It’s a done deal. Disney has purshased 21st Century Fox’s Studio and Catalog of Films and Television shows, for reportedly $54.2 Billion dollars. (Give or take a few billion.)

This. Is. Huge.

Granted.. I, myself, knew this was going to happen and speculated that it was already done. But besides the geek stuff that gets us excited. There is also the personal and buisness side to this deal. 

Hundreds or thousands of people could lose their jobs. Or on the bright side, get relocated from one department to another. But in regards to losing jobs. Disney, after looking in to their books could decide to downsize departments. Both studios have similar departments, and Disney could say, “we dont need this (fox) animation dept. Because we have our own. We’ll keep some of you. But the rest has to go.” Same can happen to every other department. Which is worrisome and sad. 

OR! on the other hand. Disney could just keep the studio, rebrand it and let people keep thier jobs, and just sit back and make all the money. So, thats a big hope. 


We wont get these characters in the MCU until way after INFINITY WAR. At least until the end of 2018 (if im not mistaken). Because although the deal is done. Government and Business officials have to review the details of the deal and approve of the absorption of Fox By Disney. 

So things may not be full steam ahead until early 2019. We’ll most likely here of the projects that would be in the works. But gears and balls wont start moving until said time. 


Will remain Rated R. According to Disney head, Bob Iger. Which makes me wonder…. *


Will most likely serve as a Universe Reset for the MCU. 

Avengers 4, or as i would like to call it, “Infinity Gauntlet” is probably (most likely) going to be a Time Travel movie. With the return of F4 and X-men into the universe, it would be wise to have Tony mucking around Time and the end result would be a new updated Universe. Hence, explaining the sudden apperance of Mutants in the universe. 

Well.. Thats all i got folks.. Thoughts? 

Until next time.. Peace Out!


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