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Blah, Blah, Blah…*shrug* Eh!: The sad truth of a writer who’s lost his way..

Hey there folks… If you haven’t noticed… I’ve been more ghost then usual over here on my blog.

I.. Dont know what the fuck is wrong..

I find myself so.. Detached from writing. I want to write. I love to write.. But, something is Wrong! 

I’m just not feeling it. 

It’s weird. So many new geek news have been dropping out from all over the damn place. Im like “Hey, thats cool. I should blog about that..” nothing. “Thats not right. I should blog about that” nothing. “Thats interesting.. I should blog about that..” nothing. “That was a good movie.. I should do a review..” nothing.

It cant be my Work and my personal life. Sure its has had its ups and downs. But its never stopped me from doing what i love to do.

So why am i so.. Drained? So, detached from it all?

I have to finish my Batman story. I want to finish it.. But, i can’t feel it. I have another couple of stories brewing.. But, as much as i want to put thumbs to key pad, or pen to paper.. I’m. Just. Not. Feeling it!

And i dont know why?!! I dont know whats happened… 

Maybe this little rant will help.. Maybe getting it off my chest with all of you will help..

Who fucking knows.. I hope it does.. Maybe it’ll snap me out of my little humdrum..

Thanks for your time folks.. Stay tuned for the “Defenders Team Tournament” Results blog coming soon.. Maybe.. Idk..

Until next time.. Hopefully.. Peace Out!



Yesterday saw the release of the trailer for INJUSTICE 2’s new upcoming downloadable Fighters Pack series 2!




And to a lot of folks surprise and my delight!


ICYMI! Here’s the awesome reveal trailer!

I. Really. Really want this fucking game now! Just for Hellboy! 

I wanted it before that.. But Hellboy?! I want this game Now!

How do you folks feel about the new fighter pack coming up? What are you hyped about it?

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Greetings ladies and gentelnerds and welcome to a Brand New Blog Segment! 

“WHAT?!” Is the Blog Segment in which i just ask the Question.. WHAT?! in regards to a certain bit of news that may be in the atmosphere. 

Today’s Topic?..

Its been reported, Today? Was it? Anyway, these days bleed together for me.. I have no idea what day it is now.. Anywhoo!

DC and WB announced that a slate of DC Comics centric films outside the current DCEU Universe..

One of the first films in that line up.. 

A Joker Origin Film! 

Produced by the legendary Martin Scorsese, 

and directed by “The Hangover” director Todd Phillips

Its supposed to be set in the 1980’s and is to be made to look like a Taxi Driver toned film.

The only upside I see in this..

No Jared Leto

Although he is still set to appear in both Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens.

This could be a massive success, or It could be the dumbest fucking thing for WB to try to do so soon.

Really WB? An Elseworlds set of films?!

You’ve barely been able to set up your current DCEU Universe properly!

4 films in, and the only current success you have is “WONDER WOMAN”

(I do realize i have yet done a movie review for the film.. Thats coming soon..)

Im still going go hold a wait and see mentality.. But seriously…

Until next time folks.. Peace out!

“MY THOUGHTS ON.. Marvel And Fox’s ‘Secret’ Relationship”

Greetings ladies and gentelnerds! 

When it was announced that Josh Brolin was cast as CABLE for “DEADPOOL 2”. The news, understandably, confused many fans. How can this actor be in two places at once?

Simple answer, its two completely different characters! But if we look a little deeper..

Like most companies/movie studios, or hell even sports teams. If you are signed in to a ‘Contract’. That means they own you. You cant go or do anything anywhere else that resembles what you do for them. IE: the no Compete Clause. 

Josh Brolin and many other Marvel Studios Stars are under that same No Compete Clause in thier contracts.. Meaning, No Marvel Studios employee can star or participate in other comic book properties outside of Marvel Studios. So, How is it that Marvel allowed Josh to head on over to Fox, whilst still under contract? And no its not because its another “Marvel” film.. It may have the Marvel Banner, but its not in the same house.

