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(I do not own the rights to these characters. Batman and all related characters are property of DC/WB. I do claim ownership of the story!) 

Nightwing stood there. The blood and gore that was Edward Nigma, drenched his hands and suit. The torrential rain fails to wash it away. His hands began to shake as he played back what just happened. He clenched his eyes tight, as if in hopes of sqeezing the memory out of his mind. Then, sense rushed back to him in an instant. 

Far off, Deadshot has Nightwing in his crosshairs. “Night, night birdie.” he smiled, and with that he pulled the trigger. 

If Nightwing had not turned the slightest bit to his left. The bullet would have done its evil deed. But Nightwing did move, ever so slightly to the left, in that milisecond between the pull of the trigger and the bullet zooming out of the barrel. 

The bullet slammed into his shoulder, knocking him on his back. “Ahg!” He groaned. 

“Son of a bitch!” Deadshot cursed as he set up for his next shot. 

Nightwing quickly rolled out of postion and scanned the rooftops. Pushing a small button on his mask, activated the state of the art lenses in his mask. “Track” he stated. The buildings around him pushed away from him, becoming a three dimensional model right before his eyes. A bright line appeared before him. “Pinpoint” he said as he darted for the nearby cover of a chimney. 

“Bricks aint gonna protect you, birdie.” Deadshot smirked. 

BLAM! A bullet blasted through the brick near Nightwings ear. “Damn it!” he cursed as he moved more to his left. “Hold. Re-track.” he said, The 3D display highlighted a new bright yellow track.”Bingo.” he said. “Pinpoint and locate.” The display panned out into a full map and a bright red dot appeared. “Got you” 

As another bullet blasted through another brick next to him, Nightwing jumped to his feet and ran toward the gunfire. “Oh yeah, come at me bro.” Deadshot smirked and just then, Nightwing suddenly tossed down some smoke pellets. 

Deadshot glared through his periscope. Waiting for Nightwing to emerge from the smoke. “Shit!” He cursed, after a moment. He quickly shouldered his rifle and rushed away. 

Deadshot leapt over to the next rooftop and raced for the fire escape, then suddenly, a pair of Batarangs knocked the rifle out of his hands. Nightwing swooped out of the sky tackeling Deadshot to the ground. 

Deadshot kicked Nightwing off of him pulled out a side arm and fired. Nightwing dodged and kicked the weapon out of his hand. He then pulled out his Escrema Sticks and began to pummel Deadshot with them. “You killed him! You freaking killed him!!” Nightwing spat as he beat on Deadshot. Suddenly, Deadshot produced a dagger and stabbed Nightwing in the thigh. 

“Argh!” Nightwing staggered back and dropped to his knee. Deadshot stumbles to his feet and draws another pistol. “Look! A jobs a job kid. Nygma was an annoying prick that stuck his nose where it shouldnt have been. Aint nobody gonna a shed a tear for that dumbass. And please, Forgive me for not giving a shit about how you feel about it. Now.. You weren’t on the payroll.. But im sure Black Mask would pay a couple more millions for a dead former Bat-Boy.” Deadshot Pulled back the safety and his finger started to tighten on the trigger. 

A great rage boiled up in Nightwings body. He lunges forward as Deadshot pulls the trigger, pushing the gun up. BLAM! The gun fires in the air. Nightwing pulls his fist back and deliveres a massive right hand, knocking Deadshots mask clean off. 

Deadshot flew a clear foot off the ground and crashed hard. Nightwing dragged himself up and mounted Deadshot. Seething, he raised his fist up and began beat Deadshot. 

Bop! Bop! Bop! Bam! Bam! Crick! Crick! Crack! 

Suddenly, a whipping sound cracked the air and something grasped his wrist. Stopping his fist. 

Nightwing turned and found Catwoman and her whip stopping his fist. Her face in a state of shock.. “I think.I think He’s had.. Enough.”


“You know, Master Dick. If You are to continue down this course of activity.. Might i suggest a full suit of Armor? Perhaps titanium?” Alfred joked dryly as he stitched Nightwings thigh. 

Catwoman sat a ways off, gingerly turning in the arm chair. 

Nightwing smirked, “I think titanium would be a little heavy for this line of work Al.” “Perhaps sir. Or maybe you can call your friend?.. The Robotic gentleman. Maybe he can set up replacement parts for you in the future.” Said Alfred cutting the last stitch.

The door upstairs could be heard opening and heavy footfalls coming down the stairs. Bruce had the most severe, stern look on his face. “We need a moment.” he said flatly, walking past everyone without looking at them. He walked up to the batcomputer and paused. 

Selina and Alfred exchanged looks. Alfred packed up the first aid kit, passing Dick a freash bandage and patted his shoulder gently with a reassuring smile. Selina helped Alfred with the kit and they left Bruce and Dick alone. 

Bruce sighed and turned on the Main Moniter. Deadshot’s beaten and bruised face filled the screen. “What is this?” Bruce said after a moment. 

“What?” Dick said as he wrapped his leg, “Its not like you havent lost your temper before.” 

“Fractured Eye Socket. Crushed cheek-bone. Jaw.. Broken in two places. A Fractured Skull! If Selina hadn’t stopped you. You would have killed Lawton!.. You call THAT losing your temper?” 

“Oh come on! Your being a major Hypocrite!” Dick shot back. 

“A Hypocrite!?  Damn it, Dick. Have you learned nothing.” 

