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Hello there ladies and gentelnerds! Long time no see. I gots lots of catching up to do seeing as to that I’ve been pretty ghost.. So why dont we start with a brand new edition of “WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS!” todays movie?.. 


THE STORY: Its been a few months since the first film and the gang are Guardians for Hire. After a job for an alien race known as The Sovereign and their leader Ayiasha.

goes sideways, The team find themselves on the run. With a little help from the Mysterious EGO, claiming to be Star Lords father. The team discovers just what it actually means to be Family! And that its not only blood that can bind people together.

The story in itself, honestly? Isn’t the strongest thing about the movie. Its what happens within the story that propels everything forward. Yondu’s story had much more going on, yet was not the main focus. The Father-Son story between Ego and Peter was.. I dont want to say forced, but it was rushed at some points and it wasn’t very strong. Kurt and Chris were excellent and did a great job with what they were given. It just wasn’t the strongest part of the film. The backbone and heart of the movie was the characters. You can tell it was the characters that James Gunn cared for and has a tremendous amount of respect for. So the main plot suffered for that fact just a bit.


Fantastic! Wonderful! A true treat. Everyone was on point. Batista was a delight. They gave him so much more to work with and he ran with it. Micheal Rooker’s Yondu 

has become probably my favorite character of the film, only second to of course..

BABY GROOT! My god he was so damn adorable. He stole my heart and every scene he appeared in. 

Sylvester Stallone’s cameo (possible spoiler alert!) as… 

Starhawk, was, surprisingly delightful. He could have easily mailed in a performance.. But he didn’t. He acted. He put his heart into it, and i really appreciate it! I would love to see him continue apperaing in the Cosmic MCU. 

Kurt Russel’s EGO

 was really cool. He played the role as true to character as they could make him. I really cant go too much further in to Ego without spoiling anything. But, Kurt was great. 

Ayiasha of The Sovereign.. 

Too much to say that would border on being a spoiler. But she was very interesting. And i wonder if we will ever see her again. I would be interested in her return.


The Cast. Baby Groot. Yondu. The Cameos. Oh god! That Stan Lee cameo was fucking epic! I honestly can’t go in to it here.. But oh yeah… I will be digging deep in to that scene. The comedy was top tier. Dave Batista’s Drax was a comedic highlight. The deep cosmic cuts. The 5 or 4 after credits scenes were the best.

THE NEGATIVES: A surprisingly weak plot. The 2nd and 3rd acts was poorly rushed. The soundtrack, Awesome Mix Vol.2 isnt as strong (at least for me) as Vol.1. Non of the tracks stuck with me as much as the first ones did. But that could just be me. The movie would have benefited more from a longer run time.

OVERALL: Another Marvel Studios Masterwork. I cant say its better then the first film, but it can stand shoulder to shoulder with the first film. Its great. In comparison with other Marvel sequels, IE: Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2. Its better then all of those. Its a strong sequel. Not as strong as Winter Soldier, but its a great sequel. A Must See for everyone!! 


What did you folks think of GOTG2? Hit me up! Comment below, leave a like and a follow. Thx for reading folks.

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ICYMI: “JOSS WEADON Possibly directing DCEU BATGIRL Film”

Revealed a couple of days ago, Joss Weadon and the folks at DC/WB are in talks for the acclaimed director to Direct, write and produce a stand alone BATGIRL film.

This bods well for the future of the DC (sigh) ‘Extended’ Universe. Joss is a master behind the camera. A skilled storyteller. He knows, i mean, KNOWS how to translate strong female characters on the screen. 
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer being a prime example.

And other characters that appeared in the Buffy Spin off ANGEL. And the Series FIREFLY,

And its follow up film SERENITY. 

Lets not also forgot his amazing controbutions to the MCU. 

The man knows what he is doing. If WB is smart, they will let the man do what he can do and only interject when its absolutely necessary. 

But! Keep in mind folks.. Although sites like IMDB has him listed as working on Batgirl.. Nothing is final! 

Niether WB/DC nor Wedon himself has confirmed or denied such talks. Although we know those talks are happening. However, we dont have a confirmed word from anyone that He IS doing it. 

So, fingers crossed and a deal can be made. And lets hope Joss can work his magic for the DCEU and bring Batgirl to life! 

What are your thoughts folks? Is Joss your man for the job? Comment below. Plz leave a like, and a follow! 

