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Wasabi ladies and gentelnerds.. Im trying to work my way back up to where i was before in my blogging feed… 

Clearly.. Its been… A fucking long time. So bear with me as i make a mad dash to catch up..

This is the blog that lets me target the stories in geek culture of weeks past, in my own unique and charming way… Lets get started. (non of this in any particular order)

” ‘IT’: Breaks Records!”

So.. Yup! That happened.. Honestly could care fucking less. Im not a horror guy. But! I’ll check it out one of these days. 

“Dawson’s Creekachu actress joins Sony’s ‘VENOM’ solo flick”

This is cool! She is the chick from that Creek right? Not the.. Holmes chick. She was the other one, right?

“Sahra Connor: Judgement Day” 

Linda Hamilton is set to return to the TERMINATOR franchise with a soft reboot to the series said to take place in the timeline of the first 2 original films… AWWWESSOOMEE! Have not seen ‘Genyisises’ as of yet. That damn trailer spoiled the whole damn thing for me. So its like.. Eh! I’ll check it out one of these days.


Marvel and Netflix finally released the trailer to, (I guess.. One of the last original shows made by Marvel and Netflix together, besides the big 4) THE PUNISHER! starring Jon Berenthal, reprising his role from Daredevil season 2. This was a masterpiece of a trailer. I am fucking hyped.. MASTER! MASTER! MASTER!


They finished filming the X-Men spin-off film, New Mutants.. Yay?! I guess.. Let me see a trailer, and we’ll see.

(Oct. 29th: Trailer came out awhile back. Looks pretty cool. Im in..)


Our first look at David Harbour as Hellboy. Not exactly super into it at the moment. I gotta see it in action to get on board!


Seriously? This was an actual news item? 


Marvel’s Inhumans series was getting a lot of bad press. They had thier premiere the other week. It wasnt so bad. Actual review coming soon. Stay tuned for that.


Just to remind us all just how fucking old we’ve gotten…

(Side note: i started this article Oct. 8th.. Its the 29th now… Fuck. Me… *smh*)

“Harvey Weinstein…”

Uhm… Anyone have Lorena Bobitt’s Number?! 

Gotta Dick that needs some trimming..


Zachery Levi of ‘Chuck’ fame has been cast to play Shazam! Some time spent in the gym should do just fine.

Geez.. I’ve missed so much.. I’m gonna call it a night for this one. I’m gonna try and be on point from this moment on. Catch you folks on the flip side..



Yesterday saw the release of the trailer for INJUSTICE 2’s new upcoming downloadable Fighters Pack series 2!




And to a lot of folks surprise and my delight!


ICYMI! Here’s the awesome reveal trailer!

I. Really. Really want this fucking game now! Just for Hellboy! 

I wanted it before that.. But Hellboy?! I want this game Now!

How do you folks feel about the new fighter pack coming up? What are you hyped about it?

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!

“IT’S ALIVE!!: ‘HELLBOY’ Set To Return With R-Rated Reboot!”

A couple of days ago, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola announced on his social media that his baby boy, Hellboy will return to theaters with a R-Rated Reboot with a new cast, crew and writing staff. Further driving in the final nail in the coffin of Del Toro’s Run on the character along with (at this point) the one true Hellboy Ron Perlman

This news comes months after Del Toro himself made this announcment..

So, the Perlman Hellboy sails off in to the sunset. (That sucks!) But! Animation should STILL be an option for all associated with the original films. 

Now, according to Mignola and Collider News, Mignola is among the writers behind the reboot. Directing will be “The Descent” Director, Neil Marshall. Even bigger news is the man who will be trying to fill the very large and impressive shoes of Ron Perlman, 

David Harbour from “Stranger Things” and many other projects.

Looking at a side by side of the two

David is 6’2. He has a good built. He is still relatively young enough to bulk up and can go the distance of multiple films. He kinda has the chin. He is a really good actor. So.. He’s no Ron Perlman… But i can dig this casting. 

