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To this day ‘CONEHEADS’ is one of my most favorite SNL sketches turned Movie out of the several that we have had. (‘Night at The Ruxberry’ being another absolute fav)

I cant recall if any actual talks of a sequel have ever happened. But Now would be a great opprotunity for Dan Aykroyd and Co. To take advantage. 

“How would a ConeHeads 2 go?” You ask.. HERE’S HOW!

Beldar (Aykroyd) and Family are flourishing. Things have been going great. But, In this new day and age Beldar finds himself still struggling to fit in with Earth and its modern times. Add his new found role as a Grandfather to his millennial Grandkids, things get tougher. 
Start the film in 2016, right at the offset of the presidential election.. Beldar votes for Trump (que puns and jokes there) and boom..

Trump is elected and immigration is of course his first agenda. 

I would have Alec Baldwin play Trump in this, because, lets face it.. He’s awesome!

And it would be hilarious. Someone Trump hires finds out that Beldar and his family are not legal immagrints and that their records were falsified back in ’93. Also include that the Emporor of the coneheads discovers that Beldar deceived them and a full scale invasion ensues. 

The rest writes itself. With the current political and social climate of today. A Coneheads 2 could take on those issues in a clever and hilarious way. It doesnt have to be preachy or anything.. But it could lighten things up a bit! Poke a little fun at america at its current state.

With Chris Farley long gone. (Sadley) 

I would cast Josh Gad 

As the husband to Connie Conehead. 

Bring back a lot of the original cast. Including Sinbad and David Spade, and keep the budget to a 10 to 15 million.. Heck! It can go straight to Netflix if they want to. That would be just as cool. And they could have a massive comedy hit!

Anywho.. Thats just my thoughts on the matter.. 

HEY! Mr. Aykroyd.. Get started on this PLEASE!! 

Until Next time folks.. Peace Out!


“‘Game of Thrones’ Star, PETER DINKLAGE, Eyed For ‘Key’ Role in ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR'”

It was reported yesterday that Marvel Studios is courting ‘Game Of Thrones’ star Peter Dinklage 

For a “Key” and “Important” Role in the, soon to start production, ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’. 

Naturally, Geek ‘News’ sites began chomping at the bit about the possibilities of whom Peter could possible play. (My Short List coming in a few) 

Peter Dinklage is no strager to the comic book film world, having appeared in ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’. Playing Sentinels creator, Bolivar Trask. 

Quick history lesson. When Dinklage was announced, Chatter quickly type casted and speculated that he would be playing Puck.

The diminuative Canadian superhero from Alpha Flight. Clearly this kind of fan casting is rather.. For lack of a better word, small thinking if you asked me. Not that he wouldnt have been awesome as the character. But his acting skill far surpasses a character like Puck. So, it was a very nice surprise to find him playing Bolivar Tarsk. And he rocked it! Even with such sparse screen time he gave Trask a presentation worth recognition. 

NOW, We in the nerd comunity is falling down that same hole yet again. This time clearly putting Dinklage as possibly being offered the role of..

Pip. The Troll.. *sigh* Honestly, As much as it would be cool to see Pip and other Infinity Watch characters appear in the MCU.. I dont see him as a ‘Key’ or ‘Important’ character for the events of Infinity War’.  He barely mattered in the actiual comic. So, I dont think Marvel is looking to waste such talent on such a.. So-so chracter. 

Here are some of my suggestions/hopes. 


The Watchers are an ancient race of Cosmic Beings whose sole purpose is to watch and record all events of a designated Universe. Uatu being the Watcher of Earth 616 (The Main Marvel Comics Universe). Dinklage is the type of actor who could really sink his teeth in to such a role. He brings along a very regal sensibility to himself. If it is not Uatu, perhaps a rouge Watcher who wishes to help save the universe by interfering with events? 

EROS/STARFOX (Thanos’s Younger Brother) 

Eros has a way with words. Which is his superpower. As Tyrion Lannister on ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dinklage is quite the wordsmith. Able to out talk and out think his adversaries. Eros would be an inspired choice. Bringing real, diversity in to the family tree of Thanos. 


I am salivating at the thought of this character coming in to the MCU. The mere mention of his name in ‘Dr.Strange’ made me lose my mind. Dinklage can have a very imposing voice. Playing the CGI character of Tribunal would be epic with just his voice alone. Coming in at the most intense moment of the film. Stopping Thanos from destroying the universe and tipping the balance in favor of the Heroes would be really cool. 

And finally.. Probably my most favorite pick behind The Living Tribunal..