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[After suffering a severe mental breakdown due to the disaster that was the Fantastic Four Reboot.. The Speculating Nerd took a long sabbatical at an Asylum for the Criminaly Insane.. ย Now, with his Doctors permission, we here at The Marvel Inc Blog are.. (Somewhat) happy to welcome back…]


Greetings, ladies and gentelnerds. It’s ya boiie SPECULATING NERD! Wasabi!! I’m very certain you fuckers missed me.. And if you didn’t.. Fuck you too! ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๐Ÿ˜˜

SO! What are we talking about today?.. Oh yeah!


The ย “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR” Trailer… Wait? They released that already?! Holy shit where was I? Oh yeah…Institutionalized.. Let me take a look see..

“So was I..” *sniff* *sniff* HUH?! Wha? No I wasn’t crying!.. Fuck, *sniff* I.. I got something in my eye alright!

Wow! That was fucking awesome! OK.. Here what I got from that besides a runny nose and eyes.. And penis..

After the whole, ULTRON incident in.. Sokovia! And another unspecified incident that occurs in this film. The worlds leaders, or at least, the American government. Has had enough of The Avengers flying by their own rules. So, they come up with the SOKOVIA ACCORD (aka: Superhuman registration act)


Going back to the unspecified incident that is to occur within this film with Cap and his New Avengers, its safe to assume that BUCKY is somehow probably framed.. Hence why he’s on the run..


Another key thing is.. Whatever it is that Bucky is being framed for, has an effect on the Black Panther! From key moments in the trailer, I can piece together that not only does Black Panther serve as the devising point between the two sides.. His main goal is to get his hands on The Winter Soldier, which would lead him to side with Iron Man early on in the film.. (Maybe)


We got Bucky fleeing on a motorcycle after jumping off the roof in the start of the trailer. Then,


Bucky, on said motorcycle, entering a tunnel. That same tunnel is featured here…


Where Black Panther is chasing after Bucky. With Cap not far behind.. Cap most likely stops BP and gives Buck a chance to escape.. HERE..


Perhaps we will get a brief exchange between Cap and Panther, before the authorities show up..


And take Cap in. THAT could be where General Ross comes in and explains the full extent of the SOKOVIA Accord.. Or maybe it can happen before that, this is all pure SPECULATION.. (It’s in the name folks.. It’s in the name.)

Rest assured, Panther and Bucky do meet up later during the big showdown..image

There is still so much yet to be seen. I truly believe that the Bucky angle of this movie is only but HALF the story. We are probably looking at a 2 to 2 and a 1/2 hour film. This was a 2+ minute trailer that featured a total of ten or so different clips that could be within minutes or hours of each other.. So there is a WHOLE LOT MORE to be seen. And that’s the beauty of it.. We still don’t know what’s going to happen. Unlike another trailer I will be looking at later, that shall remain nameless at the moment (BVS) THIS trailer doesn’t give away anything at all! Masterfully done.. I can’t fucking wait for this movie!

Thats about all the speculating I have on this trailer .. OH WAIT..


IF RHODEY DIES.. WE RIOT!! Nuff fucking ย said!..

So, until next time folks.. Peace the fuck out!

(P.S the doctors think I’m still taking my meds.. If you know anybody that needs some anti-psychotics.. I got em 20 bucks a pill.. HOLLA AT ME!)


“Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.”



I am going to do my very best not to spoil anything for you folks out there who have not seen “Ant-Man!” And if you happen to be one of those people.. What the fuck is wrong with you!?!?



Michael Douglas stars as Hank Pym. The original Antman and creator of the ‘Pym Particle’. The very particle that allows him to shrink to the size of an insect. After a very personal disaster occurs. He pledges his life to making sure, his discovery never falls into the wrong hands. Several decades later, He is surprised to find that his former protege, and now PYM TECH CEO Darren Cross..(Corey Stoll)


Has found his formula and plans to militarize it. By creating a mass supply of ‘Super-Suits’ called, “THE YELLOW JACKET” After he warns Cross that such tech is too dangerous, Pym Recruits ex-con Scott Lang (Paul Rudd)


to help steal back the formula along with the help of Pym’s estranged daughter, Hope Van Dyne (Evageline Lilly).