Here’s what it really is.. Marvel and Fox have a secret, backdoor relationship. 

In this relationship. “I’ll give you this, if you give me that.” 

Fox ownes everything and anything that falls under FANTASTIC FOUR, or X-MEN. 

Not including those that are Co-owned by Marvel and Fox. Like, RONIN THE ACCUSER, 


 just to name a known few. 

However! As we all know, EGO the living planet was a character that belonged to Fox. Yet he appeared in Marvel’s GUARDIANS Vol. 2.? Thats because..

Marvel and James Gunn approached Fox for Ego. Now, Fox being the opportunist said sure.. If you let us change Nega Sonic Teenage Warheads 

powers and design  for this little movie we are doing called, DEADPOOL. 

Marvel said.. “Deal!”

So, Who’s to say, this hasn’t happened more then once before.

James Gunn has stated his interest in using the Skrulls. If im not mistaken.. I think it was for Guardians 1. But the Skrulls belong to Fox. So he went with the Sakaarens! 

Here’s the interesting part. Marvel recently announced that The Skrulls, will be the villains of CAPTAIN MARVEL! 

So.. Was the Josh Brolin deal the key component of Marvel getting the Skrulls? 

Or was it, or is it, something else? 

We can only wait and see. But this secret relationship between Marvel and Fox looks to be a benefit for not only the companies. But for the fans as well. 

I for one cant wait to see what other trades and deals come out from these two.. 

Hopefully.. Its something good, and something soon.. *cough* SILVER SURFER!! *cough* *cough*

Until next time folks.. Peace out!

“DAY 2 OF DISNEY’S D23 FAN EXPO” (Five days later)

Okay.. Im late with this article, because  I’ve been sooo… How do you say? PISSED! At what came out of D23 day 2.. Or should i say, What didn’t come out of Day 2! I’m gonna try and make this quick

So, basicly Marvel Studios had it’s time to shine at Day 2 of D23. Releasing two new official posters for “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR”

Nerdgasmic!, am i right?

They also unvailed the 4 mystery characters set to appear in the film. 

And No! It was not the Fantastic Four. 

As mostly every logical fan predicted, it was in fact THE BLACK ORDER!

Or as they are being called, “THE CHILDREN OF THANOS” meaning that in the MCU they are the siblings of Gamora and Nebula.

Corvus Glave

Proxima Midnight

Ebony Maw

And Black Dwarf

But prior to that unveiling, Kevin Fiege took the stage to introduce Thanos himself, James Brolin and most of the cast. Along with one of the directors Joe Russo (Anthony Russo most likely still filming the rest of the film) 
Joe Russo then went on to show a nice little 10th anniversary retrospective video celebrating the upcoming anniversary… Then, at the tail end of that footage… 

A Fucking Trailer followed! A fucking trailer! That, according to those who saw it, it was fucking epic! 

“Why do you sound so angry about that?” you ask?…

THEY HAVEN’T RELEASED IT!! To this day… July 20th, 2017 as i write this right now! NOTHING! NOT EVEN A SINGLE TEASE! When asked if Marvel would drop it online, Joe Russo said, “Very Soon.”

We’ve (I’ve) been waiting all these damn days!!

(Those who have seen Spider-Man: Homecoming will get the reference)

*Deep Breath*

Ok.. It’s thursday as i said, as i write this. And SDCC Is set to kick off in a few hours (West Coast Time) I immediately jumped to google and looked up the SDCC line up. 

Best bet.. The Avengers:Infinity War trailer should drop just after Marvel Studios’ presentation in Hall H on Saturday, just around… 5:30- 7:00 pm Western time.. Thats like…

2.. Carry the 1.. ÷ by 5.. × 18… Subtract 6… Hmm… I think roughly 8Pm eastern standard time… So! Those of us over here… Have a bit of a wait.. Unless.. Maybe 8am? Shit.. Fuck this time zone shit. We’ll get it some time saturday afternoon or later. Either way, we still gotta wait. Fuck!!