“If I Did Kill Deadshot. What great loss would that be, huh?! One less murdering pyscho on the loose.” 

“NO! Not one less..”

“Oh, spare me the old, Kill one become one bull crap! Please. I honsetly dont see just what the big deal is, anymore… You did it and the world didn’t stop.” 

“You dont know what your talking about..” Bruce turned away.

“What Happened to you Bruce? Why are you letting him effect you?” 

“Its not him..” Bruce sighed.

“You sure? Bruce.. The Joker, was a murdering. Homicidal. Lunatic. Brought nothing but death and destruction wherever he went.” 

“Its not about the Joker..” Bruce said. 

“He.. He could have killed.. My wife! Barbara. He crippled her! Left her to bleed out.. You did.. What needed to be done.” 

“It’s Not. About. The Joker.” Bruce said through clenched teeth. His hands shaking.

“Then, DAMN IT. WHAT IS IT?!?” Dick yelled.

“I. KILLED. A. MAN!!” Bruce wheeled around, his face red and his eyes wet. 

Dick froze. 

“I.. I took.. A LIFE! It doesn’t matter if it was the Joker. Or penguin. Or or whoever.. I killed a man. With my hands. I.. Am supposed to be better. The Batman.. Was supposed to be better. And I failed. I failed everything that I stand for.. What THEY stood for. In my eyes.. The Batman.. I.. Am no better then the Joker..” Bruce turned away and rubbed his eyes. 

Dick stood there. No words were said. For long minutes.

“You know..” Dick started after a moment, “When i was.. 5. I was still learning how to swing on the trapeze. My dad, had built a small set for me. So i can learn and practice you know. Anyway.. I was swinging and i wanted to try something i saw my parents do one time. I fell.. Hard. Skinned my knee and hurt my ankle. Hurt like hell. Man.. I cried so hard. Dont remember crying so much, like, ever. My dad came running. I told him what happened, through the sobbing. He laughed.  And then he picked me up in to his arms and said.. ‘Son. Do you know, Why We Fall?’ he said, ‘So We Can Learn To Pick Ourselves Up. And Keep Moving Forward.’ I was 5.. Never really grasped it at the time. Then, years later.. A man I looked up to.. I nearly got him killed during my first time out. I beat myself up for weeks. Didn’t want to leave the cave. And then, that man pulled me to the side after a very rough, forced, training session and he asked me.. ‘Why Do We Fall Down, Grayson?’ I get it now.. But now. I ask you, Bruce.. Why Do We Fall Down?” 

And with that, Dick turned away and left.

Bruce stood there. Quiet. His mind drifted for a moment. And then.. “The kid has a point you know.” Selina said, appearing out of the corner. She slowly walked toward him and grasped his hand. She propped her chin on his shoulder and ran her fingers through his hair. They stood there in silence. After a moment, she slaps his butt and says, “Come upstairs and lets work out that pent up aggression you got there big boy..”


Bruce and Selina cuddled in bed. She layed in his arms, sound asleep. He stared deeply at the cieling. The moonlight shined dully through the window. His eyes, he could feel them getting heavy. He didnt really want to sleep. His mind echoing with those words. “Why do we fall down.”  Bruce sighed deeply and closed his eyes. 

BUMP! A sound came from down stairs. His head shot up. He looked at the clock on the night stand. ‘its too late for Alfred to be up.’ he thought. BUMP! BUMP! The sound again. He quickly got out of bed, but made sure not to wake Selina. 

The noise was coming from the living room. Light was blazing from the door way. ‘The Fire Place?’ He crept to the door way and peeked inside. A man was tossing firewood into the fire place. “The Hell? Excuse me?!” he said demandingly. The man turned around with a big smile on his face. “Hey there son.” 

Bruce’s Eyes widened in total shock and horror. “D..D, Dad?” he gasped. “You ok son? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Thomas smiled. “H-How are you.. Here?” He stammered. Thomas chuckled, “I dont believe i have ever left son. WE, never left you.” A soft hand gentley grasped his shoulder. He turned and met his mothers gaze. “Mom?” he breathed. “Hello Bruce.” she smiled, kissing his cheek. 

He closed his eyes at the warmth of her touch. He opened them and they were both gone. The room was dark. He wheeled around, looking for any trace of them. A cold breeze hit his neck. He turned and saw the front door wide open. A shadow passed the window. He chased it outside. 

He suddenly found himself running down a hill side. Suddenly, he slipt and fell. He began rolling down the hill. He came to the base of the hill and landed on top of something soft. Dizzy, he shook his head and looked. He was a top Jokers body. He gasped, jumping to his feet. He found himself surrounded by police officers. Gordon looked at him with saddness and disapointment. Behind him, Thomas and Martha Wayne stood. “Mom. Dad.” they turned away. “Wait!” 

“You’ve been a bad boy brucie!” Joker laughed as his head dangled grossly off his neck. Bruce gasped and Ran after his parents. Joker’s laugh echoed around him. Soon everyone was laughing. 

“Stop it. Stop!.. Stop Laughing!!” he yelled. 

Silence. He was alone. Darkness. He turned around and met Jokers sick twisted gaze. His head dangled off center. “Hiya Brucie!” he smiled. “Look who finally had that One. Bad. Day! Now, you and me.. Are one, and the same! We all are..” 