Director, Payton Reed. Had the difficult task of being the guy replacing the beloved Edger Wright. The original brain behind Ant-Man. (We already know what happened there.) But, Payton did a Fantastic Job with the direction of the film. It really is a Heist, Action, Comedy Film! It balances itself so well on all three categories, without losing sight of what the story is about. Which is in fact an awesome story. Filled with some really cool EASTER eggs. Clever dialogue. The Special Effects were top notch. The blend of the ant-world and human size world was so well done and used to perfection. (The shrinking didn’t get played out)




I was not at all very keen on playing Hank Pym. I was among the crowds that were like, “WTF? He’s to old to play Pym! Why are you getting an old guy?! What are you doing Marvel? What kind of story are you going with!?” But, in the long run… He was perfect! Don’t get me wrong.. I wasn’t questioning his acting talent.. I just didn’t think his level of.. ‘Star’ fit this universe. On the contrary, He played Pym exactly as I would imagine ย him to be if he were old in the comics. Quick to temper, headstrong, over protective, smart ass, genius! And I’m glad it’s Douglas.. I can’t think of anyone else who could have done a better job!



My first thought when they announced Paul as Ant-Man I was like.. “Hmm he’s going to play Hank Pym?! Hmm.. He is a good actor.. It’s gonna be a little weird, but I trust Marvel. I’m sure he’ll be great.” Thank god that didn’t happen! HE’S PERFECT AS SCOTT LANG! I love this guy even more! He was funny, charming, sincere, and a little badass! It’s a great idea that they went with Scott Lang.. Hank Pym has a very topsy turvy comic career. (Hero turned villain turn hero again, pill popper, wife beater. Not a lot of likable qualities!) Scott in the other hand is ripe with lovable character traits, and Rudd played them beautifully! He fits perfectly within the Marvel Universe.



I LOVE EVANGELINE LILLY!! Since her ‘LOST’ days. (Didn’t care for how they used the character.. But that’s another story.) She was perfect! Her ‘character’, Hope, was created for the film. But her Character, was more like the original Wasp, Janet. The only difference was that she was more of a full of herself person. Of course, as we get to know her. She’s a kind person.. Just very sure of herself and ย tough. I can’t wait for her to become the WASP in later Marvel films. She’s a great addition to the MCU.



A really good actor. A great villain. Stoll’s YELLOW JACKET was a delight to watch. But.. (I’m skating near Spoiler Territory.. So bare with me.) Marvel is slowly improving on their Villains department. But still have a problem with maintaining and utilizing them. Darren Cross is a great example of that.



Michael Pena stole every scene he was in. So funny, it was rediculous. T.I and the other actor played their parts perfectly. No complaints here.. But Pena was the standout. Now, last. But certainly, not least..



By far the cutest child actor I have ever seen! She is so damn adorable as Scott’s daughter Cassie Lang. I hope Marvel signs her to a huge deal for when she grows up! Cause I would LOVE to see her become STATURE later on. Unfortunately.. Hollywood isn’t as patient.. So I wouldn’t be surprised when we see a different, older Cassie in the sequel.


For such a great film. I felt like it left me wanting more. It could have been at least another half hour longer. The editing felt just a bit rushed and the timing of the events within the film felt choppy. Darren Cross was just days away from perfecting the formula, and yet it felt like Scott was training for weeks. The timeline did not add up for me. There were slight moments where you could be like.. “Oh come on! There’s no way!” For example: Darren Cross changing in to the Yellow Jacket Suit! I still can’t wrap my brain around how the hell he did that so fast! ย The miss handling of the Yellow Jacket character. And That’s just about it.



Marvel Studios has added another great franchise to its ever expanding roster. While many would scoff at the idea of an ANT-MAN movie. It really is a great film. I personally am willing to put it up there with the best of the best. Right behind Guardians of the Galaxy! Despite it’s technical flaws and its poor use of yet another villain. I greatly enjoyed ANT-MAN! I give it.. ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ 8/10! I highly recommend anyone to go see this film. RIGHT NOW! It’s the last film of Marvel’s Phase 2, and is a true joy to watch.

Thats it folks! Hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know if you would like to read a full SPOILER REVIEW Version of this blog. Where I can go a little deeper. Let me know if you liked this review at all! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Thx for reading!

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“What Went Wrong With.. MCU’s Phase 3?!” I know what your thinking.. “Your a stupid prick that don’t know shit! Shut up!!” And your thoughts and opinions are indeed valied.. But! There are just a few things that I feel went wrong with the whole Phase 3 thing.. So, give me a moment to explain. (I’ll try and keep this as short as possible.)



