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Greetings! Ladies and Gentelnerds,

Early yesterday afternoon Marvel and Marvel Studios released the first official poster (and official release date) for next years…

Feb 16, 2018 The King Takes his throne.

With the drop of the poster, word was put out that a teaser trailer would drop later that night.

So, during some sporting event of non importance.. This!.. Awesome tease for the film was released… In Case You Missed It.. Here you go..

Wakanda looks beautiful. And just by looking at most of the promotional concept art of the film, 

And looking at the trailer.. This is going to be a beautiful looking movie. I think Black Panther is going to leave a lasting mark on the MCU.

Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER, starring Chadwick Boesman opens next year, Feb 16. 

I for one am so fucking hyped!! This was an excellent teaser! What did you folks think? Leave a comment below!

Until next time folks.. Peace out!


Star Wars Celebration is in full swing down in Orlando Florida. Yesterday was the 40th anniversary panel where Harrison Ford made his very first Celebration apperance. Lucas, Billie Lourd, Ford and Hamil made a touching tribute to Carrie Fisher. Now today, (roughly an hour ago) we got our first teaser trailer for Episode 8 “THE LAST JEDI” check it out below..

Along with a new epic Poster 

December cant come soon enough..

THIS JUST IN! Get Ready To Ragna-Rock And Roll With Our First Offical Tease Of “THOR: RAGNAROK”

TGIMM! Thank God It’s Marvel Monday!

Earlier this afternoon (eastern satndard time) Marvel Studios and Disney released our first official teaser trailer for the upcoming “THOR:RAGNAROK” and a new Movie Poster 

in case you missed it, or haven’t seen it yet.. Here you go, 

Oh My God! How epic was that?! 

Hela! She looks absolutely badass! 

Gladiator Hulk looks straight out of the comics! (side note: The cgi doesnt look 100%. Could just be me.. It looks 85-90%. But this is the first teaser and the movie doesnt come out for another, 6-7 Months. Plenty of time to clean it up) 

Im stoked. So fucking hyped for this movie. I want it now! 

Thor: Ragnarok opens Novemeber 3, 2017. 


In Case You Missed It! (ICYMI) Just the other day we got our newest and last theatrical trailer for the upcoming “KONG:SKULL ISLAND” Check it out..

“KONG: Skull Island” hits theaters March 10. How are you folks feeling about this new film? Are you hyped? Hit me up. Please leave a like and PLEASE subscribe/follow Thank you!

Until next time folks.. Peace out!

ICYMI: ‘Brand New “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL2” Trailer and Poster’

Late last night/ early this morning (depending on how you look at it) 

Marvel and Marvel Studios released the newest Guardians Of The Galaxy vol 2 Poster (as seen above 👆) and the latest trailer.. Lets check it out! 

GOTGvol2 opens in theaters MAY 5th. Im hyped. How about you?
Until next time folks.. Peace Out!


OMG! I just can’t… I just.. Smh… IS IT MARCH YET!?! 
Dropped earlier today, if you havent seen it yet.. Check out the newest trailer for the upcoming, “LOGAN” 

“THIS JUST IN!: ‘SABAN’S- POWER RANGERS’ Official Trailer #2”

Well.. To be honest.. I was pretty okay with the whole Power Rangers reboot and I’ve been mildly very interested in the whole affair. Everything has looked pretty cool..
HOWEVER!.. Now, I am of the mind of.. FUCK YOU, TAKE MY MONEY!! and here’s why..