Bruce found himself surrounded by all of his enemies. They all laughed at him.  “No. No! Im nothing like you! I cant.. I wont! Im not! I’M NOT!!” He buried his head in his hands.

“No.” a cold voice said. Bruce looked up. He found himself in the street. That fateful street. He looked to his left. The Alley Way. Crime Alley. “No” he trembled, as foot steps echoed around him. He turned, There was the man. There was Joe Chill. He lifted the gun and pulled the trigger. 


“Maybe. Maybe, your more like me?” Joe Chill lifeted his head in to the light, he had the face of Bruce Wayne. 

Bruce looked down at his parents lifeless bodies. “NNNNOOOOOOOO!!” He screamed. grasping at them. His hands becoming more and more drenched with blood. Dark and crimson. He cried. 

“Bruce.” a calm voice said. “Bruce.” He opened his eyes. He was outside the mansion. He looked for who called his name. He gazed over at the family cemetery. A bright light flashed from withing and he raced for it.

“Hello?!” he called, “Who’s there?!” He searched all around for the source of the light. And then he saw them. The gravestones. “HERE LIES: THOMAS AND MARTHA WAYNE” it read. He fell to his knees.

“You remember that promise we made?” a dark voice said. He stood up, turned and standing before him was The Batman. “We swore we would never let anything like what happened to us, happen to anyone else.. Do you remember?” He asked, his eyes glowing red. 

“I.. I remember. And we broke that promise. We failed them! We took a Life!” Bruce said. 

“Bruce.. You must stop blaming yourself.” His Fathers voice said. He stepped out from behind Batman. “You made a mistake. We all do. Dont you remember what i taught you son? Why do we fall down Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.. And learn from our mistakes.” “Our Work is not done.” said Batman. “We have much to do.” Bruce shook his head, “You were supposed to be better then them. We were.. I, was supposed to be better.” 

“You put too much pressure on your shoulders, sweetheart.” His Mother said from behind him. He turned to her. She glowed with a white light. She stood there, her bright white dress flowed like silk. A warmth came from her. “I know what this is.. I know im dreaming. My subconscious. Thats all that all of you are.” He said rubbing his eyes. She grasped his hands gently and pulled them from his eyes. Her hands were so warm. “Do i truly feel like a dream?” she said. A sensation came over him. A chill. A warming chill. She touched his face and he gasped. Tears flowed down his cheeks. He pulled her close and held her.”Mom..” he sobbed, “I am so sorry..  I failed you.” “My sweet boy. We have watched you grow in to such an inspiring man. A man of true passion and purity. We are so very proud of you.” she lifted his head to look into his eyes. “You have changed the world for the better. But you carry so much weight on your shoulders. Too much for one man. You are not perfect. You never had to be. No ever is. We all make mistakes Bruce. But its how we come back from those mistakes. How we better ourselves. How we overcome. That, is how we can truly LIVE with ourselves. Rise my son. Face yourself.” she turned him around to face Batman. 

“You created something that gives people hope. Gives people strength. In a world that takes those very things away from them. You dont have to be perfect. No one is. Your only human. But you are strong. You have the potential to do.. Great things. But i can not make you choose to take back that responsibility. All i can do.. All i really want to do.. Is look at you.. And tell you.. We love you. We are so very proud of you. And we will Always. Always, be with you.” 

“Bruce?” Thomas asked, “Yes, father?” Said Bruce. “Why do we fall down?”

Bruce’s face went serious and stern. He walked up to Batman and looked deep into his eyes. 

“So we can learn to pick ourselves up.. And Keep Moving Forward.” He said. 

His eyes suddenly opened. He found himself standing in the Batcave. The display case for his Batsuit stood empty before him.. 

[THE BOWERY: Downtown Gotham.]
A Gang War was underway. Machine gunfire was coming from both sides of the street. In the middle of all the carnage, was a lone police car. 

“I REPEAT! This is car 2187! We are under heavy fire. I NEED BACK UP DAMN IT! NOW!” The officer called from under his car. Bullets bouncing and pierceing his car above him. “Hang In the 2187. We’re sending units your way now.” the operator called back. “UNITS?! DAMN IT I NEED THE NATIONAL GUARD HERE!” 

Screams erupted over the gunfire. Smoke began to bellow around outside. Then the gunfire began to scatter. Heavy at first.. Then.. Light.. Then.. Silence. 

“The Hell?!” the officer breathed. Gingerly, he crawled out from under the car. The streets were silent. The smoke began to thin out. He coughed and waved his hat around to clear the air. Something heavy landed on the roof of the car behind him. He wheeled around, drawing his gun. Then. Through the smoke. He saw Him. He felt his eyes on him. He lowered his gun. The Radio cracked on, “officer Brent? Are you still there?!” he turned to grab the radio, breathing heavily he said, “Scrap that back up.” he turned back. He was gone.  “Send a clean up crew.” he said with a smile, “He’s Back!”  “Can You repeat that?” said the operator. “BATMAN IS BACK!” Brent cheered! 




Just before the release of ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ This past August, WB/DC announced that a Harley Quinn film could be in the pipeline.. (for my thoughts on that *click link below*)
Then, after the success of the film, the studio made it official, Harley Quinn will get her solo movie.. (More of my thoughts in following link..)

NOW! As of earlier this week, WB/DC announced that indeed, The Birds Of Prey will appear in the Harley Quinn Movie! 