We know the end game! Granted, Marvel is not the only company to have announced its upcoming movie slate. (But we are discussing Marvel at the moment.) Whatever happened to the element of surprise!? Don’t get me wrong.. I am beyond stoked for what’s to come. But I would have been just as happy if they gave us just a little at a time. [“But we don’t know, EXACTLY, what’s going to happen in each individual movie.”] True! But now we know that half these people are going to make it to that end. Now, we have nothing to keep us guessing. It’s all laid out there for us. [“So What?! Who cares!? What’s you stupid ass point?!?”] How can I put this.. It’s like this. You meet a Girl (or Guy) and you dig this person. I mean you like them a lot! Your ย talking. Your enjoying each others company. Everything’s all good. And you haven’t even done the dirty yet. And you can’t wait to get to that level. And that’s part of the adventure, isn’t it? ‘Oh boy! I can’t wait to see what you look like under all that!’ But imagine.. First few weeks of courtship and stuff. Your practically on board. But then BAM! That person sends you a picture of themselves full Monty!! Nothing left to the imagination… Now. I don’t know about you folks? But I kinda find that as a bit of a turn off.. Like.. Fuck! Yeah it’s nice to look at. But now I got nothing to look forward to.. It’s all out there and sure! I’ll hit it.. But now there’s nothing for me to look forward too. Something has been taken away. The ending has been Spoiled!!

Shit.. Maybe I used the wrong analogy! My bad folks! (‘Im sure they get the idea though.’) Hope so.



“Breaking News: Marvel Studios has reacquired ย the movie rights to Spiderman.”

What??? Yes! Yes! Yes! Dear god yes! It’s finally happened! Welcome Home Spidey!!

“In Partnership with Sony Pictures..”

Whohoo- wait! What?!?

“Marvel and Sony will share distribution rights..”

Come Again?!

“With Marvel Studios helping Sony to produce a New Slate of Spiderman Films, that will coincide with the Marvel Cinematic Universe…”

Your Shitting me Right?!

“In exchange for Sony granting Marvel rights to use Spiderman.. Sony is allowed to incorporate Marvel Characters into their Spiderman Films!”

SON OF A MOTHER FUC>ยฃ*!{ยฅ!{*โ‚ฌ]?\+!}>%]! ……… #>\ยฅ+|!*]!={!|>\โ‚ฌ]ยฅ,โ€ข=+\$@&;!!!!!!!!!!

Which leads me to..



It’s like.. “You had me at hello.. And then you decided to take a shit on my shag carpet! So go fuck yourself!”

You announce your entire Movie slate for the next 4 years, getting me excited for films like..




To come out on set dates. Why, oh, Why?! Will you then turn around and say, “Sorry! We gotta push our most anticipated films, that no one has seen before, back by a few years. For something that everyone HAS seen before and we don’t have full ownership of!” What The Serious Fuck Marvel?!?


Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE! Spiderman.. But it really is truly unnessecary for ย Marvel to take Spiderman “back” with such stupid stipulations behind it. Marvel should have left its focus on New Characters and Stories to put to the fore front! Not take a step backwards and re-present us with a Character we’ve seen 5 previous times before. The last two being pure shit on a stick. But we haven’t seen Black Panther yet, We Haven’t seen Captain Marvel Yet, We haven’t seen Doctor Strange yet! But we have to wait longer for them to come. Because you wanted to Sqeeze 1, count it folks, O. N. E, ONE! Spiderman film! Marvel should have left it alone. Let Sony fail, and within a few years.. Spidey would have came right back! No muss, no fuss!

Thats it folks! Thats what I believe, “WHAT WENT WRONG WITH.. MARVEL’S PHASE 3!”

Let me know your thoughts. Comment below or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram. Please Subscribe to this blog! Thank you..

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!




“When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron, things go horribly wrong and it’s up to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans.”

WARNING!! I am about to SPOIL the FUCK out of this movie! If you have not seen AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON yet… (WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!) I highly recommended you don’t steer clear of this review.. Just deal with the shit I’m about to say and put in to this review! Cause it’s your fault that you haven’t seen the biggest film of the year!

When Scarlet Witch messes with Tony Stark’s head and shows him a vision of a ย dead and defeated Avengers after an intergalactic battle, He gets it in his head that he needs to do something to prevent such a thing from ever happening. Enter Ultron!


There are those that complain about the fact that the MCU omitted Hank Pym from the creation of Ultron. (A lot actual real life friends of mine..) But, if you look deep down. Look past the Who’s and Why’s and you’ll realize the reasoning behind his creation is the same as in the comics. To replace the Avengers! To handle the problems they couldn’t handle without the risk of casualties. Unfortunately, Ultron misunderstands his actual programming and decides that the world needs to be destroyed along with the Avengers!


