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Hello there ladies and gentelnerds! Long time no see. I gots lots of catching up to do seeing as to that I’ve been pretty ghost.. So why dont we start with a brand new edition of “WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS!” todays movie?.. 


THE STORY: Its been a few months since the first film and the gang are Guardians for Hire. After a job for an alien race known as The Sovereign and their leader Ayiasha.

goes sideways, The team find themselves on the run. With a little help from the Mysterious EGO, claiming to be Star Lords father. The team discovers just what it actually means to be Family! And that its not only blood that can bind people together.

The story in itself, honestly? Isn’t the strongest thing about the movie. Its what happens within the story that propels everything forward. Yondu’s story had much more going on, yet was not the main focus. The Father-Son story between Ego and Peter was.. I dont want to say forced, but it was rushed at some points and it wasn’t very strong. Kurt and Chris were excellent and did a great job with what they were given. It just wasn’t the strongest part of the film. The backbone and heart of the movie was the characters. You can tell it was the characters that James Gunn cared for and has a tremendous amount of respect for. So the main plot suffered for that fact just a bit.


Fantastic! Wonderful! A true treat. Everyone was on point. Batista was a delight. They gave him so much more to work with and he ran with it. Micheal Rooker’s Yondu 

has become probably my favorite character of the film, only second to of course..

BABY GROOT! My god he was so damn adorable. He stole my heart and every scene he appeared in. 

Sylvester Stallone’s cameo (possible spoiler alert!) as… 

Starhawk, was, surprisingly delightful. He could have easily mailed in a performance.. But he didn’t. He acted. He put his heart into it, and i really appreciate it! I would love to see him continue apperaing in the Cosmic MCU. 

Kurt Russel’s EGO

 was really cool. He played the role as true to character as they could make him. I really cant go too much further in to Ego without spoiling anything. But, Kurt was great. 

Ayiasha of The Sovereign.. 

Too much to say that would border on being a spoiler. But she was very interesting. And i wonder if we will ever see her again. I would be interested in her return.


The Cast. Baby Groot. Yondu. The Cameos. Oh god! That Stan Lee cameo was fucking epic! I honestly can’t go in to it here.. But oh yeah… I will be digging deep in to that scene. The comedy was top tier. Dave Batista’s Drax was a comedic highlight. The deep cosmic cuts. The 5 or 4 after credits scenes were the best.

THE NEGATIVES: A surprisingly weak plot. The 2nd and 3rd acts was poorly rushed. The soundtrack, Awesome Mix Vol.2 isnt as strong (at least for me) as Vol.1. Non of the tracks stuck with me as much as the first ones did. But that could just be me. The movie would have benefited more from a longer run time.

OVERALL: Another Marvel Studios Masterwork. I cant say its better then the first film, but it can stand shoulder to shoulder with the first film. Its great. In comparison with other Marvel sequels, IE: Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2. Its better then all of those. Its a strong sequel. Not as strong as Winter Soldier, but its a great sequel. A Must See for everyone!! 

I score “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.2” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💫 8 and 1/2 stars. 

What did you folks think of GOTG2? Hit me up! Comment below, leave a like and a follow. Thx for reading folks.

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Has Josh Brolin just confirmed he has been cast as CABLE?! I literally just spotted this on my Instagram Feed.. I might be a little late with this news.. But wow! 

Haven’t heard anything yet to the contrary. He could be trolling thr fans maybe.. But wow! How cool is this?! 

He’s not only THANOS The Mad Titan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 

But now, He joins the Marvel/Fox X-Universe as CABLE!

In my research before posting this.. 



I am loving this news. what do you folks think?!


Just dropped about an hour ago, Marvel and Telltale games revealed the trailer to thier next Decision based game series, 

“GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY” check it out here..

ICYMI: ‘Brand New “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL2” Trailer and Poster’

Late last night/ early this morning (depending on how you look at it) 

Marvel and Marvel Studios released the newest Guardians Of The Galaxy vol 2 Poster (as seen above 👆) and the latest trailer.. Lets check it out! 

GOTGvol2 opens in theaters MAY 5th. Im hyped. How about you?
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“BREAKING NEWZ!!: Marvel Studios Offers First Look At ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR'”

Mere Hours ago, Marvel gave the world its first beautiful glimpse into “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” 

Lets take a moment and (pun intended) ‘Marvel’ at what is currently in the works.. 

OHHHHHHHH!!! That my friends is the sound of a grown man.. Moistening his undergarments to an unimaginable depth..


Now, very quickly. What stands out to me, was that we got, was our first look at certain possible concept art work of THANOS, and how he could be appearing in the film..

At the start, we got this nice shot of a set they shot on from Day One

My guess being a possible off planet location. Or a crash site for the Milano? 

Three cast members giving us their quick thoughts on the journy they are looking forward to on this film..