(Who has two thumbs and said this will happen, a long time ago?… 👍👍 THIS GUY!)

Which makes me wonder.. What Birds Of Prey lineup should we get?! Heres my personal suggestions.. 

BATGIRL (Barbara Gordon) 

She does not have to be Oracle in the Movie Universe.. Robbing us of a proper Barabar Gordon Batgirl would be a mistake in my opinion. 


Obviously. You cant have the Birds without the Canary! 


Nuff said, really. 

And just to really spice things up a bit.. Add in..


We already got Enchantress in the DCEU, if Harley comes across Zatanna, she could be like.. “Great, another Magic Lady!” 

Lastly.. I would really appreciate a cameo or introduction of Kate Kane into the DCEU..


She would be an awesome addition in to the universe. (just my opinion) 

I’ll try and be more on point with news like this, as it breaks.Heres hoping my guessing right streak continues when they announce The Gotham City Sirens will show up.. 

So what do you folks think? Leave your comments below and please follow and or subscribe. Thank You. 
So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


( I do not own the characters appearing in this story. But i do claim the story!) 


Batgirl carfully opens the roof window panels and slides in to the building, Landing skillfully on a near by beam. She masterfully scales the cieling. She hears voices. She spots a nearby vantage point and silently grapnels to it. 

“You heard the boss. Batgirl should be arriving any minute.” said a Thug from below. 6 heavily armed Thugs enter the room and begin to spread out. “Boss says this will be the only way in or out. So wes gotta make sure the place is tight. Nobody gets in or out.. And if the bitch shows her little red head anywhere.. We blast it clean off!” The thugs laugh. 

“Yea, Right.” she mutters. A thug decides to lay back against a wall directly below her and stops to have a smoke. “Bingo.” she says. She zips down from the roof and snatches him up before he even realizes it. He lets out a yelp. “The hell was that?” A Thug Yelled. 

They rushed over to find the man hanging upside down from the cieling. “She’s here! Spread out and find the bitch!” Just then, a thug at the back of the crew was snatched up in to the darkness. They wheeled around and he was gone. Suddenly, smoke enveloped them like a cloud. They fired thier weapons wildly and one by one, they fell. Finally, The group leader made a run for it. He rushed for a door and ran into it. It was locked. He wrestled with the door lock and a sudden silence came around him. He grasped his side arm and turned around. Nothing was there. “I aint scared of you! You cheap Bat knock off!” he called out. “You should be.” she whispered from behind. He gasped and wheeled around to a round house kick to the face. 

The door behind her opened behind her with force. Knocking her forward. A large shadow stood over her. 

“Bane!” she grumbled.

“Its time for you to die, Malyshka!” Bane grolwed. He charged at her like a rhino. She threw a series of batarangs at him. Several of them sailed through him like they didnt exist. He knocked her down with but a swipe of his arm. She struggled to get up, but she couldnt.. She fell back as air left her body.


“what the hell was that!?” Barbara exclaimed over her headset. “One hit and im dead?!” A text appeared on her screen, ‘RED_ROBIN_436: Still working on the bugs. Sorry’ “Some serious bugs.” she retorted. “RED_ROBIN_436: But what do you think of the game so far? Any critique would be accepted.” She smiled as she sipped her tea, “Where do i start? ” she laughed. “First of all.. Bane is South American.. Not Russian. Might wanna fix that. The Batarangs went right through him. You clearly made him waay to strong. Uhmm, the language can be toned down abit. And lastly.. Batgirls design.. You could make her just a tad bit more.. Realistic and less.. ‘Kardashian'” An alert came on her screen. “Virus detected!” “Aww. Red Robin..” she said sweetly as she pressed some quick comand buttons. “Still trying to hack my sytem little buddy?” she said mockingly. “Red_Robin_436: Cant blame a guy for trying! LOL!😂” She smirked, “It was a nice try pal… But not nice enough.” ‘Virus eliminated!’ the screen read. “Red_Robin_436: One of these days, Oricale_66! 😅😜” Barabra smiled again. Just then another alert came on screen. It was the shape of a Green Question mark. “Red_Robin_436:Hey! Whats that?” “Uh.. I gotta go Red Robin. Ill ttyl, keep working on that game. Oricale out.” she said shutting down the program and activating the Question Mark.


“Ok. As i sign this last document.” says Bruce Wayne, “As of this moment. All of Wayne Enterprises and it’s subsidiaries now belongs to my friend and former ward. Mr. Richard Grayson.” The Board Room began to applaude. “I know i am leaving it all in good hands.” He said, shaking Dick’s hand. A cameraman jolted forward and snapped several pictures. “Ok. Ok. Thank you.” Dick said, motioning for the clapping to stop, “I am.. Really humbled and proud to be given this. Opportunity. This honour. I am not much of a, ‘Buisness Man’ myself. But i will do my very best to, uhm, Uphold the Wayne name and what it stands for in this city, and around the world. And, look, lets be honest.. Im gonna have Mr. Foxx be in charge and take all the credit!” The room laughed. “But, in all seriousness.. I want to thank Bruce. For… Everything. Uhm.. I dont wanna get too mushy. But.. Uh. Thank You. Thats all i got. Thank you all!”