More so, a lot of people complain about the characterization of Ultron. I for one enjoyed it. I would rather have this version of Ultron, then the comic book version. “I am Ultron, 4.5! I will destroy the Avengers! Unit not ready for this battle!” The fact that they delve into the Human essence of Artifical Intelligence, was very refreshing for me. And James Spader is the perfect Ultron. No one else could have brought him to life, like he did. All this time.. Loki has been the best and probably only Villain we can ever care about. For me, not anymore! Besides Kingpin on DAREDEVIL. Ultron was a great villain! They did it right.. However… I’ll save that for later.

The cast of course, ย was on point! Everyone played their role perfectly. I was concerned with what was going to happen with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (played by Arron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen respectively)


The accents were just abit much.. But it wasn’t over the top. Wanda and Pietro are European in origin.. So it made sense. There was no true explanation to how they got their powers, it was just white washed with, “Hydra experimented on them.” One thing I really didn’t like. Because it robbed Marvel an even greater ingredient to add to the Inhumans portion of the universe. But, what are you gonna do.

I found myself more concerned about how the characters themselves were going to be portrayed. Elizabeth has it alittle easier, because she’s the first person to bring Scarlet Witch to life. Arron however is following the very much beloved Evan Peters and his Quicksilver in ย ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ I will say this.. If I had to choose, gun to head, which Quicksilver was more .. “Accurate” and/or “Better”… I would give it to Arron Taylor Johnson! Evan Perers had a great “SCENE” in X-Men. It was in fact one of the most awesome scenes in the whole movie and he played it so well.. But that wasn’t Quicksilver. Not to say, Arron was.. But his was a whole lot more closer to the character. The anger, the frustration, the tragedy that shaped the kind of Man, that Pietro is.. That’s what was very apparent in Artons performance. ย It’s a damn shame that he DIED! (What part of spoiler, don’t you understand?!) but.. Someone had to go. That’s how Joss Wheadon works. Makes you like the guy and then, WHAM! He kills him off! There could have been great potentiol for Marvel’s version of Quicksilver.. But there’s no going back now. That’s one (or twenty) bullets he couldn’t outrun! But he did go down a hero. (BTW: I. Told. You. So! ๐Ÿ˜œ)

The best part of the film, came In the form of the HULK vs HULKBUSTER IRON MAN!

imageย Nothing truly special or enlightening came out of the scene. But it was awesome!

The Vision was a pleasant surprise! Although he was only there for the last 25 minutes of the film. It was pretty cool. As all us geeks suspected. The Mind Gem is what was seen in his forehead in the promo art and stuff. Also as we suspected, the Mind Gem was from Loki’s Staff! Ultron planted it on Vision during his creation. After takeing the Visions body from Ultron, Tony and Bruce implant Jarvis into it. After his awakinging. The Team isn’t exactly sure they can trust this product of Ultron.. That is until he LIFTS THOR’S HAMMER!!


Proving his worthiness and gaining the teams trust! And a spot on The NEW AVENGERS team at the end of the film. (Along with Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Captain America!)

The plot itself was.. Formulaic. But entertaining. Which was its intent. Well.. Actually the intent was to set up the next slate of films. Mostly CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, THOR: RAGNOROK, BLACK PANTHER and THE INFINITY WAR parts 1 and 2.

Before I bring this Review to a close. I want to go back to Ultron for a moment. Marvel has a habit of steamrolling over its films villains. Except Loki. For many obvious reasons. But they somehow made a Villain like Ulton.. A likable character. One that could have been used more then once. In the final Battle, Ultron was cut of from the Internet. A means he had used ย to escape from prior fights. So his only way of travel was between him and his other robot bodies. Once all was said and done. There was only one Droid left that Ulton could inhabit. But Vision comes along and blasted him away with the Mind Gem! Ultron was a one and done threat.. Which, to me, was a waste of a great villain. Ultron was such an incredible threat, it would have made future Marvel movies that much more interesting. With such a threat out there in the wind. It’s a big opproutunity missed. (Unless Thanos brings him back with the Infinity Gauntlet!?!)

Great Action, Great Character moments, A plot that was slightly better then the first. On a scale of 1-10, I give AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ out of Ten!

Hope you liked this SPOLIER FILLED REVIEW! Please feel free to hit me up with your thoughts! Thank you for your time!

So, Until next time folks… Peace out!