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Greetings, ladies and gentelnerds and welcome. 
Today I wish to discuss a question that was brought to me by a friend on twitter (@marvelzombiek) Back when i asked for ideas for my 200th blog. (clearly i saved it for a later blog and i think it comes at a good time too.) 

He asked, “Is The DCEU Doomed To Fail?” and I’ve been contemplating on that for awhile now. At first, i would have said, ‘No.’ But.. I’m not so sure about that now.

 A lot has happened, so allow me a moment to go down some details.

BVS: Dawn Of Justice: 

Was supposed to be the official kick-off of the Warner Bros. Pictures DC centered “Cinematic Universe” (I honestly hate the ‘Extended Universe’ Tag) after the successful, but criticly scrutinized ‘MAN OF STEEL’. Things didnt go according to plan. In, what looked like, an attempt to play catch up with Marvel Studios. WB shoveled in so much plot into a dull plotted movie. It was embarrassing to watch as a fan. They hoped to set up an entire universe with 1 single film. Big mistake. The film was about 2 and a half hours long and they shoved about 3 movies worth of material in to it. (for further thoughts on BvS, check out these past blogs,  and


An improvment over BvS and a big risk for WB.  But still lacked a cohesive plot and suffered from poor editing. Although a much more financial success. But still got rammed up the ass without vasiline by the critics and most fans. 

Is having the absouloute worst luck. The film has lost 3 directors. 2 screenwriters. Is currently on a full page 1 rewrite of the script and has no director at all. Its amazing the shit this project is going through.

Wonder Woman is still dropping in June of this year followed by 

Justice League in November. Those two films are probably WB’s last grasp at making this Movie Universe have continued life. I hope and Pray, WW is going to be awesome. I cant be anymore excited. Justice League.. Is yet another Zack Snyder directed film.. Fingers crossed is all i have to say about that.
Furthermore.. As I am putting this article together.. So much more has come to light from WB and the DCEU. 


Has decided not to direct the upcoming Solo batman film. One that he himself has co-written and is executive producing. Its also being reported that He is looking to negotiate out of his contract with WB and no longer be the Bat. So lets see What happens with that.

WB is looking for a director for the sequal, now that David Ayer has decided to turn his attention to 

Gotham City Sirens (IF that even still happens) On that short list of Directors they are courting, Mel Gibson is one of those people.. (More on that in a later blog.)
Look. It is not DC’s fault. It’s Warner Bros. Fault. For soooo many years.. Decades even. They have sat on the thier DC property as if it was nothing but a small cash cow that they can dip into every couple of years or so, once in a blue moon. Superman and Batman being their get rich quick guys. “Put 40-50 mil into this movie. Get 200+ back in return.” They dont give a flying fuck about anything else..

Until they saw the potential of Billions these “Comic Book Movies” could make, once Marvel studios started doing their thing. 

WB executive: “Hey Disney’s making billions over these picture book movies. Lets buy the rights to some of these things and do the same.”

WB lower executive: “Hey, we own a bunch of these things already!”

“WB Executive: “Since when?!”

WB lower exec: “the 1960’s” 

WB Exce: “Really? Well then.. Get to it! Just do what they’re doing” 

It’s sad really. Warner Bros. Is a fantastic film company. They crank out awesome movies, every year.. But they care about money. They care about awards. They care about profit. If it makes them money, and gets them Oscars and increases revenues.. To hell with everything else. WB’s doesnt care about building a universe. Or what it takes to do that. 

The mistakes they’ve made have been because everything they have done thus far has been in reaction to something else.

Marvel phase 1- Man of Steel

Marvel phase 2- BvS

Guatdians of the galaxy- Suicide Squad

Fans loved Wonder Woman in BvS- make a WW movie.

Fans liked Harley Quinn- give her a stand alone movie.

Batman was awesome in BvS- Push back certain release dates and work in a Batman movie.

All reactionary. They didnt plan any of this ahead of time. Cause they dont really care. As long, as it makes money. 

WB despreatly needs to find the right people to run this show.. And make DC Studios a reality. Do what disney does. “Oh, you need x amount of money for this? Ok. Have fun!” and let DC do what it CAN do best. 