Lucious Foxx escorted everyone out of the room soon after. “Not much for speeches, i see.” Bruce teased. “Yea.. Im usually a shower then a talker.” said Dick, slightly limping in to a chair. “And i thought we agreed on dropping the whole ‘Young Ward’ part out of the speech” “Did we?” Bruce teased. “Hows the leg?” “Its good. Getting better.” Dick said rubbing his thigh. “So.. You ready for the PoliceMens Ball?” Dick changed the subject, “Yes.” “You have a date yet?” Bruce glanced at Dick sideways, “Selena? Its getting serious isnt it.” Dick teased. Just then, both thier phones began to vibrate. “Its Barb!” Dick said. They rushed into Bruce’s office and pressed a nearby panel. The window blinds shut and a portrait on the wall flipped into a screen. Barbara’s Image came on screen. “Whats up, Babe?”

“You guys need to see this..” she said quickly.

A Green Question Mark appeared on screen and a ragged and disheveled Edward Nygma quickly followed.

“Dark Knight! I know you are seeing this message.. I.. I need your help!” Bruce and Dick exchanged looks. “My life is in grave danger. I am being hunted like a big game animal! I have come in to very intriguing information.. Information yourself may be interested in hearing. I didnt have enough time to safeguard this transmission from being seen by anyone else. ‘If You follow the Straight and Narrow.. You will find This?”

“And thats all the video.” Barbara came back on screen. “What do you guys think?” “Riddles! Why is it always riddles?!” Dick moaned. “He’s hiding in the Narrows.” Bruce said flatly. “Too easy. Even for Nygma. Follow the straight path to the Narrows and we find our answers. IF, hes telling the truth.. Either way it could be a trap.” “Is it something we can afford to over look, even if it is a trap?” Dick added. They exchanged looks, “Im on it.” Dick said finally. “I’ll start cross referencing known Riddler hideouts in the Narrows.” Said Barbara as she went off screen.


Nightwing scaled swiftly along the rooftops. “That leg brace holding up nicely?” Oracle said. “Very nicely.” said Dick. “Ok. This is the last of Riddlers hideouts. Lets hope this is not another dud.” He opened up the window paneled roof and slid inside.

The building was pitch black, but with a slam, the lights lit the room like the sun. “It took you long enough. Was actually expecting The Bat.” The Riddlers voice echoed around him. “Batman’s Dead, Nygma. Or havent you figured that out yet.” “Of course he is..” Riddler said knowingly. The lights dimmed and Riddler came out of the shadows. “Heres the deal, ‘Boy Wonder’. You get me out of this cursed city, Safely! And maybe i will tell you what i know.”

Nightwing folded his arms. “Clearly, your confusing me with someone who gives a damn about your safety. Nygma!”

“If you dont garuntee me safe passage out of this city.. I will never tell you. Who. Is. Black. Mask.” Riddler scowled. Thunder clapped outside. “What?!” Nightwing got closer to him. Rain began to pelt the roof and windows. “I know the riddle behind the mask. And if you want the answer.. You. Will. Protect me!” Nygma proclaimed, poking his finger in to Nightwings chest. Dick immediately grasped his arm and twisted it. “Ahhh!” Nygma screamed, “I am not Batman, Nygma! Im not in the mood for your games! Tell me, who is Black Mask?!” Nightwing twisted his arm. Riddler screamed.

Suddenly the doors banged open. “FREEZE! NOBODY MOVE!”GCPD officers rushed the room and surrounded them. Nightwing reluctantly let go of Riddlers arm. “Dont trust them.” Riddler whispered. “Officers. I have reason to believe that Edward Nygma may have information that may lead to the location and capture of Black Mask.” Nightwing said. The officers exchanged looks. “Is that right.” said one of the officers. He pulled out the gun and before he coukd pull the trigger, Nightwing knocked the gun out of his hand. “RUN NYGMA!” Nightwing yelled, as the officers began to open fire. Nightwing fought them off, one by one as Riddler scurried for cover. Soon more cops stormed the building.

Nightwing raced over and grabbed Riddler up and with the toss of some smoke bombs, they made their escape. “Riddler is on the move. Nightwing is helping him. Send in the asset.” an officer called over his Radio.

Once sure they were a good distance. Nightwing found a secluded rooftop. Dropping Riddler hard. “Why are the cops after you!?” “Isn’t it obvious simpleton!?” Riddler spat. “Black Mask has most of the GCPD in his pocket! Hes got politicans. Hes got criminals!” The rain grew heavier. “Who is he!?” Nightwing grabbed Nygma by his jacket and shook him. “No more games! No more Riddles! You tell me.. And i promise i will get you out of the city. I swear! Now tell me!”

Riddler shoved Nightwing off of him and paced. Muttering to himself.. “What Do you call..” “DAMN IT NYGMA!” Nightwing cursed, grabing ahold of him again, “I am not gonna ask again.. Fight that stupid urge of yours and tell me!”

Riddler looked in to Nightwings eyes. “Black Mask.. Is’nt just one man.. But he is One Man.” “I said. No. Riddles!”, “Its not a Riddle! Black Mask is.


Riddlers face exploded in a blast of gore and bone. His eye and grey matter splattered across Nightwings face. Nightwing stood there frozen as Riddlers headless body slipped through his fingers.

[10 miles away]

Nightwing stood in the crosshairs. His face frozen with shock.

“This is too good.” Floyd Lawton mused as he looked out through the scope. “Literally Two for the price of one.” Deadshot smiled, “Say good night Birdie…”



It was announced the other day that WB Pictures made it official, official that a Suicide Squad spinoff will be in the works. And it will be a Harley Quinn Movie! 

Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character was, in fact, the clear stand out from the whole film. Besides Will Smith’s DEADSHOT. So it comes at no surprise that they would go for a solo Harley film. 

However! Its a little hard to believe, in my opnion, that it will only be a Harley Film. I wouldnt be at all surprised that in the coming weeks or months, as WB continues to work on the project, It’ll be announced that it will actually be a Gotham City Sirens movie.

Allow me to elaborate.. Its most likely safe to assume that WB/DC would want to use more recent comic book source material in order to construct the story. The most recent work, is The New 52 run of Harley Quinn. Written and illustrated by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiiotti.

Which, taking under consideration WB’s current movie track record, would be a bad idea! 

The New 52 run of Harley Quinn, essentially made her DC’s version of Deadpool! She knew she was a comic book character. She broke the 4th wall. She converses with a stuffed half robot beaver. She was ultra violent and funny. They made her a Female Deadpool. 

If they were to follow this route.. It would be a bad choice in WB’s part. Fans would acuse them of ripping off the deadpool movie. 

Granted, Suicide Squad presented a very slightly different version of Harley. But the potential of a Deadpool esq veesion of her is there. 

The Best and most possible choice for a Harley Spin Off movie would be the creation of The Gotham City Sirens! 

With Harley Quinn being the spine of the story arc. Perhaps her story would force her in to contact with Catwoman. Getting them arrested in the process and then meeting Poison Ivy later on in the film. And maybe The Joker could be the real main villain in this.. 

We could even see Batgirl be the pursing hero (maybe Batman)

We could also maybe see The Birds Of Prey make an apperance as well.. 

Perhaps they join together to fight Joker at the end! 

It could be like an awesome ‘Thelma and Louise’ style story with kick ass action in it. 

Cast the characters of Catwoman, Ivy, Batgirl and the other Birds of Prey properly, craft a great story and they could have a major hit on their hands.

Im looking forward to it nontheless. Weather its a Harley or a GCS movie, im excited and i want to see it! 

What do you folks think? Let me know your thoughts..

So, until next time.. Peace Out!


Greetings, ladies and gentelnerds! Welcome back to yet another exciting trip into my demented psyche. 
The other day i posted, on my various social media outlets, my hopes on seeing COPPERHEAD (Arkham Origins version)

Appearing in the next solo “BATMAN” film. She was probably my most favorite boss fight in ‘Arkham Origins’. Then, I had a huge Brain Fart, and here we are..

Here is my, “Top 10 villains that should be in the next Batman Trilogy” (In no particular order and based solely on single interpretations of the character)

10.TWO FACE (The Long Halloween)

Yes, we had Two Face appear in Batman films twice before.. First time was like, “Uhhh.. What?!”

The second time around was like, “Looks awesome, but we lost intrest after the third act.” 

So, third time should be the charm right? I was thinking they could follow the “The Long Halloween” version of Two Face. 

His backstory and motivations are so much more indepth in that story. And hes a lot more darker and twisted. 

9. BLACK MASK (Under the Red Hood/Arkaham Origins)

We got a slight taste of Black Mask in Fox’s “Gotham” show. But.. That was, eh! To me, the version(s) of Black Mask that appear in “Under The Red Hood” 

And “Arkham Origins” (When He IS actualy in the mask and not the Joker (SPOILER))

Are much better translations of the Character. If The Batman films still wish to stay within the realm of down to earth story telling. A mob boss who wears a scary Black Skull Mask wouldnt be a bad idea.

8. SOLOMON GRUNDY (Arkham City) 

This version of Solomon Grundy is probably my most favorite. He’s huge. He’s scary. And he’s wicked fun to fight. This choice is going waayy out there in terms of believability, But what helps is that This Grundy doesnt have to be the main focus of the story. But in fact a really entertaining obsticle for batman to get over. IF!, in fact the next solo Batman film IS taking place in Arkham Asylum. It would be really cool if they threw this ‘Zombie’ Grundy in like.. A haunted swamp on the Grounds of the Asylum. Nobody goes over there cause of Grundy’s Legend. But Batman needs to cut threw those swamps in order to get to wherever the plot needs him to be. It would just be really cool to see Grundy get his chance on the big screen. 

7. MAN-BAT (The Batman)

I chose this version of This character over his original from Batman:The Animated Series. Is because i Love the look of Man-Bat from The Batman. He was ghostly white. Had huge ears and wings. Grotesque. And Huge! The characters back story for the series was pretty cool. With some tweeking for the big screen.. It would really work better.

6. COPPERHEAD (Arkham Origins)

The character Copperhead in the comics is actually a Man in a snake suit. Never gave a shit.. But then The people behind Arkham Origins decided to make the character a Hispanic Woman, who can twist and turn her body like a contortionist/snake. And can poison you with (was it a bite, or something on her nails?.. Shit! Cant remember..) either way.. She could poison you with a deadly snake venom. Make you hallucinate all kinds of shit like you were on a bad acid trip. She was cool, bad ass, and not to bad to look at. Copperhead is a very uniqe character, and would bring a whole lot more diversity to the live action Batman world. She doesn’t have to be the main focus of the story, much like in Origins. But with the right writers, who knows.. Maybe she could be the next Catwoman?! 

