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Hey there folks! Thats right.. Just came up with a new tournament.

“The Movie Mayham Tournament!”

By now you folks should know how these things work. You choose a movie to represent you. Any Movie, Any Genre, Any Year. 

The Tournament will be seperated in to Classes. Comedy, Action, Horror/thriller, Adventure, Animated, Sci-Fi and Classic. (NOTE: THE EXORCIST IS NOT ALLOWED! I have my reasons. Please respect that please. If you tease me with a picture of that ugly creepy bitch or a gif of her head spinning.. I will unfollow and block your ass… Seriously. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!)

A player chooses one of each of these catagories. Last player standing wins.

Hope that simplifies it enough for you. Hope you folks would care to join me.. In fact.. Im throwing my hat in to the ring now.. 







Thats my line up. Whats yours? 



After watching the first installment in the ‘Star Wars Story’ films, “ROUGE ONE”, and seeing how fantastic it was. I find myself very excited for the non saga films. 

For those of you who may not know what i mean by ‘non saga’. It is a term used for the SW movies that are not following the main Episode timeline. IE: Return of The Jedi, Force Awakens, and The as of yet untitled Episode 8 due out next year. Those are the saga centric SW films, and movies like Rouge One are not.. There is, however another phrase or word used for those movies.. But it escapes me at the moment.. Its not extended universe.. Ah shit! I cant think of it right now. But for now ill just refer to them as Non Saga Films or (NSF). 

I believe there is a total of  three NSF in the pipeline. Rouge One being the first. Most of them are just Rumord projects like… 

OBI WAN KENOBI (possible trilogy)

And there is one film that has been made official.. 

THE HAN SOLO (Adventures?) 

Telling the story of a young Han Solo. How he met Chewbacca and how he got The Millenium Falcon from Lando. A cast has already been settled. Most notable, we have a Han, a Lando, a female lead and Khalessi herself Emily Clarke has recently joined the lineup in an unspecified role.. We may even get some Jabba The Hut action in there as well. So all signs are pointing to success for that movie. 

What i Do want to discuss here, very quickly, is.. How Promising the future looks for the NSF, thanks to Rouge One. 

If the other films are half as good and inovative as Rouge One is.. Then i think we can look forward to a whole lot of great movies in the coming future. 

This is indeed new territory for Star Wars and Lucasfilm. Providing new and original content on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. Disney, on the other hand is used to this. Pixar and Marvel Studios being prime examples. Which leaves Lucasfilm in good hands. Especially, in the hands of Kathleen Kennedy. (The Kevin Fiege of the Star Wars universe) She has been behind Star Wars since Empire Strikes Back?!? (if im not mistaken… FACT CHECK BREAK…. Please Stand By:…

NOPE! Shes been involved since Force Awakens. And thats not a Bad start. HOWEVER! She has been involved with MANY movies of our childhood. From E.T to GOONIES, INDIANA JONES, and JURASSIC PARK just to name a few. Seriously. Look up her IMDB page.. Like a trip down memory lane. 

OH!! And the Non Saga Films are called ANTHOLOGY FILMS! anthology… Could not remember that before. 

Did you know Gale Ann Herd, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead, was a producer of the Terminator movies since 1984?… Wait.. Im getting off subject.

Anyhoo.. Rouge One, Han Solo, and maybe Obi Wan, are literal trial runs with this Extended Star Wars ‘Anthology’ Universe. And I for one, am supee hyped.. But may i say.. Forget about Boba Fett.. GIVE US A DARTH VADER MOVIE!! 

If you’ve seen Rouge One.. You understand WHY we need and deserve a Darth Vader stand alone movie! 

I think I’ve droned on long enough.. 

