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As reported yesterday by CNBC, Disney and 21st Century Fox are very close to nearing a deal worth approximately $60 billion dollars. 

For those not fully in the know, or with passing knowledge of the situation. Its not Disney taking over Fox as a studio. But! What this means, is that many of 20th/21st Century Fox’s properties are up for sale. 

Us Comic Book/Movie Fans quickly jump to Fantastic 4 and The X-Men 

Joining in the MCU.

But it goes much deeper then that.


Including the original ’77, ’80 and ’83 theatrical cuts..

Versions only belonging to 20th Century Fox. Even after Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm, the original versions of the trilogy belonged to Fox and Fox alone. 

This deal also includes films like PLANET OF THE APES, The ALIEN Movies, and several other established franchises and Classics. 

Also the bulk of Fox’s Television Division, like The Simpson’s, M.A.S.H, The FX and FXX channel and a 30% share of HULU is included. 

This deal would greatly change the landscape of Films and Television. So much content under a single umbrella is almost unheard of.

Gaining these titles would also help Disney and there upcoming streaming service and give them so much material to use. 

The question some people ask is. Will there even be a 20th Century Fox Company after this deal is done?! 

I think there will be! This would not be the first time Disney absorbed a film studio. The only difference is that this is a major, huge studio. But, I believe Disney, would just have a Disney and Fox appointed team of exacutives to run 20th or 21st Century Fox film studio and let them do what they’ve been doing all these years.. Make Movies. Produce Content. Only that Disney would be making the real profit. 

In regards to X-men and F4…

The deal is done already.. We just dont know it yet.

Hollywood moves at.. An incredible speed. They are litterally 5 years ahead of us.

Kevin Feige, in an interview, stated that after AVENGERS 4(aka Infinity Gauntlet) They have 20 more films in the planning stages as we speak. 20 MORE Films! 

I’d bet my bottom dollar that Fantastic Four is in that slate of films. They’ve been leaving clues all over the place for the F4 to come in to the MCU.

I also wouldnt be surprised if Disney/Marvel left X-Men under the FOX banner. Wouldnt be surpised if they didnt either. But in this case. I think Kevin and Bob (Iger) would be satisfied with X-men under their Fox Division, only that they would have more control over what would happen in that universe. So, its a win/win situation. 

Reports say that a final announcement of a done deal wont come until early next week. But im sure the deal is done. They just have to cross some T’s dot some I’s and make the necessary arrangements of whose going to be in charge and who amd what is going to go where. In the report, it is also said that Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch’s Youngest son, will be going over to Disney to oversee the Fox Studios end of the division. While Dad and older brothers will retain control of the News and other material Murdoch and his comapny will still own outside of the entertainment stuff. Like Fox News and other Media, both television and print. 

So.. Its done. F4, X-men, Star Wars, Apes, its all in the House of Mouse now. Its only a matter of time for conformation to be announced. 

So, thats just my view on this whole thing..

It’d be fucked up i say all this, and next Monday’s Headline.. “FOX/DISNEY DEAL A NO GO!” .. wont i feel like a dick on that day.. 

Until next time folks… Peace Out!

Soon my friend… SOON!



We are a week removed from the premiere of The “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” Trailer.

Now, I said i was gonna post the trailer immediately after it’s drop online.. But… I just had to let it marinate all over me, all week long. 

So lets get in to it..

My God.. That was so worth the fucking wait all these long months. Granted, not the exact same as the D23 or SDCC versions. But! Epic on its own! So much was going on in this. 


In all his bald headed glory! Lots of folks seem pissed about that.. Dont know why tho? I mean.. Even CGI characters have the right to change their clothes. Right? 

I loved the music in this trailer. Beautiful. Really set the tone of this movie and where its going to go.

People are going to die.

Tony and Thanos are going to be the main characters i think. This is gonna be a Tony centric Avengers film.. Maybe. At least thats what it look like to me. 

The Soul Infinity Stone is in Wakanda. That should explain the massive battle. 

I really want/hope/need a scene where Thor and or the Guardians Explain the Infinity Stones to Tony and the Rest of the Avengers. Like.. Ik thats super geeky. But I still get chills from The Collector explaining the stones in the first Guardians. So, i need that moment in this movie. 

Vision is gonna learn how to look human and get some punany before he dies. So thats good for him.. Can some body explain why he has Chris Evans’ haircut? 

I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This trailer.. Im gonna go watch this 30 more times..

Until next time folks.. Peace out! 

OH! Vision, Spider-Man, and Captain America… And… Maybe… Thor… Are goona Die! Bye


Well.. I haven’t yet seen JUSTICE LEAGUE, and if your reading this and haven’t seen it yet either.. Spoiler alert! (Maybe)

One of the after credits scenes looks to be a scene with Joe Mangienello (hope thats how its spelled) as Deathstroke 

Its a photo of him in the aforementioned scene as the character. Which He was nice enough to share with us, on his twitter page just about.. 4 hours ago.. I think? Lets take a look..