5.CLAYFACE (Batman: The Animated Series) 

Truly my favorite interpretation of the character, was in the Animated Series. Voiced by Ron Perlman, ClayFace’s story was really tragic and had probably two of the most unfogetable ends of a Batman villain fight.. Ever!.. (take a look) 

4. VICTOR ZSASZ (Arkham City)

Yes, I know there is a Zsasz on ‘Gotham’ but i think Zsasz from Arkham City would make for a better version of the character on the big screen. I hated his side mission, dont get me wrong, but character wise.. It was a good look into his motivations.

3. DEADSHOT! (Suicide Squad) 

Yes.. I know.. This choice is a bit of a cheat, because he’s already in the universe.. But holy shit! Will Smith’s portrayal of Deadshot was the biggest stand out from the movie. And honestly.. The whole interaction between Batman and Deadshot was done perfectly.. I want more of that! A lot more!

2. DEATHSTROKE (Various) 

I couldn’t peg it down to one version of Deathstroke, because honestly.. Every version of him is badass. Whether its in the comics, the cartoons, or the games.. Deathstroke is an awesome character. And one who deserves his time on the big screen! (Arrow’s version of Deathstroke.. Does not count!.. Sorry Arrow fans.. He was just great to look at in costume in all honesty.)
1. MR. FREEZE (Batman: The Animated Series) 

This version of Mr. Freeze, is the one true Freeze.. There is no other! We do not mention the other thing.. I repeat! We. Do not. Mention. The. Other. Thing! “Cold, Cold Heart” stands, to this day, as the Best Episode out of the entire series of Batman: TAS 

It established the origin of Freeze as we know it today.. (although changes have been made since) It stands as the definitive origin of Mr. Freeze, and to see it played out faithfully on the big screen, would be epic! And lets face it.. Freeze needs to be redeemed.. 

Those are my top 10 choices! What do you folks think? Are there any characters i missed? Let me know which characters would you like to see on the big screen. 

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Its Monday! I figured, maybe mondays should be for Movie Reviews.. So here we are!

Friday, August 5th brought us the premier of WB’s and DC’s second attempt (Not Including Man Of Steel) at building their Cinematic Universe, “SUICIDE SQUAD”, Directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Karen Fukuhara, Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje, Jay Hernandez, and Adam Beach.

Well.. What can i say.. *sigh*.. Just when i thought DC/WB couldnt possibly surprise me.. They go and pull this.. AWESOME piece of work out of their hats! Its nowhere near Perfect. But hot damn, they made a really great movie!

THE STORY: Very by the books and probably the movies biggest weak spot. The Story itself is simplistic and straight forward. Meet the team. Problem happens. Assemble the team. Shit goes south. Team pulls together and gets the job done. Kinda that simple really. The plot is very much non important, however.. The Characters themselves, and the actors portrayals of these characters is what carries the film and what makes it work.

THE CAST: Fantastic! This movie wouldnt have worked without them. When Will Smith was originally cast as Deadshot.. I was not on board. At. All.

“Its Will Smith! Theres no way he can be in an ensemble cast. He’ll try to steal the spotlight in the worst way. Will Smith isnt even Will Smith anymore. I wanna see Deadshot, not Will Smith calling himself Deadshot. I want the character, not the actor. This sucks!”

Those Were just a few of the complaints I had. That is until i saw this movie. He did it! Will Smith is now Deadshot! He stood true to the character and didnt take me out of it at all. I saw Deadshot! And i loved it. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn didnt grab me until about half way in to the start of the film. After that it was smooth sailing. I cant wait for the “GOTHAM CITY SIRENS” Movie with her and whoever else they cast for Ivy and Catwoman. Captain Boomerang.. I was surprised how much i liked him and Jai Courtney’s delivery. Killer Croc.. Looked good.. But.. Kinda waisted, in my opinion. Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller, was spot on! she was the perfect amount of Evil Bitch that the character IS! I want more Waller/Davis in theDCECU!  And lastly.. Jared Leto’s Joker.. He isnt used a lot in the film. ( As it has been reported, a good chunk of his work was edited out.) So.. For me.. I didnt get enough Joker, to actually have an overall like.. “Its up there with Ledger and Nicholson and Hamil” kind of an opinin. But, What i CAN say is… Its a very uniqe approach to the character. While also respecting most of the source material. (its clear he took inspiration from something.. Just cant put my finger on it) But for me.. It was really very good, and i want to see what more he can bring to the role.

What is abundantly clear though, is the chemistry this cast had with each other. It translated very well on the screen and i want them together again. They clearly had fun working together and on this project.

THE POSITIVES: Mainly.. The cast and Characters are the real winners here. They saved the movie. They made it what it was. A fun, entertaining summer comic book film. The Directing was top notch.. So much so, that i am extremly interested in seeng David Ayers directors cut of this movie. If this is what he can do when its not his cut, then who knows how much awesomer his version must be.

THE NEGATIVES: The Plot. The editing. The Narritive. Its amazing how good a film can be, even when the story itself is… Rather Bland and non important. There really wasn’t much of a sense of.. Urgency to the climactic battle. The movie is soley helped by the characters and their stories and interactions with each other. If that didnt work. Then the whole film would have been a disaster. There was a Waste of some characters. Some Felt like they did not need to be there at all, and there was no connection between, us, the viewers and the characters (Namely Croc, Katana, and Enchantress.) The editing was shotty at best. You can clearly see where cuts were made and certain scenes didnt follow each other correctly. Not as terrible of a job as BVS.  But still noticable. WB needs to desperately learn how to trust the filmakers they get for these movies, like David Ayer, and NOT trust the Zack Snyders of the industry. Should have had just a  bit  more Batman though..