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


A Super hero theme song can make or break a film. Probably in the smallest sense. It takes a lot to make a Hero flick a success. Direction, Story, Acting and Costume Design are all major factors. But a good score/theme can do something so much more. If all the ingredients are on point, a good theme can take us back in to the film. Put us in the shoes or cape of our favorite heroes. It can make us feel Super! Make us Feel like we are more then who we are. Music is very Magical in that sense. (at least thats how i feel about it.) 
With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my Top 10 Superhero movie themes/scores! (This time in actual order)

[WRITERS NOTE: This is why I dont do top 10 lists in any particular order.. I have had to revise this list several times already. Anyway.. Please enjoy!] 

10. X-MEN (2000) 

Composed by: Michael Kaman 

It’s not exactly the famed intro of the 90’s animated series. But the X-Men movie theme comes pretty close in coolness factor. The moment it starts. You find yourself roaming the halls beneath the X Mansion, ready to suit up. As the current “Official” start of the superhero movie craze. X-Mens theme still holds up and is a fun listen. 

9. IRON MAN (2008) 

Composed by: Ramin Djawadi
When You think Iron Man movie soundtracks, ACDC usually comes to mind. Understandable, but this is about the Main Themes and Scores we are talking about here. Its not overly bombastic as most superhero themes. But the First Iron Man theme fit perfectly. Not only for the film, but for the character as well. At the first few cords, you feel like your in the designing stage of the suit itself. Then when you get towards the bridge, Boom! Your in the suit, flying around and kicking ass! Hence why it ranked at number 9 for me.


Composed by: Henrey Jackman 

After experiencing something like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you would expect a Theme that would most fit the character itself. Perhaps a revamped version of the main theme from the first film?.. NOPE! Instead we are gifted with the beautiful tones that fit the Film as a whole and not just the character. It fit the tone, the atmosphere, what we had just witnessed. It is by far a perfect score for a single perfect film. I only wish Marvel would have kept it for Civil War. 

7. AVENGERS (2012)

 Composed by: Alan Silvestri  

Its not the biggest Super Theme, and its not generally connected with the film as a whole.. But the power of this song comes from that one moment.. That one moment (pictured above) All our dreams come true. The Avengers Assembled right there in front of us! For the first time Ever! That circling shot of each member as they prepare for battle. Ready to take on what comes next. It was Epic! Its forever synonymous with that One Scene! Just One Scene and it was perfection. 

6. BATMAN (1989) 

Composed by : Danny Elfman

You dont think Batman with out thinking of Danny Elfman’s amazing Batman March! Its the same theme that inspired the theme for the Animated Series. ( which Elfman himself composed as well) It doesnt exactly put you in the suit, persay (at least for me) but it puts you in the world. You are in Gotham City. You know the Bat is out there kicking ass and you are right there along for the ride. So strap in and hold tight! 

5. SUPERMAN (1978) 

Composed by: John Williams 

What could i possible say about the Original Super Hero Theme!? Its magic! Its composed by the man that gave us the music of our geek lives. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurrasic Park, E.T., Jaws just to name a few. Honestly.. I didnt remember that John Williams did the Superman theme until i was doing the research for this very blog. This is probably the very blueprint most of the composers on this list use when making a Score or Theme for this genre of film. You dont think Superman without thinking this theme song. From the very start, Your jumping into a phone booth and hopping out dressed as Superman and blasting off in to the sky, ready to save the day… Then you smile at the camera and soar off in to the distance. 


Composed by: Hanz Zimmer 

My man Hanz! The main theme for the film is called “Aggresive Expansion” (if i am not mistaken) However, in this case, I am choosing to go with a particular Score. Its called, “Agent Of Chaos” In the film, it is heard just after the interrogation scene between batman and joker, and its heard through the whole race part. Where Gordon and Batman are rushing to save Dent and Rachael. Honestly, parts of the score are heard throughout the film. But its mainly for that sequence of events. This piece of Music is so gripping. It not only transports you to that moment. But the constent slow build ups to the climactic finish is so damn gratifying. Give it a listen and tell me you dont feel like Batman on the batpod trying to get somewhere in time. It translates the character, the events, and the urgency of the scene so very well. 