Dont be like Marvel. Marvel has always been known for interconnectivity with its stories for many years. Its what they do best. DC.. Has always been about character and Story. Not universe’s and connectivity. It was always about the stories that made their books stand out from Marvel.

Thats what thier movies needed to do. Have their franchises establish themseleves and then later, if the story was right.. Bring them all together. 

That opportunity has gone and passed. As much as i would like them to just go back to the drawing board.. Its probably too late.. 

“Is the DCEU doomed to fail?”..

Maybe.. Maybe not. Its gonna be a hard road ahead for us fans.. But in order for The DCEU to survive and be successful.. WB needs to.. Backs The Fuck Off!! And find someone or a group of people that can set it all together before its too late.

Look, thats all i got folks.. I hope things work out. But thats my answer. I cant say its doomed or destined to fail.. But as long as WB is involved.. It just might Need to, in order for something to change for the better.

Let me know what you folks think. Until next time folks.. Peace out!



Hey There ladies and gentelnerds, and welcome back to another segment of “WEEKEND MOVIE REVIEWS!”
Today’s movie.. DC’s Animated Universe Original Movie, “JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARK” 

THE STORY: When theres something strange, in your neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? A British demon killer, A Deadman, A self-loathing immortal, A Beautiful Magician.. And The Batman! Basiclly thats what Justice Leage Dark is about. Supernatural forces are making normal people do some crazy fucked up shit.. And its up to Batman (who else) to assemble a team to combat this threat.

DC’s Animated Universe is slowly improving. This film being one of the few good ones out of the recent string of, how can i say, Shit! That has come out prior. I can seriously count on one hand how many good ones this division of DC/WB has produced in the recent years.

The story is really good. Its entertaining. The cast of characters are actually the best thing about the movie. Everything else, seems to just be there. Constantine is super fun. Zatana is a bad ass. Deadman is funny. Etrigan is pretty darn cool. And Batman is… Batman! I liked his reactions to all the mystical things going on. Swamp Thing.. Shouldnt even be on the damn cover of the movies dvd box case..

That right there friends… Is false advertising! 
THE POSITIVES: Again, the characters. The good thing to come out of this movie is the fact that i wanted more from these characters. I want an animated series on adult swim or something. (Why Adult Swim? SPOILER ALERT: They fight a fucking shit monster. An actual monster made of Shit!) 

There is an incredible amount of potential for this ‘Dark’ franchise. If they’re smart enough to capitalize. But lets face it.. WB Animation is as smart right now as thier live action counterparts.. 

THE NEGATIVES: Swamp Thing was fucking WASTED!! A total fucking waste of time. Not gonna spoil it.. But they gave the Shit Monster more screen time! Bad guy was all powerful yet non threatening, and non interesting. Hades from the Justice League cartoon was more menacing. And he only had less then 5 minutes of screen time out of a 22 minute episode. And in all honesty.. If your not gonna use the Justice League in a compelling way in your story.. Dont include them at all! It seems like Batman is always the main focul point of every JL animated movie. Why havent we gotten any Wonder Woman movies out of this new animatex universe? How about Superman? Or GL? Oh thats right.. They would rather basterdize Batman stories instead and force feed us bullshit stories with his son Damien. (Im looking at you Batman vs. Robin!.. Asshole!) 

OVERALL: Besides the total screw job on Swamp Thing.. JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARK is a fun movie. Its one of the good ones. Entertaining. Beautiful Art. And great characters. 

I score, “JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARK” A 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/10. You’ll enjoy it for the same reasons i did. If you like it for more reasons.. Then your grasping and straws friend.

Have you seen JL:DARK? What are your thoughts? Hit me up. Comment below. And for fucks sake, can a brother get some LIKES!!? 

Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


A Super hero theme song can make or break a film. Probably in the smallest sense. It takes a lot to make a Hero flick a success. Direction, Story, Acting and Costume Design are all major factors. But a good score/theme can do something so much more. If all the ingredients are on point, a good theme can take us back in to the film. Put us in the shoes or cape of our favorite heroes. It can make us feel Super! Make us Feel like we are more then who we are. Music is very Magical in that sense. (at least thats how i feel about it.) 
With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my Top 10 Superhero movie themes/scores! (This time in actual order)

[WRITERS NOTE: This is why I dont do top 10 lists in any particular order.. I have had to revise this list several times already. Anyway.. Please enjoy!] 