Clearly from the same set. Also! want to point out.. RDJ is wearing his IRON MAN mocap suit. Pratt in his STARLORD gear.. And Mr. Holland.. In a down jacket?! We are getting a new Spidey Suit.. My hope is for the Black Costume. But most likely.. Maybe the Iron Spider Suit. Meaning hes in a special Mocap suit that shows off the design that the suit will look like. 

But honestly.. Just seeing these three guys together on the same screen was oh-so Nerdgasmic! 

NOW! Probably the BIGGEST concept Art Work that was shown, was of Rocket Racoon side by side with THOR!..


BUT!.. Anyone else notice something funny about this pic? Anyone? Lets take a closer look..

Still dont see it?.. Lets zoom in just a bit closer shall we..

THAT! My friends.. is NOT Mjlnor! So, possible Spoiler Alert!  Thor will Not get Mjlnor Back by the end of ‘RAGNOROK’ Now, thats just pure speculation on my part. And if im not mistaken, i think his loss of Mjlnor in Ragnorok is a plot point in the movie itself. I think that was announced in an official synopsis for Thor:Ragnorok awhile back. But!.. Just judging from this pic.. I dont think he hets it back. I think Thor is gonna be wielding an Axe in Infinity War. 

So.. What are you folks thinking? Has this nice little inside look into Infinity War increased your Hype for this movie? What did you get out of this video package? Hit me up! Comment Below! Subscribe and Follow! 

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Omg! How cute is Baby Groot!? I want one!! 

Thx for stopping by folks.. Guardians 2 hits theaters next May!


Wasabi, Ladies and Gentelnerds! Its been awhile since I’ve done a Movie Review Blog. And Oh Boy, what a Movie I got for you folks. 

MARVEL STUDIOS’ 14th entry in to the MCU.. “DR. STRANGE” 

THE STORY: “When renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange is injured in a Car Accident he is robed of the use of his hands. Desperate to regain his former life, he searches for a way to fix his hands. When he discovers a patients remarkable recovery, he is set on a path that will change his life and shape his destiny forever.”

Dr. Strange was.. Fantastic! A true breath of fresh air for the MCU. The action was good. The story was great. The special effects was trippy as hell! The Humor was well placed and used perfectly. Everything about it was Top Notch. 

THE CAST: Was excellent in every way. Everyone played their role perfectly. Benedict Cummberbatch, 

 The clear stand out as the Good Dictor Himself. His ability to portray someone who is so arrogant and self absorbed, so likable, was an amazing feat in my eyes. Strange could come off as an unlikable character, but in Benedict’s hands he came off more as a flawed individual with an over inflated ego. The supporting cast was brilliant. Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One 

was very pleasant. Chewitel as Mordo 

was a refreshing version of the character and Benedict Wong’s..

Wong, was a true delight.
A special shout out to an unsung cast member who really pulled his weight around and stole every scene he was in..

The Cloak Of Levitation, deserves an Acadamy Award. (You’ll see.. No spoilers remember?)

THE POSITIVES: The Humor, so much fun. The Special Effects, Mind bending. The Easter Eggs nerdgasm inducing. The final Battle.. Spellbinding! Very well done. Every aspect of this movie is great for multiple veiwings. 

THE NEGATIVES: This was a Little difficult for me.. First viewing, saw nothing wrong. 3rd viewing.. Eh.. Im gonna nit pick these.. Rachel Mcadams.. Beautiful. Served her purpose for the film and the story.. But slightly waisted. The villain.. There is a Big Bad in this movie. One that is used to great effect. But Mads Mickelsons Villain character was just.. Threatening. Not overwhelming.. Just a threat. What he did was cool and fun.. But, unimportant. Which Marvel gets a lot of heat for. Which is their lack of compeling villains. I would let Strange slide, because it isnt really about the villain.. Its about Strange, and how he deals with the threat. It is very clearly, Dr. Strange’s story. Would have liked a grander battle at the end with THE BIG BAD (SPOILER) But, the way he is used and dealt with, is very much a Dr. Strange way of dealing with the situation. So its not really a negative. 

Lastly.. I believe the story tellers left out a very Key factor in Strange’s back story. And i think that should have been present. Perhaps they may save it for the sequel. 

OVERALL: Fantastic! Absoulouly brilliant. While it is No “CIVIL WAR” it is a great movie and ranks very high on my MCU list of greatness! Just below GUARDIANS, but just above ANTMAN. 

DR. STRANGE is a movie worth watching on the big screen. I recommend multiple viewings just so you can catch what you may have missed before. My 3rd viewing i spot Mindless Ones, where as i didnt notice them before. Great Acting, beautiful visuals and truly a whole lot of fun.. I give Marvel’s “DR. STRANGE” a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 8/10! (QUICK NOTE: THERE ARE 2 AFTER CREDIT SCENES! SO STICK AROUND AFTER THE CREDITS)

If you have seen Dr. Strange, please let me know your thoughts.. But..

Until next time folks… Peace Out!