I mean.. Damn, that looks cool! 👍

Very reminiscent of the suit that was teased by Sad Affleck some time last year on Instagram..

Which also closely resembles the version of the suit seen in BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS 

Deathstroke has been rumored for some time now as the villain for Matt Reeves’s solo Batman film. Those plans could have changed because of Reeves rewriting of the script. 

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

I just happy to see a real Deathstroke (No offense Dude from Spartacus/Arrow.. Manu Bennet! Thats his name.. Almost couldnt think of it, but it came to me as i was writing these very words right now.. I mean right now.. These words im typing here. It just came to me.) Anywhoo..

Lets take another look! 

Thats just Badass! Let me know your thoughts folks..

Until next time folks.. Peace out!


Let the fucker go! 

Like, seriously.. Fuck it! Im tired of this back and forth with this guy over playing Batman. 

“Im gonna do it.” “I don’t know if im gonna do it.” “Im so happy to be Batman.” “Im looking for a respectful way to segue out of the Batman.” “Im ready to Be Batman again.” “I dont want to be Batman anymore.” 

He didnt say that last part exactly like that. But he might as well have. This is all fucking bullshit! Im sick of it already! 

He’s Batman in two and a half fucking movies. (Im including his apperance in Suicide Squad in that count.) and already he’s talking shit about doing the job.

Granted, its not his fault that BvS was the load of shit that it was. He’s slightly involved in probably the greatest Batman scene in all of cinema. I mean, lets face it. He wasnt even in the suit for 98% of that scene. It was a stunt man. But no doubt, it was the greatest Batman Scene in all of cinema. 

But its not like he is the quintessential Batman/Bruce Wayne! 

I cant wrap my head around all the hopla over whether or not he will continue to be batman or not.

“If Ben doesnt come back, what should WB do? Should they Kill off Bruce Wayne? Should they just remove Batman? Should they recast? Should they just replace the character?” FUCK OFF! This is all im hearing from news sites about this bull shit! 

Just recast! Its that simple. He doesnt want to come back? Give him whatever He’s owed out of his contract and say bye bye.

We’ve lived through 4 other different Batmen..

It shouldn’t be such a big deal and it shouldn’t be so freaking confusing for fans to watch the next DCEU film with a new ACTOR as BATMAN. Like.. Grow the fuck up! It happens. 

It wouldn’t be such a loss for WB/DC or For Fans to have a new Batman if this guy doesnt want to do it. 

Look.. I can understand. I get it..

Your sorta fresh out of a divorce. You got some kind of “drinking problem”(maybe) Your a father of 2 or 3 kids. You want to produce and direct your own shit and you dont want to bust your ass for 6 months at the gym for 1 shirtless scene for 2 minutes out of a 2 hour movie. And everyone makes fun of that damn sad look on your face every chance they get..

(😂😂😂 never gets old!)

I get it. But, All im saying is.. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BOUNCE. Say your “Thank Yous for such a great experience and wish continued success and luck in the future films” bull shit statement and go off and make “GOOD WILL HUNTING 2: HUNTING SEASON” 

Right now, gossip is that there have been meetings with other actors that can take over. On top of the short list is Jake Gyllenhaal (is that how its spelled?)

Which i really like. Hes a good age. He can clearly get himself in the shape he needs to be. Hes a really good actor. I mean.. I would not mind watching Matt Reeves’s “BATMAN” film with Jake and have it still be in the same continuity of the rest of the DCEU. I would not be upset nor confused if Jake shows up in Justice League 2. Remember, same character. same universe. Different actor. 

No. Big. Deal. 

But! Thats just.. MY TWO CENTS… 

(Whats that?.. This was a “my thoughts..” article? Really? Felt like a Two Cents article.. Oh well..)

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!

CLICK BAIT ALERT! “Kevin Smith Hints at Slight Interest in “CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON”

In a recent episode of Kevin Smith’s Youtube/podcast “FATMAN ON BATMAN: w Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin”

Talk came up of Universal’s halt on the so called “Dark Universe” 

And the possible hand off of the keys to the Universe to BlumHouse Productions 

Someone posed the question to Kev, 


“Which Universal Movie Monster Film, would he be interested in directing?”

And, surprisingly. He said, “I would do ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’.” (and i quote loosely)

Here’s the quick synopses of the film below. 

Remnants of a mysterious animal have come to light in a remote jungle, and a group of scientists intends to determine if the find is an anomaly or evidence of an undiscovered beast. To accomplish their goal, the scientists (Antonio Moreno, Richard Carlson, Richard Denning, Whit Bissell) must brave the most perilous pieces of land South America has to offer. But the terrain is nothing compared to the danger posed by an otherworldly being that endangers their work and their lives.”

Now, Everyone. Mainly Kevin himself. Talks shit about his film “TUSK”

Within itself is a fantasticly fucked up monster movie. 