10. X-MEN (2000) 

Composed by: Michael Kaman 

It’s not exactly the famed intro of the 90’s animated series. But the X-Men movie theme comes pretty close in coolness factor. The moment it starts. You find yourself roaming the halls beneath the X Mansion, ready to suit up. As the current “Official” start of the superhero movie craze. X-Mens theme still holds up and is a fun listen. 

9. IRON MAN (2008) 

Composed by: Ramin Djawadi
When You think Iron Man movie soundtracks, ACDC usually comes to mind. Understandable, but this is about the Main Themes and Scores we are talking about here. Its not overly bombastic as most superhero themes. But the First Iron Man theme fit perfectly. Not only for the film, but for the character as well. At the first few cords, you feel like your in the designing stage of the suit itself. Then when you get towards the bridge, Boom! Your in the suit, flying around and kicking ass! Hence why it ranked at number 9 for me.


Composed by: Henrey Jackman 

After experiencing something like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you would expect a Theme that would most fit the character itself. Perhaps a revamped version of the main theme from the first film?.. NOPE! Instead we are gifted with the beautiful tones that fit the Film as a whole and not just the character. It fit the tone, the atmosphere, what we had just witnessed. It is by far a perfect score for a single perfect film. I only wish Marvel would have kept it for Civil War. 

7. AVENGERS (2012)

 Composed by: Alan Silvestri  

Its not the biggest Super Theme, and its not generally connected with the film as a whole.. But the power of this song comes from that one moment.. That one moment (pictured above) All our dreams come true. The Avengers Assembled right there in front of us! For the first time Ever! That circling shot of each member as they prepare for battle. Ready to take on what comes next. It was Epic! Its forever synonymous with that One Scene! Just One Scene and it was perfection. 

6. BATMAN (1989) 

Composed by : Danny Elfman

You dont think Batman with out thinking of Danny Elfman’s amazing Batman March! Its the same theme that inspired the theme for the Animated Series. ( which Elfman himself composed as well) It doesnt exactly put you in the suit, persay (at least for me) but it puts you in the world. You are in Gotham City. You know the Bat is out there kicking ass and you are right there along for the ride. So strap in and hold tight! 

5. SUPERMAN (1978) 

Composed by: John Williams 

What could i possible say about the Original Super Hero Theme!? Its magic! Its composed by the man that gave us the music of our geek lives. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurrasic Park, E.T., Jaws just to name a few. Honestly.. I didnt remember that John Williams did the Superman theme until i was doing the research for this very blog. This is probably the very blueprint most of the composers on this list use when making a Score or Theme for this genre of film. You dont think Superman without thinking this theme song. From the very start, Your jumping into a phone booth and hopping out dressed as Superman and blasting off in to the sky, ready to save the day… Then you smile at the camera and soar off in to the distance. 


Composed by: Hanz Zimmer 

My man Hanz! The main theme for the film is called “Aggresive Expansion” (if i am not mistaken) However, in this case, I am choosing to go with a particular Score. Its called, “Agent Of Chaos” In the film, it is heard just after the interrogation scene between batman and joker, and its heard through the whole race part. Where Gordon and Batman are rushing to save Dent and Rachael. Honestly, parts of the score are heard throughout the film. But its mainly for that sequence of events. This piece of Music is so gripping. It not only transports you to that moment. But the constent slow build ups to the climactic finish is so damn gratifying. Give it a listen and tell me you dont feel like Batman on the batpod trying to get somewhere in time. It translates the character, the events, and the urgency of the scene so very well. 

3. THOR (2011) 

Composed by: Patrick Doyle 

I. Love. This. Theme! Every 11 minutes and 45 seconds of it. It tells you the story. It puts you in to this crazy world of Asgard and demi-gods. Its adventurous. Sad. Triumphant all in one! I am so saddened that Marvel never used it again in the sequal. Which is a very terrible habit of Marvel Studios. They have such great moments of music for thier movies and they dont use it again. Its sad. Even if they were to do a remix of sorts for the follow up. It wouldnt have been a bad thing. But, alas, at least i have this song from one of my favorite Marvel Studios films. 
2. SPIDER-MAN (2001) 

Composed by: Danny Elfmen 
Danny boy hits my list yet again with this gem right here. When those drums start, i am instantly transported to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. (the best spider-men film so far.. Waiting on Homecomming to most likely change that) It speaks volumes. When the high notes and the chorus comes in, your automatically web swinging over new york. During the low flows of drums and brass , your climbing up walls and skyscrappers. Its Awesome! Pure and simple. 

