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“The ‘DEFENDERS TEAM TOURNAMENT’: Twitter Tournament Results!”

HEYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! There ladies and gentelnerds and welcome back! Hows it going? How’ve you been? It’s been a long time….


Thats great!

Good to hear.

Hey, thats just how things happen. Hope things work out.


Well.. Now that all the pleasantries are out of the way. Lets get back in to the swing of things.

Awhile back, we had yet another Twitter Tournament. “The Defenders Team Tournament” in which i asked all you beautiful folks to put together your own version of ‘The Defenders’, using comic book characters from different brands.

And boy did we have some unique gatherings of Teams.. Lets take a look πŸ‘€

First there was my team..









And.. For the first time ever! We had a completely original brand new character make thier debut in a tournament..

Brought in by his creator.. @Chirpyjen

All great teams! Losts of great old friends.. And plenty of New Friends, like @Wonder_Vixen and @ChirpyJen and @NyeMikeymic1001. I want to thank each and every one of you who joined and played along. Those of you who voted.. Thank you all, so very very much! You people are the best. I am always greatful that you folks put up with these things and join in them. I am always so happy to have you guys and gals. I hope to keep them coming. Each one new and fresh, and better then the last. So again..

THANK YOU! And remember.. Be sure to head on over to twitter and follow all of these awesome people. And check out to learn more about Grim and @ChirpyJen ‘s Grim-Universe.

So, without further ado.. After some hard fought battles, with some fantastic teams.. In the end. The winner and New Champion of the “Defenders Team Tournament”..

@NYEMikeyMic1001 and his team of Nightwing, Winter Soldier, Captain America, and Batgirl

Congratulations Broski! You join a pantheon of Legendary winners of Tournaments past. Soak it up and enjoy!

Thx for reading folks.. Until next time.. Peace Out!



I. Told. You. So! It feels so good to get something right. It doesnt happen often, but when i do get something right.. Ho boy! It feels so good! 

So.. it has been reported by ‘Hollywood Reporter’ that WB/DC Has officially proclaimed that the stand alone Harley Quinn film WILL be a “GOTHAM CITY SIRENS” movie. That, is also its title, and Suicide Squad director David Ayer.. 

Will be at the helm of this film. 

As we already know.. The Birds of Prey are going to be in the film as well.. 

And Marggot Robbie is returning as Harley Quinn 

Nothing else, concerning this particular movie has been announced as of yet. Besides the Title, who’s directing and What it is gonna be. I’ll try and fill you in as soon as anything drops. 


DC/WB also announced that Will Smith will be returning as Deadshot for a Stand alone Deadshot movie! No official release date has been set, nor has a production date been announced. ALSO! Justice League 2 has been pushed back to allow space for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie which should be ready to go in front of the cameras in the next year or so?! I think?! Maybe late 2017 they start on that.. We’ll see. 

That all i got, What do you folks think about all this news?  You excited for the Gotham City Sirens movie?.. 

So, until next time folks.. I TOLD YOU SO!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ‘


Just before the release of ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ This past August, WB/DC announced that a Harley Quinn film could be in the pipeline.. (for my thoughts on that *click link below*)
Then, after the success of the film, the studio made it official, Harley Quinn will get her solo movie.. (More of my thoughts in following link..)

NOW! As of earlier this week, WB/DC announced that indeed, The Birds Of Prey will appear in the Harley Quinn Movie! 

(Who has two thumbs and said this will happen, a long time ago?… πŸ‘πŸ‘ THIS GUY!)

Which makes me wonder.. What Birds Of Prey lineup should we get?! Heres my personal suggestions.. 

BATGIRL (Barbara Gordon) 

She does not have to be Oracle in the Movie Universe.. Robbing us of a proper Barabar Gordon Batgirl would be a mistake in my opinion. 


Obviously. You cant have the Birds without the Canary! 


Nuff said, really. 

And just to really spice things up a bit.. Add in..


We already got Enchantress in the DCEU, if Harley comes across Zatanna, she could be like.. “Great, another Magic Lady!” 

Lastly.. I would really appreciate a cameo or introduction of Kate Kane into the DCEU..


She would be an awesome addition in to the universe. (just my opinion) 

I’ll try and be more on point with news like this, as it breaks.Heres hoping my guessing right streak continues when they announce The Gotham City Sirens will show up.. 

So what do you folks think? Leave your comments below and please follow and or subscribe. Thank You. 
So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


It was announced the other day that WB Pictures made it official, official that a Suicide Squad spinoff will be in the works. And it will be a Harley Quinn Movie! 

Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character was, in fact, the clear stand out from the whole film. Besides Will Smith’s DEADSHOT. So it comes at no surprise that they would go for a solo Harley film. 

However! Its a little hard to believe, in my opnion, that it will only be a Harley Film. I wouldnt be at all surprised that in the coming weeks or months, as WB continues to work on the project, It’ll be announced that it will actually be a Gotham City Sirens movie.

