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As you may have already heard. Sony has cast Venom for their stand alone film, scheduled for an October 2018 release.

As reported by COLLIDER NEWS’ John Campea (video link at the end of this article) Sony Pictures has cast TOM HARDY as Eddie Brock aka VENOM! 

This is fucking HUGE for me right now. First talk of a stand alone Venom film with out any connection to Spider-Man was a pretty big “Fuck No!” from me. Then i thought about it further after hearing of the Black Cat/ Silver Sable film, i figured.. “Ok, Maybe.. But do it right..” 

NOW.. Your telling me that you got Tom Fucking Hardy as Eddie Brock Venom?.. “FUCK YEAH BITCH!! Lets do this.” 

Granted.. This does not fully guarantee that this is going to be the greatest movie ever. They still have that hurdle of making this story work with out Spider-Man. Best of luck to them. But this right here, is a fantastic move on their part. 

“IT’S ALIVE!!: ‘HELLBOY’ Set To Return With R-Rated Reboot!”

A couple of days ago, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola announced on his social media that his baby boy, Hellboy will return to theaters with a R-Rated Reboot with a new cast, crew and writing staff. Further driving in the final nail in the coffin of Del Toro’s Run on the character along with (at this point) the one true Hellboy Ron Perlman

This news comes months after Del Toro himself made this announcment..

So, the Perlman Hellboy sails off in to the sunset. (That sucks!) But! Animation should STILL be an option for all associated with the original films. 

Now, according to Mignola and Collider News, Mignola is among the writers behind the reboot. Directing will be “The Descent” Director, Neil Marshall. Even bigger news is the man who will be trying to fill the very large and impressive shoes of Ron Perlman, 

David Harbour from “Stranger Things” and many other projects.

Looking at a side by side of the two

David is 6’2. He has a good built. He is still relatively young enough to bulk up and can go the distance of multiple films. He kinda has the chin. He is a really good actor. So.. He’s no Ron Perlman… But i can dig this casting. 

The working title is “HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD WITCH” or something like that.. Again, it is a working title and no official announcment has been made. 

Lastly, the fact that the Studio and everyone involved is approaching this with a R-Rated treatment, makes this project very intriguing for me. 

Allow me to explain.

Way back when.. I had a Hellboy game for the PlayStation, 

Not the most beautiful looking game. But! The story was pretty damn dark and spooky. Very gruesome and intense. Every aspect of the game was pretty darn spooky. Lets just say i did not play this game with the light off. (I was a kid! So sue me) Pure gamers will probably get on my ass about the lousy graphics and controls, but this isnt about the gameplay itself. Im referring to the enviroment the game presented. It was fucking dark! Del Toro’s Hellboy was very light in comparison. Not as dark and twisted. This R-Rated reboot could give Hellboy a chance to really let loose and be the character Mignola had created in the first place. 

So, im hyped. Im happy Horn Head is getting another chance to grace the big screen, lets hope they do it justice and do it right. And most importantly, Make It Fun! 

What do you folks think? Are you excited for a new interpretation of Hellboy? Hit me up!

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Has Josh Brolin just confirmed he has been cast as CABLE?! I literally just spotted this on my Instagram Feed.. I might be a little late with this news.. But wow! 

Haven’t heard anything yet to the contrary. He could be trolling thr fans maybe.. But wow! How cool is this?! 

He’s not only THANOS The Mad Titan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 

But now, He joins the Marvel/Fox X-Universe as CABLE!

In my research before posting this.. 



I am loving this news. what do you folks think?!

“‘Game of Thrones’ Star, PETER DINKLAGE, Eyed For ‘Key’ Role in ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR'”

It was reported yesterday that Marvel Studios is courting ‘Game Of Thrones’ star Peter Dinklage 

For a “Key” and “Important” Role in the, soon to start production, ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’. 

Naturally, Geek ‘News’ sites began chomping at the bit about the possibilities of whom Peter could possible play. (My Short List coming in a few) 

Peter Dinklage is no strager to the comic book film world, having appeared in ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’. Playing Sentinels creator, Bolivar Trask. 

Quick history lesson. When Dinklage was announced, Chatter quickly type casted and speculated that he would be playing Puck.