3. THOR (2011) 

Composed by: Patrick Doyle 

I. Love. This. Theme! Every 11 minutes and 45 seconds of it. It tells you the story. It puts you in to this crazy world of Asgard and demi-gods. Its adventurous. Sad. Triumphant all in one! I am so saddened that Marvel never used it again in the sequal. Which is a very terrible habit of Marvel Studios. They have such great moments of music for thier movies and they dont use it again. Its sad. Even if they were to do a remix of sorts for the follow up. It wouldnt have been a bad thing. But, alas, at least i have this song from one of my favorite Marvel Studios films. 
2. SPIDER-MAN (2001) 

Composed by: Danny Elfmen 
Danny boy hits my list yet again with this gem right here. When those drums start, i am instantly transported to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. (the best spider-men film so far.. Waiting on Homecomming to most likely change that) It speaks volumes. When the high notes and the chorus comes in, your automatically web swinging over new york. During the low flows of drums and brass , your climbing up walls and skyscrappers. Its Awesome! Pure and simple. 

Before I reveal my Numero Uno.. Heres a couple of honorable mentions! 


Although not a main theme for the film. It does feature a good chunk of it in the song. It was basicly Electro’s theme song. One i really do enjoy, even though the film itself was a total crap fest! A sad waist of a great song in my book. 

And Secondly. WONDER WOMAN’S Main Theme! By Junkie XL and Hanz Zimmer, 

We got a very delicious taste of WW’s theme in the climax of BVS during the Doomsday fight. And it was featured very heavily at the close of her recent SDCC Trailer and her WW logo came up. It gave me chills. And i cant wait to hear it again. 


1. MAN OF STEEL (2011) 

Composed by: Hanz Zimmer and Junkie XL! 
These guys hit my list yet again! Say what you want about the movie itself.. But i must say, The Theme is so damn good! It actually kinda surpasses the original John Williams version just a bit for me. It inspires me. It puts me there. It makes me feel like there is and or was Hope! Not just from the movie stand point.. But in general. I am not referring to the theme that plays when he first flies.. But the Main Theme, with the subtle piano notes before the drums kick in, and the strings and horns come in.. It really moves me. I listen to it everyday. Its a very moving and epic piece of cinema music. 

SO! Thats my list. Let me know your thoughts. Please comment below. Be a sweetheart and follow/subscribe to the blog while your at it. Thank you!

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!

MOVIE REVIEW: “JURASSIC WORLD!” (Spoilers Are Likely To Happen!)

JURASSIC WORLD! Taking place nearly 20 years after the first film. John Hammond’s Dream of the greatest Theme Park experience has come to fruition.


Jurassic World has been fully operational for the past 10 or so years. And Park Runners are afraid that visitors are going to get board with your average, run of the mill Dinosaurs. So the most logical thing they could think of was to slash ticket prices and include more Dino-Shows.. And that’s the end of the film…. (Really?!) HA! Fuck No! They get the smart ass Idea, that they should play god again, and create a brand new Dinosaur!


THE INDOMINUS REX! Their very first Genetically Engineered Hybrid! Of course, as a movie goer we are inherently smarter then the people/characters Β on screen! But more on that later.. Lets get to the review..

THE CAST: Fantastic! Really top notch!


Chris Pratt plays Owen Grady, (The guy who’s an expert on dangerous animals and the one no one listens to until the very end)


The beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard, (Whom, I’m totaly crushing on right now) Plays Park Head and Show Runner, Claire. The uptight control freak who thinks she has everything under control.


Our boy, Kingpin, aka Vincent D’onofrio plays (SPOILER!!!!) An Undercover (of sorts) N-GEN operative who oversees the Raptor Training Program, that Owen Grady is running.



B.D Wong, Dr. Henry Wu. The only original returning character to appear in the film. Though his role in the original film was considerably small and non important. IN THIS ONE!? Holy Shit! (SPOILER!!) Dont trust the quiet genetic scientist.. Sneaky scumbag!