Allow me to elaborate.. Its most likely safe to assume that WB/DC would want to use more recent comic book source material in order to construct the story. The most recent work, is The New 52 run of Harley Quinn. Written and illustrated by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiiotti.

Which, taking under consideration WB’s current movie track record, would be a bad idea! 

The New 52 run of Harley Quinn, essentially made her DC’s version of Deadpool! She knew she was a comic book character. She broke the 4th wall. She converses with a stuffed half robot beaver. She was ultra violent and funny. They made her a Female Deadpool. 

If they were to follow this route.. It would be a bad choice in WB’s part. Fans would acuse them of ripping off the deadpool movie. 

Granted, Suicide Squad presented a very slightly different version of Harley. But the potential of a Deadpool esq veesion of her is there. 

The Best and most possible choice for a Harley Spin Off movie would be the creation of The Gotham City Sirens! 

With Harley Quinn being the spine of the story arc. Perhaps her story would force her in to contact with Catwoman. Getting them arrested in the process and then meeting Poison Ivy later on in the film. And maybe The Joker could be the real main villain in this.. 

We could even see Batgirl be the pursing hero (maybe Batman)

We could also maybe see The Birds Of Prey make an apperance as well.. 

Perhaps they join together to fight Joker at the end! 

It could be like an awesome ‘Thelma and Louise’ style story with kick ass action in it. 

Cast the characters of Catwoman, Ivy, Batgirl and the other Birds of Prey properly, craft a great story and they could have a major hit on their hands.

Im looking forward to it nontheless. Weather its a Harley or a GCS movie, im excited and i want to see it! 

What do you folks think? Let me know your thoughts..

So, until next time.. Peace Out!


Greetings Ladies and Gentelnerds! It’s come to my attention that this past April-May marked the 20th anniversary of the epic collaboration between the big two,



A four part miniseries event that was truly epic in its day.


Although it was not the first time the companies produced something together,

image image image image image

And it wasn’t the last..


But.. 1996’s meeting between the two companies was actually pretty historic. This was probably the first time they decided to say, ‘Screw it! Lets see who’s the best!’ And they left the decision up to Us, The Fans!

We were asked to vote on the deciding battles, Who would win in battles between..



Batman/Captain America




Storm/Wonder Woman


And Wolverine/ Lobo


The winner would decide which company was on top! But it wasn’t just that.. The fact that WE were involved was awesome! It was a fanboys/girls dream.. Our favorite characters were all together for the first time ever! They even Joined together as one company for a moment..



They story also featured some truly classic moments.. Like,



Wonder Woman being the first woman to ever to be deemed worthy..


Silver Surfer defeated Green Lantern


Superman punches Hulk into the Grand Canyon..


Wolverine and Gambit jacked the BatMobile..


And lets not forget..

Aquaman cheated against Namor!


So many classic moments!

But comics were different 20 years ago.. The characters were very different back then.. So.. That got me thinking!

20 years later.. IF! Marvel and DC could Β find it in their heart of hearts, to give us fans another Epic Comic Crossover Event!

I present to You, “DC vs MARVEL 2!”

im not gonna pitch a whole storyline.. But here’s the characters of Today’s comics I think could fill the roster of the sequel!..

image image image image image image image image image image

Thats just a few that came to mind..

What do you folks think? What are some battles would you put into a DC vs Marvel 2 Event!?

If you haven’t yet read the classic DC vs Marvel event. In honor of its 20th birthday.. You should go out, find it, and enjoy!

Thx for reading.. And seriously.. Tell me your dream matches for a sequel to DC vs Marvel!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!


“BREAKING NEWS!!” Sorta.. Im a little late to the, ‘Breaking News Party’

It was reported earlier yesterday that, DC/WB is in the early stages of developing a SUICIDE SQUAD spinoff, featuring, The One and Only..


Which is.. Just a bit strange for DC/WB Executives to announce so far ahead of Suicide Squad’s release. But perhaps that just shows how confident they are in not only the film, but also Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley.

Lets just hope announcing this so soon doesn’t come back and bite them on the ass!


According to reports, Robbie herself approached the heads of DC/WB with the idea and the writer for said project, after delving deep into the comics to research for the role. Not only falling in love with the character, but also the material!

Reports also claim that the planned project would also feature additional female characters, of the Hero and Villain persuasion. Including, but not limited to, Batgirl, The Birds Of Prey and many more that are of yet unnamed. Which could leave many to hope and Assume that the Spin-Off could actually be a..


IF, that is indeed the case. IF, Suicide Squad is the awesome movie it looks to be. IF, Margot’s Harley is the show stealer it looks to be.. IF! Things don’t go south and DC/WB have to retract their plans.. Then all I can say is…

THIS IS GONNA BE SO FUCKING AWESOME!! I can’t wait! CATWOMAN, POISON IVY, HARLEY QUINN, and possibly THE BIRDS OF PREY! In the same freaking movie!?!