The diminuative Canadian superhero from Alpha Flight. Clearly this kind of fan casting is rather.. For lack of a better word, small thinking if you asked me. Not that he wouldnt have been awesome as the character. But his acting skill far surpasses a character like Puck. So, it was a very nice surprise to find him playing Bolivar Tarsk. And he rocked it! Even with such sparse screen time he gave Trask a presentation worth recognition. 

NOW, We in the nerd comunity is falling down that same hole yet again. This time clearly putting Dinklage as possibly being offered the role of..

Pip. The Troll.. *sigh* Honestly, As much as it would be cool to see Pip and other Infinity Watch characters appear in the MCU.. I dont see him as a ‘Key’ or ‘Important’ character for the events of Infinity War’.  He barely mattered in the actiual comic. So, I dont think Marvel is looking to waste such talent on such a.. So-so chracter. 

Here are some of my suggestions/hopes. 


The Watchers are an ancient race of Cosmic Beings whose sole purpose is to watch and record all events of a designated Universe. Uatu being the Watcher of Earth 616 (The Main Marvel Comics Universe). Dinklage is the type of actor who could really sink his teeth in to such a role. He brings along a very regal sensibility to himself. If it is not Uatu, perhaps a rouge Watcher who wishes to help save the universe by interfering with events? 

EROS/STARFOX (Thanos’s Younger Brother) 

Eros has a way with words. Which is his superpower. As Tyrion Lannister on ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dinklage is quite the wordsmith. Able to out talk and out think his adversaries. Eros would be an inspired choice. Bringing real, diversity in to the family tree of Thanos. 


I am salivating at the thought of this character coming in to the MCU. The mere mention of his name in ‘Dr.Strange’ made me lose my mind. Dinklage can have a very imposing voice. Playing the CGI character of Tribunal would be epic with just his voice alone. Coming in at the most intense moment of the film. Stopping Thanos from destroying the universe and tipping the balance in favor of the Heroes would be really cool. 

And finally.. Probably my most favorite pick behind The Living Tribunal..


Come on.. Who wouldnt want to see the introduction of the Beyonder in Infinity War?! And with the talents of Dinklage at the helm.. Its a match made in heaven. Something so immensely powerful, in the vessel of someone so small. Its too good to pass up. No one would see Dinklage coming. 

What do you folks think? Who would you want to see Dinklage play in the MCU, IF he were to join the franchise. I hope he does sign up. And i hope Marvel gives him the right character. 

So, Until Next Time Folks.. Peace Out!


As many of you are aware. Tim Miller, director of 2016’s biggest superhero movie hit DEADPOOL, will not be returning to helm the production of DEADPOOL 2! 

According to reports and other Nerd News Sources. Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds could not come to an agreement over what direction to take the sequel. 

Miller: Wanting to take advantage of the success of the first film and plan for a higher budget film. With a larger budget, He wanted to take the film down a more slightly serious road and make the story more grand. 

Reynolds: Felt that a Larger scale, more serious film for Deadpool, wouldnt be a Deadpool movie. 

Unable to come to an agreement. The two men decided to part ways. 

Another divide between the two, that could have been the final nail in the coffin. Was the supposed casting of CABLE 

Kyle Chandler, of Friday Night Lights fame, Was Millers choice for the character. Reynolds, DP 1 Writers AND Fox Studios themselves were not on board with this decision. And so.. That was The End!

[Personal Note: Not an expert on Kyle Chandliers acting career.. But, i think his style of drama could be an interesting mix with Ryan’s Deadpool.. But thats just me.] 

Many names are now floating around in the rumorshpere and News Sites on who could possibly replace Miller in the Directors chair. Names such as, Quentin Tarintino, Michael Vaughn, and Edger Wright and Drew Goodard just to name a few. 

Most recently, rumor has it that Reynolds and 20th Century Fox are looking at a short list of Directors, with JOHN WICK Co-director David Leitch being at the top of the list. Nothing has been finalized at the present time.

Many would also suggest that Ryan Reynolds be the one to direct the sequel, since he is so entrenched with the character. To that i say, Not a bad idea.. But not a good one either. I’ll tell you why..
Reynolds has not directed anything as of yet. So he doesnt have much experiance in that department. Also, being a director is an all encompassing job. The Director is there from start to finish. Thier pressence has to be in everything, from editing to set design to wardrobe. A responsibility that would prove veey challenging for a first time director, like Reynolds, who is also the Full Time Producer of the film and the Star of the movie itself. It would be extremely fun to see Ryan Reynolds have a seat in the directors chair on a Deadpool film, but its too much too soon. Even for him. Starring, Producing and Directing is a tall order to fill.

