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THIS JUST IN! Get Ready To Ragna-Rock And Roll With Our First Offical Tease Of “THOR: RAGNAROK”

TGIMM! Thank God It’s Marvel Monday!

Earlier this afternoon (eastern satndard time) Marvel Studios and Disney released our first official teaser trailer for the upcoming “THOR:RAGNAROK” and a new Movie Poster 

in case you missed it, or haven’t seen it yet.. Here you go, 

Oh My God! How epic was that?! 

Hela! She looks absolutely badass! 

Gladiator Hulk looks straight out of the comics! (side note: The cgi doesnt look 100%. Could just be me.. It looks 85-90%. But this is the first teaser and the movie doesnt come out for another, 6-7 Months. Plenty of time to clean it up) 

Im stoked. So fucking hyped for this movie. I want it now! 

Thor: Ragnarok opens Novemeber 3, 2017. 


“BREAKING NEWZ!!: Marvel Studios Offers First Look At ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR'”

Mere Hours ago, Marvel gave the world its first beautiful glimpse into “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” 

Lets take a moment and (pun intended) ‘Marvel’ at what is currently in the works.. 

OHHHHHHHH!!! That my friends is the sound of a grown man.. Moistening his undergarments to an unimaginable depth..


Now, very quickly. What stands out to me, was that we got, was our first look at certain possible concept art work of THANOS, and how he could be appearing in the film..

At the start, we got this nice shot of a set they shot on from Day One

My guess being a possible off planet location. Or a crash site for the Milano? 

Three cast members giving us their quick thoughts on the journy they are looking forward to on this film..

Clearly from the same set. Also! want to point out.. RDJ is wearing his IRON MAN mocap suit. Pratt in his STARLORD gear.. And Mr. Holland.. In a down jacket?! We are getting a new Spidey Suit.. My hope is for the Black Costume. But most likely.. Maybe the Iron Spider Suit. Meaning hes in a special Mocap suit that shows off the design that the suit will look like. 

But honestly.. Just seeing these three guys together on the same screen was oh-so Nerdgasmic! 

NOW! Probably the BIGGEST concept Art Work that was shown, was of Rocket Racoon side by side with THOR!..


BUT!.. Anyone else notice something funny about this pic? Anyone? Lets take a closer look..

Still dont see it?.. Lets zoom in just a bit closer shall we..

THAT! My friends.. is NOT Mjlnor! So, possible Spoiler Alert!  Thor will Not get Mjlnor Back by the end of ‘RAGNOROK’ Now, thats just pure speculation on my part. And if im not mistaken, i think his loss of Mjlnor in Ragnorok is a plot point in the movie itself. I think that was announced in an official synopsis for Thor:Ragnorok awhile back. But!.. Just judging from this pic.. I dont think he hets it back. I think Thor is gonna be wielding an Axe in Infinity War. 

So.. What are you folks thinking? Has this nice little inside look into Infinity War increased your Hype for this movie? What did you get out of this video package? Hit me up! Comment Below! Subscribe and Follow! 

Thx for reading folks, Until next time.. Peace Out!

“Steve Rogers, Is Not Captain America In ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!’?!”

According to reports on various Sites, The Russo Brothers, Directors of “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, “Captain America: Civil War” and the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War”, have confirmed a particular tidbit regarding Chris Evens’ role as Steve Rogers/ Captain America.

According to many news sites, The Russo’s have said, (and im paraphrasing here) “Steve Rogers is Not Captain America in “Infinity War”” As fans are known to do, many Had the whole “WWWHAAAAA?!?” kind of reaction. Along with general confusion and such as to slight outrage. (Clearly, these are noob fans) 
Thr Rest of us however, decide to go the speculative route.. Like myself.. Like right now..

This makes a lot of sence.. (CIVIL WAR SPOILER ALERT!.. 3.2.1..)

Steve literally dropped the shield at the end of Civil War. If standing by his friend, ment having to give up being Captain America.. He willingly gave it up. Not to say, the shield is what makes him Captain America. But it in fact is the symbol of that persona, persay. So his dropping it, also ment… Im no longer Captain America. But Im not gonna stop doing what im doing. 