And thinking about that.. I would absolutely LOVE and i now desperately WANT a Kevin Smith directed “CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON” Movie. 

He would toataly rock that shit so damn hard! 

I want this so badly right now.. How about you?

Thanks for indulging me in this desperate grab for “Click Bait” attention. Let me know what you folks think about If Kevin Smith should seriously do a CFTBL film. 

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


I’m gonna try and make this quick. I just want to vent my thoughts on the current stream of sexual abuse and assault claims coming out of Hollywood in the recent.. Weeks… Or should i say hours?! It seems like every time i open Twitter 

Its every freaking time, something new surfaces. Its.. Fucking disgusting. 

It all started with This! Douche Bag! 👇

And then more and more..

I mean.. This is not new.. Unfortunately.. This is shit thats been going on for.. Centuries! Someone in the position of Power, uses that power on someone to Do, or Get whatever they want from that someone. Kings! Queens! Govoners! Priests! Rich Upperclass folk! Business owners!.. Anyone in charge. They use their place of Power over those that only look to better themselves..

You would think.. After all these years.. It would stop.. Or at least be less rapent.. Or at the very least.. People of power would make the choice not to be a major fucking perverted asshole! 

I dont care if it was the 60’s, times were different then.

It was the 70’s, times were different then.

It was the 80’s, times were different then.

It was the 90’s. Times were different then.

It was the 00’s. Times were different then.


No. Means fucking NO! Why can’t you keep your dicks in your pants!? Was your sexlife as a youth so lacking that you waited 30 or 40 years for you to weasel your way in to someones pants like a fucking perv! This whole thing is just fucking wrong. Some of these ppl i actually admired and or was fans of.. Or at least i liked their work.. This fucking sucks! 

I just want to say…. FUCK THEM! Fucking pervs…


Hey there ladies and gentelnerds! Im gonna do my darndest to get myself back on track with my blogging. 

So, I’m dusting off the “Two Cent Tuesdays” segment of the blog, to give My “Two Cents” on Marvel’s INHUMANS.

For those of you who don’t know.. The Two Cents segment is a lot like the “My Thoughts On..” Segment.. But a little more loosy goosey in a way. So, here we go..

It’s good! Its actually pretty darn good. A lot of ppl have been talking shit about it. But its not all that bad. It’s not perfect. It’s got a lot of flaws. But it is entertaining. 

I think folks just had too much anticipation going into it, maybe? I mean.. It is a T.V Show. 

What were you folks expecting? Avengers quality material?

 It’s also in the same network as “Agents Of Shield”

What budget do you think they had? YES! The cgi for Madusa’s hair was total shit! No doubt about that..

But its television.. Get over it! Thats why they cut her hair off.. 

Another dumb as shit move on thier part.. But i can understand it and accept it at face value. Still stupid.

The acting isn’t top notch.. But they are clearly doing the best they can do with what they were given..

Its a mini series.. Ive only gotten up to episode.. Uhm… 4? I think? The past 2 eps. Are on my dvr. (I havent had the time.. Work and life have been… Bleh! I mean.. Have you not read my last blog?! Its been a mission getting back on track.) so they’ve been rushing things along. Its a shame and to be expected given all the bullshit behind the scenes stuff.. But it’s good. And they’re doing thier best. However, i will say this.. I love Loki’s storyline.. Its actually the best thing about the… Say what now?.. Thats not loki?..

Ohhhh!! Right.. I was wondering why they replaced Hiddelston with Ramsey Bolton..

All jokes aside.. Maximus is, by far, the bright spot of the entire show. They clearly ripped off the first “THOR” Brother v. Brother story arc. But.. Whats his name?..Iwan Rheon?.. Ok.. Ramsey Bolton! Is fantastic! So great.. Hats off to him.. I would watch a whole show with just him.

INHUMANS had so much damn potential! I honestly think.. Before all this.. Back when they had to take it off the schedule entirely.. They should have put INHUMANS for phase 4. With a whole new direction for the MCU, after AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR/ INFINITY GAUNTLET. MCU’s phase 4 should have had Inhumans as thier Guardians of The Galaxy franchise. Or at least, it could have been thier X-Men franchise. Its not Avengers.. Doesnt have to be… But a new cosmic franchise after Guardians is finished, would have been a better choice.

Marvel should have waited. They rushed it.. And if they had to really get it done. They should have given it to Netflix. I think the ppl behind The Netflix Marvel U could have done it better if given the proper time. 


And thier extended character list is epic.. Its good. Its not the best thing on TV. Even Agents was kinda shit in its first season.. But it got better over time.. INHUMANS has been doing so for me so far as this series progresses. Will it come back for a season 2? Should it?!.. Who the fuck knows! Either way.. Marvel screwed the pooch a bit.. But for me.. Its good. I like it!..But..

Thats Just. My, TWO CENTS!

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!