Oh yea.. They also showed stuff from the live action Lion King and some other neat stuff… yay… 😕

Thats all the time i got folks.. Gotta work on another article. So, until next time.. Peace Out!


Wasabi ladies and gentelnerds. Bare with me as i try to catch up on a lot of shit that ive missed..

So! As some of you may have heard, Phil Lord and Chris Miller 

The minds behind the Lego Movie were the directors of the, as of yet to be titled, STAR WARS: Anthology “HAN SOLO” Film. 

Everything seemed to be flowing along fine..

The cast was set. The script ready to go. And filming was going along smoothly. Or so we thought. With just two and a half months left to completion with principal photography ( in which the bulk of the movie is filmed and put together.) Kathleen Kennedy, the force in charge of the empire, 

Announced that Lord and Miller would no longer be the directors of the film. 

“Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are talented filmmakers who have assembled an incredible cast and crew, but it’s become clear that we had different creative visions on this film, and we’ve decided to part ways. A new director will be announced soon.” 

 Lord & Miller also released a statement, 

“We normally aren’t fans of the phrase ‘creative differences’ but for once this cliché is true. We are really proud of the amazing and world-class work of our cast and crew.”

According to many unnamed sources. The Creative Differences was indeed the issue. Especially with EP Lawrence Casden. The man that co-produced and co-wrote every STAR WARS film since “Empire Strikes Back”. Reports state that Lord & Miller clashed with the higer ups since day one. Casden not approving of thier loosy goosey style of directing and heavy improve on most of the script (which Casden Also Co-wrote.) 

Lead Actor, Alden Ehnerich (dont know if I’ve spelt that right) voiced some concerns over the directors to other Producers on set. Saying he wasnt very sure of the “Ace Ventura” style of characterization of Han Solo. Stating further that some of the “slap stick” style of direction wasnt making him comfortable with the character. Word spread to Kennedy and Casden. And one may assume after a long meeting. Kennedy gave them the axe. 

Luckily, things seem to be of mutual agreement and thier doesn’t seem to be hard feelings. So Lucasfilm/Disney coukd veey well team with Miller & Lord in the future. So thats a good thing.

It didn’t take long for Kennedy to announce thier replacment. Non other then long time Firend of all involved, including Lucas himself, 

Good ol’ Ron Howard gets behind the camera of his very first Star Wars film. Granted, its under wierd circumstances. But, at least He’s doing it. 

The challange for Howard tho, how much of the film would he have to re shoot later in Pick-Ups. ( The time after production and during post production, where the cast and crew get together for a few more months to re shoot scenes that didnt turn out good the first time, or didnt have the time to shoot, or for adding new scenes to add or replace old ones.) That could be a daunting task if the bulk of the film needs to be redone. Which could cost the studio money and push back the films release date. 

Its all rather amazing to hear and see all thats happened so far. Lucasfilm is notorious for keeping all behind the scenes stuff under very close wrap. So its amazing that we know this much. 

I remain very hopeful for The Han Solo movie. Ron Howard is a tremendous talent behind the camera. The cast is clearly a solid cast. STAR WARS, LucasFilm, and Disney has not fucked up as of yet. So i give them the benefit of the doubt and remain sure that they can turn this whole ship right back on course.

What do you folks think? Are you worried about the Han Solo Film? Let me know what you think!

Untik next time folks.. Peace Out!

“MARVEL’S ‘INHUMANS’ OFFICIAL TRAILER!!” (yea.. I know im late)

Greetings ladies and gentelnerds! As it states in the title… Im late! But.. Better late then never.

We got those really awesome posters before we got the trailer. 

And now here’s the trailer..

LOCKJAW!!! omg! I am liking this! Cant wait to see this.

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!