So that leaves me to wonder.. Does this in fact make him ‘Nomad: The Man With No Country’ 

(Dear God!, What a stupid costume) 

NOMAD, was the persona, Steve Rogers created way back in the day, when he first gave up being Captain America. Does this mean that Steve Rogers is going to be Nomad at the start of Infinity War? Maybe. Will his ‘Secret Avengers’ still be a team at that point, or will he have disbanded the team before hand? For continuity sake.. Yes.  Is it going to be The Nomad and Falcon show? Most likely. So many questions! And they dont start filming this movie until later this year in to next year, for a 2018 release.

However.. Since all we can do is speculate on plot details for the now, single Infinity War film (its no longer a 2 parter) I wanna look at possible costume choices.. And Not that God awful Original Nomad Costume PLEASE! (Would like a sort of Easter Egg though)

Perhaps Steve can go back to the Blackish Blue Uniform of Winter Soldier?

Which, in the comics is considered his “Captain Rogers” uniform. Maybe a spin on the U.S Agent costume from the 80’s and 90’s? 

One thing is for sure thou.. By the second half or climax of the movie he Will be back as Captain America.. Maybe looking like this?!

Yeah.. During the final battle with Thanos. Iron Man, beaten and bloodied will call in the calvery and bang Captain America and his reformed Secret Avengers come in guns a blazing… Then Captain America dies at the end.. 

“SAY WHAT?!?” 

But that! Is for another Blog, For another time..

So, Until Next time folks… Peace Out! 


Wasabi! Ladies and Gentelnerds.. And welcome back to the Marvel Inc Blog. Today I wish to talk about the subject of


(Note: I believe that is the old release date for the film. I believe, it’s been pushed back to a later date.)

To be more precise, I want to discuss my thoughts on “HOW MARVEL SHOULD INTRODUCE, CAPTAIN MARVEL!”

Awhile back, I had  stated that I felt Carol Danvers should be introduced on TV First, on “AGENTS OF SHIELD”. I felt that with their focus being on The Kree and Inhumans during their most recent run. It would have served a better vehicle to introduce a future movie franchise such as ‘Captain Marvel’

But, Things change.

Right now, Academy Award Winner BRIE LARSON is Marvel Studios Front runner for the role

image image

I for one am not arguing with her talent or her looks. I’m excited for this casting. I have not seen “THE ROOM”, which is the film that got her the Oscar. I believe she played Amy Shummer’s Sister in “TRAIN WRECK” if I’m not mistaken. But Marvel has not been wrong with its casting as of yet.. (Well.. At least not in the lead character department) and I trust they have their Carol Danvers. (Assuming Contract Negotiations go well of course)

That being said.. Here’s some ideas I have…


GOTG 2 is a very strong possibility. If in fact Marvel goes for a Carol Danvers cameo in this highly anticipated sequel to 2014’s smash hit, Heres some suggestions. Lets start with the least likeliest thing to happen. 1, Shes an old childhood friend of Peter Quill (Cris Pratt) and shows up in a Flashback sequence. Either as a mention or a full onscreen presence. 2. She’s a Human captive of an alien race and the Guardians free her during the events o the main plot. Which could help bring the Guardians to Earth. 3. She’s The Nova Corps newest Recruit..


This one has been strongly suggested on most news sites, since Brie Larson’s Pre-Casting, and some mumbling that she could be brought into GOTG Vol2! However.. I’m not a fan of this one. Because it completely strips away everything that is Carol/Captain Marvel. Although the films can’t always be comic book accurate when it comes to some things.. It would be, on the other hand, be wrong for such a change to occur to this character.

However.. Mixing it with option 2 could work. Being a human captive of an alien race could stand for experimentation. Giving her fantastic abilities! Joining forces with the Nova Corp to help her gain control and understanding of her new powers would be feasible. It is strange though how much the Nova Corp symbol, resembles the Symbol on Captain Marvels chest..


Which could lead one to assume that Marvel has been planting those seeds for some time now.. Of course though.. It is highly more likely another representation of the Star on Nova’s Helmet,


And nothing more..

Next up, we have..


Staying more true to the comics with this one.. Carol Danvers is a former Air Force Pilot turned U.S Government Liason to Wakanda.. Actually secretly there to locate fugitive (SPOILERS.. 3.. 2… 1…) Winter Soldier, after the events of “Civil War”. We don’t get the Captain Marvel Transformation in this movie.. But we do get a badass intro to the Character of Carol Danvers in to the MCU.  Which could then lead to…


“INFINITY WAR Part 1” Why? Because Captain Marvel’s solo film follows directly after this one.. So it would be safe to assume she somehow gets her powers during the events of IW part 1, which then bleeds into her mastering her powers in her own movie.. Then coming back to kick major ass in IW part 2.