The working title is “HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD WITCH” or something like that.. Again, it is a working title and no official announcment has been made. 

Lastly, the fact that the Studio and everyone involved is approaching this with a R-Rated treatment, makes this project very intriguing for me. 

Allow me to explain.

Way back when.. I had a Hellboy game for the PlayStation, 

Not the most beautiful looking game. But! The story was pretty damn dark and spooky. Very gruesome and intense. Every aspect of the game was pretty darn spooky. Lets just say i did not play this game with the light off. (I was a kid! So sue me) Pure gamers will probably get on my ass about the lousy graphics and controls, but this isnt about the gameplay itself. Im referring to the enviroment the game presented. It was fucking dark! Del Toro’s Hellboy was very light in comparison. Not as dark and twisted. This R-Rated reboot could give Hellboy a chance to really let loose and be the character Mignola had created in the first place. 

So, im hyped. Im happy Horn Head is getting another chance to grace the big screen, lets hope they do it justice and do it right. And most importantly, Make It Fun! 

What do you folks think? Are you excited for a new interpretation of Hellboy? Hit me up!

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


It is, with a heavy heart.. That I must report. It’s official, official, Official! 
As reported by Guillermo del Toro, via Twitter..

HELLBOY 3, is officially, 100% dead!

This.. Sucks! Its not a surprise, but this sucks.

Del Toro has been going back and forth with Universal Studios for some time now, about getting Hellboy 3 greenlit. Unfortunately (as far as what has been reported and is known) Del Toro wanted too much money for the third film of the franchise.

Approximately 2oo+ million. And Toro was not looking to budge on that request. And we can not blame Universal and the other studios that could have been involved. (Heres a little history lesson) 

HELLBOY (2004) 


Both films.. Which I love dearly, and can watch multiple times, has not given the studio a successful financial return. Each grossing less then what they cost. Granted, DVD sales helped later on.. But Box Office Gross would have helped a lot more. We can also look at it from Toro’s POV. He has helped Universal make lots of money with his most recent works. PASIFIC RIM comes to mind. So he’s intitled to ask for some good amount of money to make his vision for the final film come to life. 

Now, perhaps Del Toro brought his asking price down (maybe) Which would have been a smart movie. However.. Its been.. 9 long years since HB2. Perhaps.. Just perhaps.. If Universal is still interested with the Property. They probably feel like they can ReBoot! They have the advantage of time to help them move away from what came before. Which seems like a more reasonable choice on their behalf..

Although, personally.. I would have loved to have seen the continuation of HB & Liz 

Probably my favorite love story in all of cinema. I would have liked to see what wpuld have happened at the very end. Would it have been a happy ending? I hope so. 

Maybe Mike Mignola and Del Toro can take the final story to the Comic Book Page?! Or perhaps and Animated Film. CGI the damn thing. Im sure that would be cheaper then a live action film. And Ron Perlman wouldnt have to do too much under the make up and stuff.. (not that he did his own stunts or anything. But you get what i mean) 

I wouldnt mind a ReBoot for Hellboy. It’s long over due. The BPRD has a massive universe in Dark Horse Comics. Mike has told so many stories. Maybe Universal should consider a small Hellboy Movie Universe. (HMU copyright and restricted by Me!)  However.. Before they do that.. Somehow, someway.. Give me HB3. Finish the story, and then.. Start from scratch. 

Those are just my thoughts and feelings on the situation. How do you folks feel? Hit me up! Comment below, follow/subscribe. Thx for reading.

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Hey there  ladies and gentelnerds! What’s crack-a-lackin! Does anybody say that anymore?! Ah, who gives a shit!

Wasabi folks! Just the other day I finally got my hands on the 3-disc Special Edition of “HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY” which happens to be my favorite out of the two. As I always do with the SE versions of my favorite movies, I jumped into the Special Features! Learning all the behind the scenes info that I can get.