Before I reveal my Numero Uno.. Heres a couple of honorable mentions! 


Although not a main theme for the film. It does feature a good chunk of it in the song. It was basicly Electro’s theme song. One i really do enjoy, even though the film itself was a total crap fest! A sad waist of a great song in my book. 

And Secondly. WONDER WOMAN’S Main Theme! By Junkie XL and Hanz Zimmer, 

We got a very delicious taste of WW’s theme in the climax of BVS during the Doomsday fight. And it was featured very heavily at the close of her recent SDCC Trailer and her WW logo came up. It gave me chills. And i cant wait to hear it again. 


1. MAN OF STEEL (2011) 

Composed by: Hanz Zimmer and Junkie XL! 
These guys hit my list yet again! Say what you want about the movie itself.. But i must say, The Theme is so damn good! It actually kinda surpasses the original John Williams version just a bit for me. It inspires me. It puts me there. It makes me feel like there is and or was Hope! Not just from the movie stand point.. But in general. I am not referring to the theme that plays when he first flies.. But the Main Theme, with the subtle piano notes before the drums kick in, and the strings and horns come in.. It really moves me. I listen to it everyday. Its a very moving and epic piece of cinema music. 

SO! Thats my list. Let me know your thoughts. Please comment below. Be a sweetheart and follow/subscribe to the blog while your at it. Thank you!

So, until next time folks.. Peace Out!


Following the amazing success of WB/DC’s “Suicide Squad” This past weekend. WB is feeling more confident and has announced MAN OF STEEL 2 is in the pipeline. The follow up to the smash hit of.. 2013.. 2 thousand- fucking- 13!! 4 fucking years ago! Seriously!?
Dont get me wrong.. Im not overly angry.. But Stupid shit like this really grinds my gears! Like.. WTF? Man Of Steel was the start of your new Cinematic Universe. It was a huge blockbuster smash. Grossed over $668.05 Million domestically. Superman, is your flagship character. And you waited 4 years to announce a sequal, why? Because of the backlash from fans? Since when did that ever matter to you! BVS was a mess and you still went gung ho forward with Justice League!

I am a little upset that they are going so slow with Superman and the way they are treating him on the big screen. There are ways to tell Superman stories right and coherently. It cant be that darn hard as they make it seem!

But.. On the other hand.. Im really happy and excited that a Man Of Steel 2 is currently in the works and i honsestly cant wait. Henry Cavil has been a phenomenal Superman..(At least when they give him something to work with)

And a very damn good Clark Kent.. (At least in the Ultimate Edition he was pretty good)

All i ask for from WB/DC, is to give us a good time, a good story and above all else.. NO ZACK SNYDER!! Please Keep Him Away!

Theres my 2 cents… HEY! Thats not a bad idea for a blog segment.. “2 CENTS TUESDAYS!” what do you think folks?

So, Until next time.. Peace Out!



Soo.. We finally got The Ultimate Edition of Zack Snyder’s “BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE”


Well.. Β This was interesting. I’ll try my best to keep this short.

Zack Snyder and WB/DC’s Ultimate Edition of BVS.. Is literally a big, giant, SHOULDA, WOULDA, COULDA!

It SHOULDA been edited like this!, It WOULDA made more sense! It COULDA been better! To me.. It’s just an apology to the fans.


THIS.. Is what we were “Supposed” to see in theaters, before the studio asked Snyder to trim it down more to a Two and half hour film. However.. Watching The Ultimate Cut brings to mind more.. Frustrations? I guess?! At least for me.. There are plenty of scenes in the UE, that should have been left in the theatrical cut. Mostly ALL of the scenes with Superman/Clark! His investigation into Batmans actions really helped flesh out Why he was so against what Batman was doing.. The Africa stuff.. Still didnt need to be in the movie/script at all.. But the added footage helped explain the Senate stuff, and the constant mopping of Superman, He tries to do good, but shit still went wrong. he was still questioned at every turn. And, it helped understand Batman’s Major mistrust of Superman.. Now it made sense!