I for one am inclined to go with the Black Panther introduction of Carol Danvers, then the Captain Marvel persona coming out of Infinity War 1 and into her own movie.

I kinda hate the idea of having to do it over the course of a three movie span.. I would have preferred if they had just went along with a Captain Marvel Movie, way back in late Phase 2.. Or Early Phase 3, where she could have played a role in Civil War. But.. We can’t all have what we want.

However they decide to bring in the awesomeness that IS, CAPTAIN MARVEL..


I have the utmost faith that Marvel.. Will do it Right, with Respect, Class and with Justice!

Would really like to hear your thoughts.. How would you like Marvel to bring in Captain Marvel into the MCU? Let me know in the comments section. Please Like and SUBSCRIBE to the blog.. It would be greatly appreciated!

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!



“SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING”: Real Title, Or Marvel’s Elaborate Hoax?!?


I will try to be as brief as possible..

“SPIDER-MAN:HOMECOMING” is the title for the Marvel backed reboot of Spider-Man (for Sony)

I DON’T LIKE IT! (Sorry) but I don’t.. It looks like the title for an animated feature.. Even the design looks cartoonish. AND I think it’s a hoax! (Allow me to elaborate)

Can it be possible, that Marvel Studios, Disney, Sony and all the heads over there, along with Kevin Fiege, couldn’t come up with a better name and title then “HOMECOMING”?!? (I’m gonna be doing some stretching here, so give me some space.) Way back when, Mr.Fiege and the folks at Marvel held a little event at the El Capitan theater. In which they announced their entire film slate for Phase 3. The first title they announced was “CAPTAIM AMERICA: SERPENT SOCIETY” It was an official looking logo.. But then Kevin pulled a fast one and said, “Thats not the title. Lets pull up the real title” and with a roar from the crowd, “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR” faded on to the screen.

So is it possible that the folks at Marvel are messing with us right now?!

I CERTAINLY THINK SO! (I really wouldn’t put it past them)

I honestly believe (and desperately hope and pray) That the REAL NAME of the Spider-Man reboot will be…


Maybe it’ll be announced at D23, or another Marvel “event” perhaps. Along with other casting announcements? Who knows!


RDJ is now confirmed for the filmimage

Joining Zandaya, Tom Holland and Morisa Tomei.

image image

So far, Marvel’s Spider-Man Universe is looking pretty darn awesome.. But, FUCK! That Name tho.. Smh!

What do you guys think. REAL TITLE OR ELABORATE HOAX?! Let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading and please follow and subscribe to the blog! Thank you.

So, Until next time folks… Peace Out!

The Speculating Nerd: Speculates on “THOR 3:RAGNOROK!”

WASABI, Nerds and Nerdettes! You know who it is.. So lets not waste any time and get right down to the Speculating!


“THOR: RAGNAROK!” The third and possibly final THOR Film in the franchise is near Pre-Production and is set to hit theaters sometime, Next year. That is unless they moved it around to make room for another film they may have added to the scheduale. Either way, It’s right around the corner.

Major news has dropped concerning the film in the last weeks or so. (Granted, I’m a little late in reporting on them. But I wanted ALL the facts before I dived in.) One is actual news and the other is more.. RUMOR, But both major news in their own right. Lets start with the Actual News.


is our Villainess “HELA” Queen of the underworld and ruler of Asgardian Hell (or HEL)


(I sooo hope she talks like GALADRIEL  when she’s calm, and then like..



Cate is a tremendous talent. She’s PERFECT for a character like HELA. When it was first rumored a few months back that she was talking with Marvel to appear in Thor. Everyone assumed she would be ENCHANTESS. But I always said, She’s gonna be HELA!

Now for the RUMOR!


So! It’s been rumored recently that a HUGE chunk of Plot Points for the film has been “leaked” online, according to Geek (something or other) dot com. Then a shit ton of other Geek-News sites jumped on the stories dick and swallowed it whole.. Right down to the ball sack.