OVERALL: Weak script. By the book plot development. Low par editing, and story structure normaly means for a shit-tacular movie. But! massive amounts of Fun, Action and great Character portrayals and character storytelling, (and! May i add, a pretty badass soundtrack) helped make SUICIDE SQUAD the top DC Extended Cinematic Universe film, so far. (We’re waiting on YOU now,  WONDER WOMAN) BVS was a bit of a tumble out of the gate for the DCECU.. But Suicide Squad picked this universe right back up to its feet and got it sprinting!

I give “SUICIDE SQUAD” a score of… ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 7 1/2 out of 10. Not Perfect, But Fucking Fun and Awesome! A Good Time At the Movies!

P.S although not a spoiler.. I will say this.. Stay after the first set of credits. Not the best after credits scene.. But DC/WB are starting to get the idea of how building a universe works.

Well.. That’s my review. Tell me what you think.. And FOR FUCKS SAKE!! SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG! Comment below or hit me up on the usual sites. Thx for reading..

So, Until next time Folks… Peace Out!


Alrighty folks.. It’s time for the second half of this two part blog about.. “THE TOP 10 TIMES DC/MARVEL FILMS GOT IT WRONG!”

The first part we focused on MARVEL FILMS.. This time, we look at DC FILMS..

(Note: In my search for DC movies.. I didn’t find a whole lot of Live-Action Materials.. So this list will include Animated Features as well)



Where can I begin.. Story? Special Effects? Acting? Characterization? All of it!? The story was very sloppy. The quality of the Specail Effects looks like it belonged in a Sega Studios video game. Who’s smartass idea was it to make the suit animated anyway?!? Acting was second rate ate best.. The talent that was in the film was completley waisted. Characterization was WAAY off.. I’m a big fan of Ryan Reynolds, but he is no Hal Jordan! The fact that the studio went with Hal Jordan in the first place is questionable in itself.. The whole movie was a bit of a mistake!



The first of DC’s new expansive Animated Universe films, Heavily influenced by The New 52 comic book line. It also incorporated Grant Morrison’s story line of the same name. In my humble option.. Total waste of time. The Animation is top notch and beautifully done.. But the film lacked all heart and substance. The Story was unimpressive and fell flat…



The follow up to “Son Of Batman” is by far.. The Worst! It took my beloved Court Of Owls story line and completley bastardized it! Again, DC Animation failed to give this one any heart at all.



WB wanted to ressurect the Superman franchise after a nearly 30 years or so after “Superman 4: The Quest For Peace” The only problem… It literally picks up after Superman 2.. (Which really isn’t the problem)  The real problem?.. It was the most uneventful and most boring Superman Film ever! Bryan Singer and The Studio waisted Brandon Rouths talent and capabilites as Supeeman and as an actor.. He was litterally just there to reenact Christopher Reeves. Which was the wrong choice. They should have started completley fresh. Forgoing the origin story angle and made a brand new adventure, instead of a rehashing of what came before.



This followed the greatest Batman film since, BATMAN (89) “THE DARK KNIGHT” and it was.. Stupid! So many plot holes and the logic was off. Batman would not go into seclusion/retirement over Maggie Gylinhaul! The main plot was pointless.. I would have given the movie a pass, if it wasn’t for the very last 45 minutes of the movie. Disappointing to the bitter end!



(Here Comes the Hate mail) Youshould all know how I feel about BVS.. But to put it simple.. Too much,Too soon, Too mishandled! Poor plot structure. Not enough time focused in the relationship between Batman and Superman. Poor editing. And worst of all.. Piss Poor Directing!



Seriously.. Uhm.. Why?! Just.. Why?!?



“Chill!” “What Killed the Dinosaurs? The Ice Age!”, “Ice To See You!”, “It’ll Be A Cold Day in Hell!” Tell me you did not read any of those quotes in a Arnold Schwarzeneger voice!.. Yes you did you liar! The worst thing to happen to batman since.. Ever! And I do mean.. EVER!! Batman and Robin did to the Batman, what Quest for Peace did to Superman.



If you thought this travesty wouldn’t make the list.. Guess again! The fuck was this?! Seriously? Who greenlit this piece of shit!? I hope they never work in Hollywood ever again! They and the guys behind Batman and Robin should be stripped of their clothes and made to  parade around the streets while a nun rings a bell behind them screaming, “SHAME! SHAME!”

Drum Roll please…

Numero UNO on this list..



Thats right folks.. It wasn’t some strange nightmare from your childhood! This actually happened.. Shaq and the people behind this movie should join the Catwoman, and Batman and Robin people on the streets naked and shamed to the fucking bone! This. Was. Wrong! Look to the past people, THIS is what Hollywood gave us! Be happy we are beyond this now! Rejoice my friends! We are in the golden age of Comic Book Movies.. If you ever get depressed with any other Superhero film that comes.. Just remember.. It could have been STEEL!

Well.. That’s what I got! Let me know your thoughts.. Did you like this two parter Blog? Is there anything I may have missed on either list? Let me know! Subscribe and follow.. Thank you!

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!