There were still a Good amount of things in this version that REALLY did not need to be in the movie.


Jenna Malone was Useless! She should have been Batgirl! They completley waisted her and I’m glad she wasn’t in the original cut. There’s more Slow Motion shots ( thank you Zack). “Jimmy Olsen” has a broader role.. But still useless!


THE POSITIVES: More Superman was great to see! The “added” scenes helped explain and make things run more smoothly.. It makes it more watchable, kinda!


THE NEGATIVES: It’s the same film! With more! It doesn’t make it better.. It’s still the same poor choices made by the studio and the director. It highlighted the mistakes that was made in the first place. Why would they edit out the Superman parts at all?!? Who was in charge of the Editing in the very first place?


OVERALL: It’s worth watching to say the least. Just for the superman parts. Batman was the highlight of the theatrical cut.. Superman, was the highlight of the Ultimate Cut! It’s a shame that we have to see it in this fashion.. It should have been what we saw in the first place. But! It is.. A slightly better, more watchable movie.

I give “BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE- ULTIMATE EDITION!” a.. πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ’« 8 1/2 out of 10! A whole half star more! Go get your hands on The Ultimate Cut and watch it!

Thats gonna do it for me.. Let me know if you’ve seen the UE and tell me your thoughts..

So, until next time folks… Peace Out!


Hey there, ladies and gentelnerds. Welcome back. Today I wanna discuss something that really piqued my interest the moment I heard it..

Not too long ago, I was watching “NERDIST NEWS with Jessica Chobot” and she was discussing the topic of who should really be DC/WB’s DCECU ‘Kevin Feige’ (Check out the video below)

A person(s) who knows how to steer a number of productions and tell a cohesive story, AND can put the right talent behind the right project!

ZACK SNYDER.. Is not that man!


David S. Goyer?..



And Chris Nolan says he’s Done with the Superhero Genre.. (Until they back up that Money Truck in to his driveway) So he’s pretty much out of the question..

SO! Who should WB/DC Chairman/Executive Kevin TsujiharaΒ image

Choose to be his ‘Kevin Feige’?!

Possibly, Someone(s) Who have history with the company?..image

Perhaps, Someone(s) Who Know the material?..image

Maybe, Someone(s) Who have been in the business long enough to know how to organize a story, and know how to properly use Talent!?..


Or Perhaps, Someone(s) Who are genuinely TALENTED!?..Β image

HMMM.. Who!?.. Who! should be overlooking The DCECU?!.. WHO!!!??

HEY! How about THESE GUYS!?Β image

BRUCE TIMM and PAUL DINI! If you doubt these guys have what it takes to make the DCECU Phenomenal.. Just hold on a sec while I unzip this bag and…

image image image image image


Timm and Dini KNOW DC, Inside and out! These shows are just to name a few. This is not including the work they’ve done on the Animated Films, The Games, The Shorts, Hell! Even the comics! They should get the Job based off of their work On JUSTICE LEAGUE/JL UNLIMITED alone! They know how these characters work. They know how they think, how they feel. They know everything about these characters.. The only people that could know more are the people who write the comics!

I’m not saying Timm and Dini can do it on their own. That’s the beauty about these guys.. They know how to work with a team! With Geoff Johns and many others working to make the DCECU, Timm and Dini would be the right Captains to Guide the ship. And Captains are just as good as the crew they have.

SO, GET OFF YOUR ASS! Mr. Tsugihara! And Get Bruce Timm and Paul Dini into those Executive Chairs and watch how they make Magic!

Heres that video I promised.. From NERDIST NEWS! Check it out, and let me know what you Folks think!

So, Until Next Time Folks… Peace Out!


Hey there ladies and gentelnerds! I’ve been thinking.. I know, nothing good ever comes from that.. BUT, hear me out!

I’m gonna tell you, AND the big wigs over at DC/WB..

