“CREATORS CORNER: With The, ‘Pun’-Derful and Talented, Artist/Writer/Creator LINDA SEJIC”

Greetings ladies and Gentelnerds and Welcome to an All New and Very Special Edition of “CREATORS CORNER”!

Todays guest is the Incredibly talented Artist, Writer and Creator of Such works as..



And her Solo Series


And is now producing an original Webcomic series, called


In which she infuses her.. ‘Pun’-derful (I had to..) wit and humor into the Classic Mythical Tale of Hades and Persephone..

Folks, Please welcome.. The Awesome! LINDA SEJIC!!!


SN: Hello, Mrs. Sejic! Thank you so much for coming, How are you?

LS: I’m Good thank you very much! 😀

SN: Im really happy your here.. Lets start with your beginings. What was early life in Croatia like growing up?

LS: Well, Croatia was torn by war, when i was growing up. But I lived in an area that was relatively safe. So I had a good childhood.

SN: Wow! What got you into Art & Writing?

LS: I loved cartoons as a Kid growing up. Specifically Disney Cartoons. They were an artistic inspiration for me. When i couldn’t watch cartoons, I drew my own stories to entertain myself, as I am An only child and had no siblings to play with.

SN: Have you always been a comic book fan?

LS: Not at all. I was a fan of cartoons. The only comics I’ve read as a child was ASTERIX,

Because it made me laugh and I think it made quite the impact on me as a writer, as I can’t help but write in comedy whenever I can.

SN: What was your FIRST comic book, growing up?


SN: Your art style invokes, a kind of.. Old School Disney Animation Style.. Is that an accurate description?

LS: It would. Disney was the main source of my artistic inspiration when I was young. Later it was manga, and at a certain point when I decided to become more serious with my art I tried grinding realism, but the Disney type style was always the thing that kept tugging back, so I gave in eventually.

SN: Was Comics always a Career plan or was there somthing else?

LS: oh no. I was constantly indecisive about what I wanted to do. I know I wanted it to be art related but never knew what.

I think I realized I wanted to become a comic creator only about 7 years ago when I started Blood Stain.

I tried illustration, and while I enjoyed putting all the technical details on paper/digital canvas and polishing the picture to it’s “perfection”, my mind would always buzz with the questions about characters in the picture. Who they are? Why are they here? What is their relation to each other? What would be the next scene? All those questions could be answered by writing and drawing a few next panels. So illustration never satisfied me. I also did a few gigs where I would only draw and color comics, and while that was fun it never left me satisfied, either. I wanted to tell my own stories.

SN: What Was your very first Writing and or Artist Job either in Croatia or The States?

LS: I started out as a colorist, my first coloring job was on Savage tales (Battle for Atlantis),

a small mini series with mixed short stories by Dynamite entertainment.

My first full art (drawing and coloring) was on a book called Wildfire by Matt Hawkins,

Top Cow.
My first writing was Blood Stain,

which I don’t know if it could be considered a job given that it started as a webcomic, but it later got published so… I guess it was! 😀

SN: Ive Just completed reading (as i write this) “Blood Stein” .. And, Bravo! Fantastic! I cant wait for Book 2. Vol 4..

LS: Thank you very much!!Glad you liked it

SN: What inspired “Blood Stein”?

LS: A drawing my husband made for me one day to make me feel better. I was in a depressive state from a lot of factors. We had 2 deaths in the family, I was 28 with no job or no artistic career in sight, I felt like a burden. I would occasionally get a few covers to color here and there but they were very rare and far in between. I always wanted to make a comic with a mad scientist in it and attempted that multiple times in my young life, but I never had a story that would grab me.
When I saw the picture my husband drew for me,

I started asking questions about these characters and strips about them kept pouring out.
About 4 months later I decided to start posting strips online as a webcomic. I was surprised at how many people liked it so I kept going. After I finished chapter 1, I got offered my first job as a comic artist.

SN: I remember in the ‘Extras’ of Volume 1. You stated you were, much like your husband, in a bit of a creative rut. At what point of Developing ‘Blood Stein’ Did you feel like “Oh! Im on a Roll Now!”?

LS: Yes, As I stated Previously.
But I think a lot of it also had to do with my husband starting sunstone as a webcomic just a year earlier. I saw how creative and happy he was and it was infectious, so I wanted to try it out as well.

SN: What do you think is that ‘Thing’ that can get a writers flow going? Or at least in your experience. Was it a phrase? A moment? Somthing on the radio?

LS: I think it’s different for everyone. Like I mentioned above, the picture Stjepan drew for me was what started it for me, but what cemented it was my decision to just let go and allow myself to write a story I myself wanted to read, with no pressure to what public wanted to see. That decision removed a lot of stress so the strips just kept rolling.

