twitter) Would I want to see a follow up to Logan, that followed Laura (x23)? 

I said.. “I wasnt sure” I had just seen the movie and the wounds were still freash. Now, i am a few days removed and i can honestly say.. “No!” 

Whats done is done. LOGAN ended perfectly. It would be a shame to try and follow such a fitting conclusion to Wolverine’s story. 

Thats not to say Fox should be done with X23. Not at all. They should be done with this version of her though. This version of X23 has served her purpose. 

Dafne Keen was perfect. She played the part beautifully. But i think we can step away for now.

Fox, should let us deal with the events of Logan. Rest. Regroup. And within the next 5 years, maybe.. Just maybe.. We will be ready for a fully grown, full fledged Laura Kinney, X23 aka The All New Wolverine! 

Back in the day, i posted a possible way they could introduce her and Daken (Wolverines son) in to the X-Men Universe.. You can check it out here 👇

which weirdly enough.. We kinda got Daken in ‘Logan’ (Spoiler Alert!) The bad guys create another clone, X24 which looks just like Logan, but full of berserker rage! A mindless killer.

The bonus ending of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ featured Essex Corp. Mr. Sinister’s company. The scene that showed a mysterious individual taking Wolverine’s blood  from Alkaline Lake. Non of that played into ‘Logan’. No Essex Corp. No, Mr. Sinister. Nothing. Perhaps they will hold on to that pay off in a future movie? I think that would be best. Unless they completley scrap that idea. Then that would be yet another dumb ass decision by Fox. 

Hugh.. Is done. Wolverine.. Is, for now.. Gone. In a few years. We move on to X23, have Wolverine as just a faceless figure who hangs around in hushed voices and fond memories. He’s out there. But we dont have him on screen for a while. Lets focus on X23. 

Those are just my thoughts. Let me know what you think. Hit me up, comment below. Please like and follow the blog. Thx for reading folks.

Until next time.. Peace out!


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