In doing so, I grew a much more fonder appreciation for Hellboy 2. And it made me realize a few things… WE NEED A FUCKING HELLBOY 3!!!


Unfortunately! Mr. Del Torro wants a bazillion, trillion, gazillion dollars to bring His “VISION” to life! And the studio isn’t quite down with that. If your asking why is that? It’s pretty simple. As awesome as the two films were, neither were the financial success the studio hoped it would be. They didn’t exactly ‘Lose’ money. But they didn’t get much back in returns.

So! This begs the question.. “What should they do with Hellboy, until Del Toro compromises on his budget?!” My thoughts?.. EXPAND THE UNIVERSE!


Hellboy, Liz and Abe, are not the ONLY characters within Mike Mignola’s HBU!  The introduction of Johann in the last film could have just been the start of introducing more characters.

Also! THE B.P.R.D! image

Has been around for many, many years, within the comics. Although they didn’t become known or operated as such, until the discovery of Hellboy. But he was a child throughout the early years of the B.P.R.D and a AGENTS OF SHIELD type show would actually benefit  such an idea. (What network could possible produce such a show?) I don’t know..  FX maybe.. Del Toro already has a relationship with the network with his current thing, THE STRAIN. Better yet! A B.P.R.D show would work great on NETFLIX! Because they can push it just a bit further with the types of stories they could tell.

Granted.. HELLBOY has had some animated films that came out after the first and last film. image

Although, neither had any direct relation to either film. Plus! They weren’t that good… In my opinion. At least the one I did get to see. Not very good. Had its moments.. But overall.. Eh!

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and RELATIVITY PICTURES own the rights to Hellboy on film. I believe Relativity is currently going through some financial problems, (if I’m not mistaken) And as of right now.. 2015 belongs to Universal. They’ve made so much money this year it’s astounding! “JURASSIC  WORLD” “FAST 7” are just two to name, and both have made the studio billions. I mean, BILLIONS!! Of dollars. And 2015 isn’t even over yet. However! They don’t seem to realize.. They are among the few studios that don’t own the rights to a BIG Super-Hero franchise! Yes, they have a claim to HULK! But that’s only if MARVEL STUDIOS  decides to do a Hulk stand alone film. Which isn’t anytime soon.. I believe they may still have NAMOR.. But they’re not going anywhere with that. What they DO have.. Is by far the most unique Super-Hero ever created!! HELLBOY!


There really are so many things they can do to Reinvigorate the Love fans have for this character!

Now.. This is just me.. But perhaps Del Toro is probably trying to sweet talk Universal into HB3, by making them a shit ton of money with things like PACIFIC RIM 2! And then come back and say “See! I did this awesome movie. Made you a lot of money.. Let me do my movie! Let me make HB3 with the budget I asked for.. And I’ll keep making you money!” But! I could be wrong..

HOWEVER!… I LOVE Del Toro and the work he put in to HB, HB2! He put his heart and soul into those films… But do we REALLY need him to do HB3!? Can’t Universal just find another director? Have Del Toro write and produce. But have someone else close this story out within the Budget they can provide. Universal really needs to give Hellboy his due! THIS story needs to see its end!image

WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WITH LIZ AND HELLBOY’S KIDS!!! For fucks sake!! Del Toro needs to really sit back, and reconsider his damn budget! He pulled off some really amazing things for Hellboy 2 with the modest budget of 85 million. Does he really need 250?!? Geez man! STAY FOCUSED!

Anyway.. Once all is said and done.. I wouldn’t be against a reboot of some kind. Anything to get Hellboy back on the big screen!

Thats gonna do it for me folks! Let me know what you think? Would you want a Hellboy 3? Would you be happy with a reboot? Or do you just not care?! LET ME KNOW! Subscribe to the blog and leave a comment below. Hit me ups on the interwebs! Thx for reading.

So, until next time folks… Peace out!