SN: Of Course I ask all Writers/Creators.. Whats your cure for Writers/Artists Block?

LS:. Shake things up a little, try new and different things. Don’t forget to take a break from time to time enjoying yourself in other aspects of life.
Those can bring new experiences and new inspirations and can even make you miss writing, so when you come back you’ll be fresh to create new things and solve difficult problems you had previously.

From my own personal experience, creator block always happened when I put too much burden on myself so trying out new things with art or just doing something relaxing like “no brain sketching”, helped me a lot. It’s important to sometimes allow yourself to make mistakes, as they are ok, they will teach you new things.

SN: What went into the decision of having ‘Blood Stein’ and ‘Sunstone’ exist in the same Universe?

LS: One day I drew Cassie and Tom in the crowd on a concert Vlad and Elly are gonna attend in the future chapters. I showed it to Stjepan and he was delighted and suggested we should try and cross our comics together for real. Soon we were discussing possible crossovers and this is when it was decided that Ally and Elly are gonna play an online game together.

SN: Are There any Characters in Any of the Comics (marvel, dc, image, dark horse, dynamite, Etc.) Universe you would really like to sink your teeth into? Omg! I think you would make a SPECTACULAR, dare i say, SENSATIONAL ‘She-Hulk’

Comic. Your sense of humor and real world atmospheric vibe, could blend with that character really well!

LS: hahah thank you There really isn’t.

I did not grow up with many comics so they didn’t leave much of an impact on me. I just want to keep creating my own stories and characters.

Although…Hades and Persephone are pre-existent characters which I’m working on now so…does that count?

SN: It sure does! You’ve featured alot of your work primarily online. Do you find that better then dealing with a comapny?

LS: For me posting online landed me my first comic book job, and got me a fanbase in the process that I couldn’t achieve otherwise. There are a lot of comics being published today and public will often skip a book with a no-name indie creator that doesn’t immediately catch their eye. It sounds harsh but it is what it is.
Posting for free gives people an insight into what you’re creating, and whether or not they like the genre at all, so it’s much easier for them to decide whether or not they want to support your creation. Times are changing so we have to find new and flexible ways in promoting our works.

SN: Now lets get to “Punderworld”

What. Where. When. Why and how?

LS: Again… it was Art/Writer block, so I decided to shake things up a little and just doodle a few Gods. NO STORIES, just doodles. No commitment. Just…practice my design work for a bit.
Oh no… they all started talking!! Oh no the plot is forming!!! Well oops, after 30+ strips I guess it’s a comic now XD

SN: i read the “Pilot” Issue on webtoons. LOVED it!

LS: Thank you so much

SN: Where can folks read more ‘Punderworld”?

LS: At the moment, on my Patreon, as I’m posting upfront there.
But… they will all eventually end up on Webtoon, Tapas and Devantart so you can pick whichever works best for you
If you are reading on the phone Webtoon and Tapas are formatted to be mobile friendly.




SN: If Someone is looking for the proper tools to produce an online comic, what would you say are the best tools to get/use?

LS: It depends on your budget.

I don’t know if I’m the best person to recommend these things because I am drawing on a very outdated software. I use photoshop cs3

because I’m used to it (I’ve been drawing in it for 8+years) and it’s best suited for my needs,

Clip Studio Paint

is also an excellent software option as an alternative to Photoshop, it has integrated thought balloon tools so it’s very comic creator friendly.

As a pen tool I use wacom cintiq

but if you are just starting out, any no screen tablet should do as well. Read some reviews on what the good ones are compared to their price.

SN: And where do you think is the best place for them to go to have thier works noticed?

I honestly don’t know. I started on deviantart 7 years ago.
But today? I’d say Social media and mobile friendly comic sites.

SN: Will ‘Punderworld’ be availabe in Graphic Novel Format in the future?

LS: I certainly hope so.

SN: Whats Next For Linda Sejic? Can you fill us in on any other upcoming projects?

LS: Punderworld, and more Blood Stain.

SN: Parting Words of Wisdom?

LS: Don’t forget to drink some water. Coffee is not a viable source of hydration XD

SN: Mrs. Sejic. Its been an absolute pleasure! Thank you so very much for your time! Please Let the folks at home know where they can follow you and all your latest projects, Including Punderworld.

LS: the pleasure was all mine

I am creating both projects through support of Patreon, you can see a few episodes up front there:
or you can wait a bit and read both comics for free here:




SN: Your So Awesome! Thank you again so much! I hope we can do this again.

Ladies and Gentelnerds! Once more. LINDA SEJIC!!!!!


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