“HOW THEY SHOULD HAVE SET UP THE DCECU!” (AKA: DC Extended Cinematic Universe)

You must be thinking.. “Who the fuck are you to tell them how to run thier shit?!” Well, to put it simply, “I’M A SMARTASS!” πŸ˜πŸ‘

THIS! Is how the DCECU is currently set up as of right now..πŸ‘‡


And so far we are ONE movie in, (Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice) and the SECOND soon approaches in the form of SUICIDE SQUAD!

But as I sit here, gazing upon this glorious assortment of Nerdgasms to be.. I can’t help but think.. “Yyyeeaahhh.. I can do better!” So here’s how it should have gone.. FIRST- We had “MAN OF STEEL”


Which was a very good and decent first step into this new universe.. Which should have been followed by “MAN OF STEEL 2 (Tag line: Man Of Tomorrow?!) Which should have featured a lot of the ‘plot’ elements that was in BVS. IE: the Senate Stuff. The aftermath of MOS and the destruction of Metropolis. The constant questioning of what Superman means to the very structure of our lives. And you know what.. I would keep Eisenbergs LEX LUTHOR, I kinda liked it a little. In the hands of a better screenplay and MUCH better director then Zack Snyder. (Yes! One and done for mister Snyder in my fantasy!) I am certain that version of Lex Would have worked better. Have Lex create BIZZARO which would be our feature Villain. BUT! Have him be a perfect clone at first.. Then, his genetic structure starts to break down and so to does the creatures sanity. Resulting in our beloved grey skinned version of the character. Before that, Have Lex somehow entrap our hero. Perhaps secretly creating a problem off world that would result in SUPERMAN’s disappearance for a short time. Allowing Clone Superman to ruin his name in the public eye. Giving Superman that moment of “SEE! I am the good guy!” As he defeats Bizzaro, without causing such widespread damage and in font of the world. Giving people a reason to love him and build a monument in his honor. (Here’s the part where we start planting some seeds for the future) It’s not revealed that Lex was behind the whole thing.. In the privacy of his main office, he receives a message from.. (Wait for it..) Granny Goodness! (side note- Granny Goodness should be played by an old man in drag playing an actual woman) “We gave you the tools to remove the Kryptonian from the picture.. The Master will not be pleased.” “The best laid plans take time, my dear ‘Granny’ In due time.. In due Time.” (Now either this or this next idea, can be swapped as the after credits scene) We see Batman, in his BatCave, reviewing on multiple screens, the Zod fight, the Bizzaro fight, and Superman being rewarded by the President.. Says nothing, but sits back in his chair and ponders.

Leading to..



Again. Taking SOME, and I do mean some. Things from BvS. (Except the whole killing shit.. Non of that!) While Batman deals with a particular problem in Gotham. How does he cope with being a hero in a world with a Superman. Some criminals opting not to really fear a man in a bat suit, when there’s a Guy who flies and takes down buildings barehanded. “Who’s afraid of the big bad bat?” Forcing Batman to go a little hardcore. Leaving Alfred concerned.. “Don’t fall down a path from which there is no return Master Bruce.” While dealing with the main villain of the film.. (I would like someone like a BLACK MASK or maybe even THE COURT OF OWLS, which could bridge out in to a trilogy storyline) things go a little sideways and someone dies. Accidentally, of course. Causing past Partner Dick Grayson to stop by and try and help Bruce find his way back. With various mentions to other heroes and characters helping up broaden the Batman World. Dick finds that Brice has been obsessing with Superman saying, “You don’t need to be like him Bruce, your way has always worked and always will!” “But what if it isn’t enough, Dick? What If I need to be.. More.. The world.. Is changing.. There are.. Others!” (Here we get our Cameo Montage from BvS. Aquaman, Flash, a brief glimpse of John Stewart and perhaps a file labeled J’ohn J’ones, OR another brief glimpse at a Billy Baxton?!) “Superman.. Is NOT the only ‘Threat’ out there.” Batman says. The Solo Batman Movie wouldn’t necessarily need a direct tie in to any other movie.. But maybe..


THIS.. Is where DC can establish itself as a More unique Universe from Marvel. Not every movie needs to have a single thread to tie them altogether. They can have their stand alone franchises that exist within a larger universe. Like Netflix shows, but on the big screen. SUICIDE SQUAD could be the first of many in this style of Universe building! Lets take a step back from all that and have some du with a group of villains on a suicide mission to save the world. And if theyare serious about this kind of universe building, they can follow up SS with a stand alone DEATHSTROKE film!


