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Greetings! Ladies and Gentelnerds,

Early yesterday afternoon Marvel and Marvel Studios released the first official poster (and official release date) for next years…

Feb 16, 2018 The King Takes his throne.

With the drop of the poster, word was put out that a teaser trailer would drop later that night.

So, during some sporting event of non importance.. This!.. Awesome tease for the film was released… In Case You Missed It.. Here you go..

Wakanda looks beautiful. And just by looking at most of the promotional concept art of the film, 

And looking at the trailer.. This is going to be a beautiful looking movie. I think Black Panther is going to leave a lasting mark on the MCU.

Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER, starring Chadwick Boesman opens next year, Feb 16. 

I for one am so fucking hyped!! This was an excellent teaser! What did you folks think? Leave a comment below!

Until next time folks.. Peace out!

“BREAKING NEWZ!!: Marvel Studios Offers First Look At ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR'”

Mere Hours ago, Marvel gave the world its first beautiful glimpse into “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” 

Lets take a moment and (pun intended) ‘Marvel’ at what is currently in the works.. 

OHHHHHHHH!!! That my friends is the sound of a grown man.. Moistening his undergarments to an unimaginable depth..


Now, very quickly. What stands out to me, was that we got, was our first look at certain possible concept art work of THANOS, and how he could be appearing in the film..

At the start, we got this nice shot of a set they shot on from Day One

My guess being a possible off planet location. Or a crash site for the Milano? 

Three cast members giving us their quick thoughts on the journy they are looking forward to on this film..

Clearly from the same set. Also! want to point out.. RDJ is wearing his IRON MAN mocap suit. Pratt in his STARLORD gear.. And Mr. Holland.. In a down jacket?! We are getting a new Spidey Suit.. My hope is for the Black Costume. But most likely.. Maybe the Iron Spider Suit. Meaning hes in a special Mocap suit that shows off the design that the suit will look like. 

But honestly.. Just seeing these three guys together on the same screen was oh-so Nerdgasmic! 

NOW! Probably the BIGGEST concept Art Work that was shown, was of Rocket Racoon side by side with THOR!..


BUT!.. Anyone else notice something funny about this pic? Anyone? Lets take a closer look..

Still dont see it?.. Lets zoom in just a bit closer shall we..

THAT! My friends.. is NOT Mjlnor! So, possible Spoiler Alert!  Thor will Not get Mjlnor Back by the end of ‘RAGNOROK’ Now, thats just pure speculation on my part. And if im not mistaken, i think his loss of Mjlnor in Ragnorok is a plot point in the movie itself. I think that was announced in an official synopsis for Thor:Ragnorok awhile back. But!.. Just judging from this pic.. I dont think he hets it back. I think Thor is gonna be wielding an Axe in Infinity War. 

So.. What are you folks thinking? Has this nice little inside look into Infinity War increased your Hype for this movie? What did you get out of this video package? Hit me up! Comment Below! Subscribe and Follow! 

Thx for reading folks, Until next time.. Peace Out!


Dropped a few hours ago.. Our very first look at “ALIEN: COVENANT” 

Lets take a look.. 


Just released about 10 minutes ago (as of writing time) The very first Teaser Trailer for “BLADE RUNNER: 2049”  starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. Lets have a look see.. 

THE FUCK? OCTOBER?! This is coming out in October?! Wow! 

Well.. What do you folks think? Im surprised Harrison hasn’t shot first yet.. 


Just realesed mere hours ago, Take a look at our very first sneak peek at tomorrows trailer for Marvel (and sonys) “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING” 

On a scale of 1 to holy fucking shit, how excited are you for tomorrows full trailer? 


THIS JUST IN!.. As of 3 hours ago, 20th CENTURY FOX just released the first Trailer/Teaser for next years X-Universe film and Final Solo Wolverine Film starring Hugh Jackman.. 

Lets take a look..

Beautiful! Great choice of music and there is a valid sence of Finality to this movie. Consider me Hyped! (Although.. It still seems Fox and the people in charge of the X-Universe STILL dont give A Rats shitty Ass about Continuity!.. But im still Hyped.)

“LOGAN” starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, Hits theaters everywhere, March 2017!

Until next time folks.. Peace out! 


NYCC 2016 gave us our very first real look at Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming “IRON FIST” lets take a look, shall we…

MARCH?! MARCH?! Seriously?? Dang Nabbit! Why cant they just start now? 

Oh right.. Quick Review.. 

This looks awesome as usual. I have absolutely no worries about this show. And OMG! he had the tatto on his chest! He. Had. The. Tattoo! And Madame Gao was there too.. 

Thats all i got folks.. Until next time, Peace Out!