I am slightly tempted to say, “Spoiler Warning: If you don’t want to know any of this bull shit, then click on another story..” But, FUCK THAT!! Their aint no SPOILERS!! We do not know if any of this shit is Actually TRUE! This is all.. Dare I say.. SPECULATION and RUMOR! And the story goes a little something like this..

Hela joins forces with Loki, in an attempt to bring about the downfall of Asgard/The Nine Realms. Aka: Ragnarok! Once THOR’s spidey sence starts to tingle.. HELA destroys Mjolnier and banishes Thor on some shit-back planet known as… Wait for it.. SA’KAAR! Whilst there, Thor is forced to become a Gladiator and fight for his freedom. (This is starting to sound somewhat familier?!) In the process, our Thunder-Buddy for life, must face off against the planets greatest warrior.. Wait for it.. HULK!! (?!)



Thats right folks.. We are getting our long awaited PLANET HULK movie.. In Thor 3?!?

Now.. As understandably cool as that may sound… It’s also FUCKING STUPID! (at least in my humble opinion) First of all, this is THOR:RAGNAROK! Not THOR:PLANET HULK! This is supposed to be about the END TIMES! The first half of the story makes total sense. HELA and Loki MUST team up. HELA destroying Mjolnier is pretty epic. The banishing part sounds really cool as well.. They lost me with the whole Gladiator and Hulk part.

I know there’s no way Marvel would be as stupid as to water down a pretty wonderful story such as PLANET HULK to squeeze into a Thor film. It doesn’t make sense! However, what does make sense is what could have happened to the Hulk. End of AGE OF ULTRON, it’s said that they “May” have found the crashed Quinn Jet he was on.. But they didn’t find Him! He could very well had been abducted by aliens or.. (Even Better) HELA herself could have captured the Hulk.

This is the part where I move away from the rumor mill.. And shimmy on over to Speculation-Ville.. I think I’ll call this part..


First: HELA should be the one to have captured Hulk and lure him to HEL so she could use him to bring about Ragnarok. Perhaps as a tool to destroy Thor and Asgard.. OR (bare with me) Use him to be the vessel for the spirit of SURTUR!


Perhaps, after being defeated by Odin and his brothers a Millenia ago. Surtur is nothing more then a spirit. The Hulk would be the perfect host for the bringer of Ragnarok.

Second: This is the perfect time to broaden the Thor-Universe. Introduce more characters.. Such as, but not limited to..

image image

image image

Bromhilda aka: Valkyrie, BETA RAY BILL! Executioner and The Enchantress and perhaps maybe even, Eric Masterson Aka: Thunderstrike! All great characters.. But I’m really praying for BETA RAY BILL! He NEEDS to be in the MCU.. Like right now!

Third: Bring Kenneth Braughna back to direct.. Dear god marvel, bring him back!!!


Fourth: THOR. Must. Die!!


Yes. I’m serious. THOR HAS TO DIE! I’ll tell you why. HELA has craved one thing in all her comic existence.. The soul of The Mighty Thor! She would go to great lengths to claim it. With the None Realms in great Peril.. Thor sacrifices himself to save the day! It doesn’t have to be a gruesome death.. But he has to die! (Perhaps paving the way for a new Thor?.. Just a thought!)


This also gives Thor the ultimate Hero Moment! Laying his life on the line for the greater good! This also kinda fits with another part of the Rumor I mentioned earlier. The report also states that HELA would be in fact THE representation of MISTRESS DEATH in the MCU. The same Mistress Death that THANOS lusts after. Which would then make for a very interesting moment in the upcoming INFINITY WAR. The Avengers confront Thanos and HELA, and she brings forth her “undead” slave Thor, forcing him to battle his former friends! (YES, PLEASE!) Furthermore.. If HELA is to be the MCU’s Mistress Death in the INFINITY WAR.. Then perhaps, LOKI should be the Mephisto of the story as well!?


Whispering in Thanos’s ear and playing adviser, whilst plotting his own nefarious scheme!

Fifth: Bring the Original Thor Score from the first movie.. A film like this need to have that Epic type of score. Unfortinutly, DARK WORLD did not have that same music score. It needs to come back for this one.. (Someone get Patrick Doyle on the Phone!?!)  If you need a reminder on how awesome that score was.. Take a moment and Listen to this..

WELL.. That’s all I got! Is there anything you folks would like to see happen in THOR 3? HIT ME UP FOR FUCKS SAKE! SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG!!

Until next time.. DUCES!!