THEN we get back to the main universe with..


We NEED to do a live action retelling of the animated film.. “SUPERMAN/SHAZAM: The Return Of Black Adam” only that it would be mostly a Shazam centered movie. Bringing in Superman toward the end of the first act or the middle of the Second. Billy gets his powers from the wizard Shazam because he is aware that Black Adam is soon to return. (Here’s where you can play with time just a little) The Superman we get can be the superman after the events of MoS 2. But we will get glimpses of Billy around the time of MoS1. He gets his powers and has fun with it. Putting him under Batman’s radar in the solo Bat film. This new hero also gets Supermans attention, looking to help guide the new kid. Enter Black Adam! And the rest is laid out in the animated movie. Superman discovers he’s vulnerable to Magic, and so on and so forth.. (After credits scene.. Perhaps, Lex and Granny discuss the Arrival of Shazam. But Granny stresses that Superman is the main concern… “We now Know that Magic is his weakness!” Says Granny, “I am no magician ‘Granny’ But I am looking into something more.. Tangable.. And we get out first look at Kryptonite)

We follow that with..


That’s Right! THE FLASH! We all know the story, But.. In this movie we will also explore the aspect of Time Travel! And we won’t have to wait 22 (albeit beautiful) episodes to get to that. Which would play a key plot point in future movies! (That’s a Key Word right there, Movies!)

AQUAMAN would follow Flash,


THEN.. FINALLY! We get a REAL..image

BATMAN v. SUPERMAN (fuck the dawn of shit!) A real, straight forward, Batman meets Superman, Movie! And I don’t mean meet three times and then fight. We look at the real meat of these two Goliath’s. Two ideologies. Two very different views on the world and how they deal with it! Yes, we get Kryptonite. Yes, we get a uniting threat. Yes we get Wonder Woman! But! No one dies, (I’m looking at you superman!) No one gives a shit about MARTHA! And it will all make sense! By the end.. Machinations are discovered and Batman realizes, that precautions have to be put into rotation.

Follow that with..


I would still keep it in a time period like WW1. Have her battle Aries as he plots to use Earth as the ultimate battle ground for the downfall of the gods. Have him say something like.. “And as I rise to the throne of Olympus, The old gods will fall.. Making way for the Rule of the NEW GODS!” (See what I did there) Aries is in with Apokolips and Darksied. Bang! In the aftermath, a Mother Box is uncovered. The Government gets their hands on it. Which in present day, Lex gets ahold of it and them Dr. Stone (Cyborgs dad) gets his hands on it. And maybe we can get a… TEEN TITANS movie..

image image

Lex Is the villain. Cyborg is created, the Mother Box is explained in a little more detail. Granny Goodness and her Furies could be the final boss type battle.

THEN, just before the big show..


Now, The GLC movie can be interchanged with the TT movie, when it comes to release date. But I would have these two back to back. GLC can be used very much like Guardians Of The Galaxy was used for Marvel. But could also take place on earth and in space.


(at this point I’m going to make a very weird proposal.. Bare with me, and save your foul language toward my intelligence for the comments section..)



I would play Part one, as part two. Β Literally pick up in the middle of a story. Shit has hit the fan! Things went horribly wrong at some point and towards the end.. DARKSIED has won the final battle, and We send Flash back in time to set things Right. In between the two parts of JL, we can fit in a TRINITY FILM!


To set up the JUSTICE LEAGUE:PART TWO! Here’s the tricky part. Flash has been effecting things throughout the Main Films timeline. And how he does it has to be done.. Not like a pie in the face obvious way.. But in a smart way, that makes viewers go.. “OHH!! Holy Shit that was bold!” And they have to realize it towards the final arc of the lead up films.. And JL 2 would be the big climactic formation of the JUSTICE LEAGUE we know and love!

This whole movie slate would have to pick up directly after MAN OF STEEL, and not two or three years later. So it may seem like a lot in a small timeframe. But my slate would be from, 2013-2019/20. That mean’s that my slate would start right away. And i would make Roughly Two or Three films a year. (I’m WB! I can do that!)

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So, until next time folks… Peace Out!