Come on.. Who wouldnt want to see the introduction of the Beyonder in Infinity War?! And with the talents of Dinklage at the helm.. Its a match made in heaven. Something so immensely powerful, in the vessel of someone so small. Its too good to pass up. No one would see Dinklage coming. 

What do you folks think? Who would you want to see Dinklage play in the MCU, IF he were to join the franchise. I hope he does sign up. And i hope Marvel gives him the right character. 

So, Until Next Time Folks.. Peace Out!


So.. I wanted to do this blog awhile back. But i could not really put my mind to casting these characters, but it wasn’t until the other day i had a stroke of Genious! 
Now.. Without further ado. Here is my FAN CASTING of My, “LEGEND OF ZELDA” Movie Trilogy! 

(If you’ve read a previous blog i did. I stated how a LOZ Trilogy would go.. For this fan casting, i decided to focus on ‘Major’ Characters instead of a whole full cast..)


EMMA WATSON! She would be the logical and yet perfect choice. She can be sweet and innocent in apperance. But underneath, she could whip out a magic bow and arrow and shoot you in the face without hesitation! She strikes the perfect balance between sweet and badass. And shes just perfect. 


As, Zelda’s right hand and bodyguard, I would cast.. CHARLEZE THERON. Theres just something about her, that strikes me as protective but deadly! She is an incredible acting talent. She would be a perfect Impa. She has the look, she has the talent. Nuff said.


The Zoras are a very important part of Hyrule Mythology. And they do play key parts in Ocorina Of Time. Mostly Princess Ruto, since in fact she is one of the seven sages. For me, I can see Chloe Grace Moretez as Princess Ruto. With the help of CGI of course. But she strikes me as someone who can be serious, but fun at the same time. Young Ruto was a pain in the ass in the game, but Adult Ruto was kind of fun. And I think Chloe would be a great Ruto. 


I could’t honestly think of anyone who could play Ganandorffs two moms as seperate entity’s. They could probably go full CGI for them.. But, if they can pull off a half CG half live action Combined form of Twinrova.. Then i would cast Rebbeca Romaijn as the Combined Twinrova. Just as a pure fan casting here. Shes beautiful. She can be kickass, and shes no stranger to body paint and CGI.


Another complete CGI character. Andy Serkis is my go to guy. This guy is the Mo Cap master and he can bring just about anything to life. Zants would be a scary character to see on screen and also fun to watch. Andy is a fantastic actor. Gollum, Ceasar, King Kong, Snoke.. He would make Zants come to life beautifully! 


Zoe Saldanna. I would have Zoe play both versions of Midna. She is no stranger to Motion Capture and CGI so she could have a lot of fun with this character. Again, Talent and Beauty wins the day with this casting. 


I had a hard time thinking of an actor that could convey the pure creepiness of The Happy Nask Salesman.. And i shit you not! I google “Creepy Actors” and THIS GUY! Micheal Emmerson was the first picture that poped up and i said, “Holy Shit, its the Salesman!!” I was laughing my fucking ass off as i put it together. This guy would be a perfect Happy Mask Salesman.. Just imagine him saying, “A terrible Fate has befallen you.” and then laughing creepily.


Lady Gaga would be the a fantastic Great Fariy! I dont know why.. But i could see Gaga jumping out of a fountain and blowing me a magic kiss filling up my health. It just fits perfectly for me, and she would do great as Different versions of The Great Fairy! She could really change it up with each one. It would be fun.



Idris Elba! Nuff. Fucking. Said. EPIC! He would be Perfect! His voice. His swag. His physique. His gravitas. Idris would be a phenomenal Ganandorff. Some Motion Capture or CGI could be used to hieghtened the menace that is Ganandorff. Probably in the eyes or something.. But.. YES! YES! YES! Idris Elba for Ganandorff. Start the hashtag now folks! 

FINALLY! My choice for The Hero Of Time!..


‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ and ‘Eddie The Eagle’ star Teron Edgerton is my choice for Link. 

(here comes the hate mail..)

I look at this guy.. And I see a very interesting version of Link. He could be badass and a cool guy at the same time. He could bring a level of, Gruffness to Link that most incarnations haven’t. And i wouldnt mind hearing him say, “Well, excuse me Princess.” Just once..

There you have it.. My Fan Cast for the Legend of Zelda Movie Trilogy. What do you think? Who would you cast? Is there a character you think i left out and who would you cast in that role? Let me know. Hit me up in the comments section, please Subscribe and/or follow the blog. Thank you! 

So, Until next time folks.. Peace Out!