What do you folks think? Is it too soon for DC/WB to make this announcement? Would you be excited for a Gotham City Sirens Movie? COMMENT BELOW!

So, Until Next Time Folks… Peace Out!

DCU Animated Original- “BATMAN:BAD BLOOD” Movie Review (Feat: The Speculating Nerd)

Hello there ladies and gentelnerds, and Welcome, to our movie review of The Latest DC ANIMATED ORIGINAL FILM- “BATMAN: BAD BLOOD”


joining me on this review is non other then, The Specilating Nerd..


M.I2099-That being said.. Lets have a look..

M.I2099-Now.. Before we begin, if you have not yet seen “BAD BLOOD” be warned.. SPOILERS AHEAD!

SN- Yes.. I will be spoiling some shit given the opprotunity!

M.I2099- Settle down tiger. Before you go. Let me start first.

Finally! DCUAO has provided a very good, dare I say?, GREAT animated film since… “FLASHPOINT PARADOX”


SN- Dont forget “ASSUALT ON ARKHAM!” That shit was fucking awesome!


M.I2099- Indeed! Thank you! Both excellent films. But the last two features, mostly concerning Batman, “SON OF BATMAN” and “BATMAN vs ROBIN”


have been.. For lack of a better term..

SN- Fucking Shit!!πŸ’©πŸ’©

Exactly. (At least, that’s our opinion.) However! THIS, was really freaking good! Story, Characters, Events, Animation, Action, All of it was really good!


I liked how they introduced BATWING


Damien wasn’t a complete annoying ass.


NIGHTWING’s portrayal as Batman was actually kinda fun!


But the REAL stand out from the whole film.. The one that really sparked my interest Β from the moment they arrived on screen, was..


BATWOMAN!! She was freaking awesome!! I want. No. NEED a stand alone BatWoman movie!! Desperately. That needs to happen. She stole the show.. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. This was the Batwoman show!

SN- I liked the part where (SPOILER) The team find out where Batman is, and are en route, and she says, “Hey, Batwing.. You wanna ride in The Bat-Wing?” That was funny!


Very much an amalgamation of (I think) three story lines.. Which is strangely what DC Animated likes to do nowadays. “DEATH OF BATMAN”, “BATMAN and ROBIN: SEARCH FOR BRUCE WAYNE” and “RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE”. In turn.. It’s so very watered down, and mixed together, that it really doesn’t resemble ANY of those stories at all! But mostly the Dick and Damien tenure of “BATMAN and ROBIN”


“Whilst Batwoman takes on a gang of villains, (introducing for the first time ever in the DCAU, ELECTROCUTIONER! Of Arkham Origins fame)Β image

She is joined by Batman. Who is then attacked by a mysterious masked brute.


Batman seemingly dies during the attack, while also saving Batwoman. With Batman either dead or missing, it’s up to Nightwing to keep up appearances as Batman! Damien soon joins him and the trio band together to solve the mystery”

SN- Is it my turn yet?!? Your starting to bore me!

M.I2099- Just a sec.. Uh.. Yea. Why don’t you do the Negative section..



SN- First of all, Batwing isn’t Β really introduced, but more like Shoehorned into the story, JUST to round out the “Bat-Family” if you will. I ain’t complaining.. But if they were really serious about the character they would have put a little more effort into HIS side of the story. The movie should have been a BatWoman movie! Damien is still a fucking asshole! And the villains.. (SPOILER) Talia Al Gouhl is the “Mastermind”, she was cool.. The villains were utilized.. Ok, I guess.. BUT!! (MAJOR FUCKING SPOILERS!!!!) you’ve been fucking warned..


(Mad Hatter is not in the pic πŸ‘†but he is in the movie) THEY ALL LEARN THAT BRUCE WAYNE IS BATMAN.. AND THEY ALL FUCKING DIE!! Talk about fucking luck huh?!? That’s probably the main thing that pissed me off!

M.I2099- Same here.. I thought that was stupid!

Talk about a fucking Cop Out! The writers room was probably like, “So they know who batman is.. How do we solve that problem? Fuck it! KILL EM ALL!!” Granted, these are literally bottom of the fucking barrel when it comes to Batman’s rouges gallery.. But shit! Wait till you see how Mad Hatter dies.. Wow!

Lets see.. What else.. Not enough Batwoman.. This movie needed more BatWoman!

M.I2099- To be fair, Batwoman plays a very key role and serves as the second/third key character of the story and has her own side plot. So she is featured pretty heavy in the movie..


M.I2099- Fair enough.. Is that all you got?

SN- Yeah!


M.I2099- A major improvement over the last two Batman Films. Great story, Great Characters, very well executed.. I give “BATMAN:BAD BLOOD” 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟 7/10


M.I2099- ….. Wow… (SMH)

Please! Feel free to let is know your thoughts. Please follow and subscribe, thank you!

SO! Until next time folks.. Peace out!