THE PLOT: (SPOILERS, HERE AND THERE. SO HEADS UP!!). Β Jurassic World has been running great and incident free. For over Ten Years. As spectatership begins declining a new attraction is created to boost profit margins. But When The INDIMINUS REX, breaks loose, so does all hell! In hopes not to alarm Park Goers, Claire and Park Owner Mr. Masrani decide to take steps to get the situation under control. When all else fails and Mr. Masrani is (BEEEPPP!) Vincint D’onofrio’s Character steps in and decides to use the Raptors to hunt the I-Rex down.


In an attempt to access the Raptors usefullness and skill, if used for Military purposes. But When the Raptors come Face to Face with the I-Rex, Oh Boy! (BEEEEEEPP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!) What the fuck is that Beeping? [incoherent mumbeling] What do you mean I can’t spoil that?! It’s the reason why I put a SPOILER WARNING! At the beginning! [Incohernt mumbeling] FINE! whatever! Although predictable at some points! The plot in itself is actually entertaining and surprising at times! JURASSIC WORLD feels like the True sequel to Jurassic Park. It completley erases LOST WORLD and JP3, without the use of Time Travel! Throughout the film are a lot of nods to the original. Some subtle, others, not so much. There is even a very sly “Cameo” by Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcome.. Very small and very subtle. But it made me laugh nonetheless. (If you have seen the movie, let me know if you’ve seen the Ian “cameo”)


THE BAD: For Fucks sake!!! Can’t These people ever learn!? When someone says “Evacuate the Island.” Evacuate the fucking island! “We are sorry folks.. Due to some technicals difficulties, and for your safety! we need you all to report to the nearby cruise liner and wait there until further notice! Thank you for visiting Jurassic World!” Fucking simple! But of course.. Summer block busters need extremely stupid smart people to help progress the plot. And I probably would be called out for this. But.. NO! There is no Running through Jungle Terrain and outrunning certain killer Dino’s in stiletto heels!! Not that I know personally.. BUT FUCK NO! You add a fucking scene where she changes in to boots or something!! Also.. The movie could have used a few more minutes run time.. Just saying!


THE GOOD: THE RAPTORS!! My goodness! The Raptors! The one of two things you don’t see coming (at least I didn’t see them coming!) Was how well the Raptors were used in this film! And HOW they were used. The HUGE Cameo at the end was worth the price and admission. The Climax was.. Perfect, to say the least. And the movie itself, layers out a very interesting foundation for the upcoming sequels.. (A certain someone escapes the madness with very important… Uhm.. “Things”) I can’t wait for what comes next! And above all else.. THE NOSTALGIA FACTOR! It really is an amazing thing to experience.


OVERALL: JURASSIC WORLD, is by far, The greatest Sequel/remake/reboot of a franchise, I have ever seen. In my life!! It’s Fun, Funny, Thrilling, Epic, Predictable as holy fuck!! BUT EPIC!! The film is about 1hr.55mins long. Give or take some seconds. But the last ten or fifteen minutes ALONE! Is worth price and admission. I swear! It’s so damn badass and epic, I was litterally jumping out of my seat, cheering and screaming! I’m bitting my tunge, so as not to spoil the ending for you! Sure, I can tell you, “Look for it online, just so you can see it and shit.” But NO! Jurrasic World.. Is something you need to experience on the big screen! ESPECIALLY! If you are a fan of the franchise (sequels included.) I personally. Feel so good to have experienced it in the theater.

I Give JURASSIC WORLD (scale of 1-10) A 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 8/10!

There you have it! My Review of JURASSIC WORLD! What are your thoughts? Let me know by commenting below, PLEASE subscribe to the blog. Hit me up on Twitter and Instagram. And here’s an idea.. GIVE ME A MOVIE YOU WANT ME TO WATCH AND TO REVIEW!

So, Until next time folks.. Peace out!

[Psst! YO! It’s me.. Speculating Nerd.. Just wanna add.. BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD FOR CAPTAIN MARVEL!! FUCK YEAH!!!]

Hey!!?? Get the fuck off my Movie Review!!