Thats the current state of Deadpool 2. Once further information drops, I’ll try and bring you folks as up to date as i possible can.

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


So.. I was just going through my blog site and i realized.. “Holy Shit! I havent said shit about the Upcoming Power Rangers movie!?” 
So here goes nothing.. 

A Power Rangers Movie is on the way! Scheduled for a early 2017 realease. Its the first time since.. 1994-95 that the Rangers will be appearing on the big screen. 

(When it was first announced, i wasnt hyped, nor was i upset, nor can i say i was remotely interested. It did however make me nostalgic about the original.)

Months passed and we got our first look at the Ranger suits..

Of course, all of fandom half ridiculed Saban and.. Uhm.. Lionsgate?! Are they the ones doing it?.. Hmm.. Gotta fact check.. BRB! 🏃🏃



Fandom ridiculed the new suits as blatant Iron Man ripoffs. 

(I noticed the similarities. But still respected the studios direction they were going with the costumes.)

After that, Casting news began to spread like wildfire. 

We had our cast of Twenty-somethings playing Some-Teens. Then Elisabeth Banks of ‘Zac and Miri Make A Porno’, ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’ was cast as Rita Reuplsa. 

(That caught my attention. As to that i am indeed a fan of Ms.Banks.)

Then we got our first look at Rita Repulsa..

(Then my penis decided to pay attention!)

The photo clearly showcasing the very different and uniqe style they are taking with the whole thing. 

Thanks to ‘Entertainment Weekly’ we got more and more exclusive looks at the Rangers..

Then more casting news.. 

‘Breaking Bad’ Star, Bryan Cranston was announced to play head in a lava lamp, Zordon! 

(Interestingly enough. It turns out Cranston, in his early years in show buisness, voiced a number of characters in the original Power Rangers series…

Your welcome!)

Hype is steadily climbing throughout the interwebs at this point. We got Heisinberg playing Zordon, and a Rita Repulsa that makes men and women pitch tents in thier pants! Things are looking good!

Most recently, we got more exclusive posters from the studio, featuring the Rangers striking poses on their, still yet to be revealed, Mega Zords..

(My hype senses are tingeling! Yes.. The hype bug is slowly creeping upon me. Cant say im there yet.. Perhaps when we get our first Trailer, and its actually good.. We’ll see.)

And FINALLY! The MOST recent casting news to hit. Has been the addition of SNL Alum (and personal SNL Favorite) Bill Hader. And he will Voice APLHA-5! 

Things are looking very good for the Remake/Reboot of the Power Rangers at the moment. The movie could suck major Donkey Balls! But that remains to be seen. We wont know until the film drops, March 24, 2017! But right now.. In my humble opinion.. This looks pretty fucking awesome! 

So what do you folks think? Are you excited by what your seeing so far from the New Power Rangers movie? Hit me up, place a comment.. FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE to the blog! And let me know what you think!

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


I know im late.. But seriously.. Fuck It!
It was announced the other day, by DC film/comic executive Geoff Johns, that Deathstroke will be the Main Villain for the solo BatFleck Batman Film. And He will be played by.. Fuck! Uhm.. Mangonello? Manana-jello? Manjajalolo? Hold up… 

This fucker right here! 👆 

JOE MANGENIELO! thats it! Thats how it goes! 

So anyways.. Great choice! He has the look to pull it off..

He has the size. And i am very certain he has the talent. I am not completley familliar with his work as an actor except for his breif run as Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and his role in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “SABOTAGE. In which he was good. Never saw True Blood.. But it lasted a long time and that is where his fan base comes from. 

He does indeed have the look. Im certain he has the chops, and lastly.. He’s not such a big name that it would distract from the performance of the character. So thats a big plus in my book. 

Im Pleased with the casting and am excited for the future of the new solo Batman run.

What do you think? Good casting choice? Let me know in the comments below! PLEASE Subscribe / Follow! Thx for reading.

So, until bext time folks.. Peace Out!