TOP 10 TUESDAYS: “Top 10 Things That Should Be in Marvel’s “CAPTAIN MARVEL””

Greetings Ladies and Gentelnerds and welcome to another installment of

“Top 10 Tuesday’s”

Here is my, Top 10 Things that Should Be In Marvel’s “Captain Marvel”

(In no particular order)


Since Carol is going to be involved in the Kree/Skrull War in some capacity. Or at least in some version of it. We should see the one who orders Ronan the Accuser around. Why shouldn’t it be The Supreme Intelligence? Composed of the minds of prior Kree Leaders. Genetically engineered and fused together. It’s something really worth seeing on the big screen.


Perhaps Carol’s moniker of Captain Marvel could have inspired Young Peter Quill to use His nickname as his Superhero Name.

8. YONDU and The Ravagers:

At some point Carol could use some help fighting the Kree and The Skrull. Yondu’s past history with the Kree could be a reason for Yondu and his crew to take part in the fight.


When i saw some recent leaked set photos of Captain Marvel, With Sam Jackson i got to thinking..

The dots on Sam’s head most likely an indicator of de-ageing tech to make Fury look younger. The same could be done for the secret Hydra mole Alexander Pearce, played by Robert Redford in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Even in a small Cameo, Having Redford back would be a nice thing to tie certain things together.

6. Captain Marvel Goes BINARY:

When Captain Marvel absorbs enough kinetic Energy, she goes “Binary”. An unstoppable force of energy and power. This! Has to happen.

5. Monica Rambou:

Former holder of the title of Captain Marvel, and Former Avenger. Monica Rambou would be a really cool shout out to the history of the character. She should also be an important feature in the film. Im hopeful that Lashana Lynch is secretly playing Monica.

I looked her up on IMDB and they do not have her character listed. So.. Fingers crossed.

4. NOVA:

If not as the actual Character, Nova. It would be really cool to have Richard Ryder in this film as well.


Having just a little back up during the Kree/Skrull War wouldnt be such a bad idea. Why not have Quasar and his Quantum Bands there to lend a hand.

2. Characters of The Past:

With the film taking place sometime during the 90’s. An exact date has not been disclosed as of yet. But, to see certain past characters appearing in this film would be nice to see, and it would be really nice to tie everything together.

Howard Stark might be dead already by the time this story takes place. But!

Obadiah Stane

As head of Stark Industries Could make an appearance.


We’ve had Ego.

We’ve seen a Celestial.

We have a Celestial Head (Knowhere).

We got an awesome Watchers cameo in Guardians 2.

Fingers crossed, The Living Tribunal shows up in Avengers 4 to set things right.

BUT! We need to have a Cosmic Entity show up in Captain Marvel. I dont care who. But some one awesome Please!

Well.. Thats all i could think of. Anything you folks want to see in Captain Marvel that i missed? Hit me up! Thanks so much for reading.

Until next time folks.. Peace Out.


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